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1 what is the bag?This is the most common problem among male children. Phimosis is the foreskin is narrow, wrapping cannot turn exposed glan


1 what is the bag?

This is the most common problem among male children. Phimosis is the foreskin is narrow, wrapping cannot turn exposed glans. Phimosis is divided into congenital and acquired two. Congenital phimosis visible in every normal male newborns and infants. Generally 3-4 years old boy's foreskin can be part of or turn over, the glans part or completely exposed. Acquired phimosis secondary to balanoposthitis, clinically called inflammatory phimosis, the foreskin of this type of scar contracture formation, while the skin cannot expand due to the loss of elasticity in the examination, can the foreskin annular local white stiff is evident, so the foreskin can not be turned on. This situation will not heal, but also due to repeated infection and aggravated.

2 phimosis have what harm?

The children can be the foreskin phimosis is needle like, easy cause wrapping glans inflammation, and even cause wrapping and glans ulcer, because inflammation can cause narrow urethra. Phimosis can cause dysuria, frequent micturition, uric line is fine, micturition symptoms such as the head end of the foreskin muster. Long term dysuria may even affect the morphology and function of the urinary tract. Another is the harm of phimosis can also induce penile cancer, because patients with phimosis foreskin and glans in patients with or without bacterial infection in chronic stimulation of environment, and there is a certain probability of infection of human papilloma virus (HPV), which is currently recognized as one of the important factors that cause penile cancer.

3 children under the foreskin of a pimple?

Phimosis easily lead to a small white lump under the seemingly foreskin smegma accumulation between prepuce and glans, is often mistaken for tumor treatment and parents. This kind of wrapping is due to the accumulation of urine in the foreskin capsule often stimulate the foreskin and glans, stimulate the secretion of the epidermis and the formation of the shedding. At the same time, it can also be a white bean curd residue. Serious, wrapping dirty still can cause inflammation to form, cause wrapping and glans ulcer even.

4 acute wrapping glans phlogistic what symptom is there? How to treat?

Easily lead to the occurrence of acute phimosis balanitis. Wrapping glans is phlogistic when acute attack, can show wrapping is red and swollen apparent, micturition is aching. Available skin cleanser mild as given nitrofurazone cleaning, generally 2, 3 days after the wrapping glans is phlogistic can obviously relieve. The first acute balanitis recovered after recommendations to the pediatric department of Urology doctor referral, whether need surgery. Repeat wrapping glans phlogistic can make urethral outside mouth stricture, cause micturition suffocate suffocate, can cause uric road infection even.

5 what is wrapping mouth stricture?

Some children's foreskin can be partially turned up, but it will be seen after the turn of the foreskin has a clear narrow ring. The foreskin stenosis can let parents through soft tactics to try every day will break up on wrapping, may cause the foreskin to expand, thereby improving the narrow, but can not act with undue haste avoid over the foreskin, foreskin cracked, pain, bleeding, resulting in children and parents of the foreskin over fear. On the other hand, if the foreskin completely over time after their return, or perhaps because the narrow ring pressing local blood and lymph backflow and lead to the occurrence of paraphimosis. In case of paraphimosis, showed upturned foreskin edema, edema of prepuce edge showed obvious stenosis ring, dark purple glans can be enlarged, the children more severe pain, such as long time, incarcerated foreskin and glans necrosis, shedding, therefore, paraphimosis should visit as soon as possible, most can manual reduction after successful reduction surgery should be scheduled, such as manual reset failure emergency surgical treatment.

6 what is wrapping long or wrapping adhesion?

Wrapping or wrapping adhesion is a common problem of children, strictly speaking, the foreskin before puberty is a normal phenomenon on the glans penis. If you turn on the foreskin can be exposed glans words, are not the foreskin stenosis or phimosis, often is because between wrapping and glans adhesion to the foreskin completely turned on. Similarly, parents can also try to gently turn over the foreskin every day, with the gradual release of adhesions, can make the glans completely exposed. Phimosis is wrapping covering the glans and penis, obvious extra long skin, too long wrapping some residual urine after micturition, secretions, such as usually do not pay attention to cleaning, can also lead to repeated infection of prepuce.

7 what kind of wrapping problem needs surgical treatment?

According to the American Academy of pediatric circumcision, the results suggest that neonatal circumcision may have some potential medical benefits. Especially for those who are prone to urinary tract infections, circumcision has the potential to prevent urinary tract infections.

The need for surgery depends on the decision of the child's parents. The following should be circumcision: acquired phimosis, the foreskin is scar contracture; the foreskin stenosis, the children have resentment or after a certain period of time the poor effect of the technique to approach treatment; recurrent inflammatory, whether phimosis, the foreskin stenosis or prepuce, above all the possible impact on the children's penis growth or quality of life. For the following, recommended surgery: 3 years later, the foreskin phimosis stenosis; there are chronic urinary tract infection. The purpose of the operation is to remove the most distal part of the foreskin so that the glans penis can be fully exposed.

8 how to perform circumcision?

Wrapping operation can use wrapping annulus or wrapping annulus to cut method. Circumcision has the advantages of no hospitalization, no suture, no antibiotics, short operation time, short anesthesia time. In foreign countries, for the birth of a baby boy, a special foreskin ring device can not even anesthesia. Shanghai Children's Hospital pediatric department of Urology at present circumcision device is adopted by the national patent "circumcision ring resection special equipment", has been successfully carried out nearly ten thousand cases of circumcision surgery. General ring about 2 weeks after the surgery wound off automatically, namely natural healing, no suture caused by scar, welcomed by parents. Circumcision mechanism and circumcision set of similar, absorbable suture with the wound, a week after the healing, no stitches.

9 is the same way as surgery phimosis, why?

Circumcision rings surgery for most of phimosis and redundant prepuce etc.. If the children with asthma, allergies and other serious with the risks of anesthesia; children or penis has begun development, easy to cause the foreskin erection ring incarceration, shedding of, should avoid using circumcision rings surgery, which require the use of circumcision, the day of surgery hospitalized for observation. For inflammatory phimosis, if the inflammation degree is not very heavy, can ring surgery through circumcision scar stricture ring and redundant prepuce, but if the inflammation is serious, can cause wrapping and glans even urethral mouth adhesion, must through the operation of separation, trimming foreskin fine, complete removal of unhealthy tissue, or may cause phimosis relapse even urethral stricture and other sequelae.

This kind of operation is not the best treatment time called, depending on the severity of phimosis and parents' attitude to elective surgery.

10 what disease easily and simply phimosis or redundant prepuce confusion?

Concealed penis is small friend is a common genital abnormality, parents tend to be confused with phimosis or redundant prepuce. Concealed penis refers to the normal development of the penis, but due to childhood obesity or excessive accumulation of fat in the front of the nose caused by the penis buried in subcutaneous fat, leading to the appearance of the penis looks short.

Another common genital abnormality is hypospadias. In addition to the normal urethral orifice, hypospadias children urethral opening may, in any part of the ventral side of the penis scrotum or perineum, some can be combined with chordee of penis. Typical children hypospadias prepuce appearance and normal boys have obvious difference, does not completely cover the glans, and a turban accumulation in dorsal ventral in the penis, wrapping a V shape defect of frenulum. This type of hypospadias is very easy to find the abnormal position of the urethral opening, often timely medical treatment. It is worth noting that some typical hypospadias usually phimosis, the foreskin over the glans exposed only when found abnormal urethral opening, this kind of situation in the foreskin ring or ring cut up to see, once found, often need to immediately suspend the operation, operation by doctors and parents to communicate in a timely manner.

11 children hide the penis how to do?

For concealed penis in children, if the foreskin can be turned on fully exposed glans, not surgery, the appearance of penis short can be increased with age, the development of the penis or lose weight and have different degrees of improvement. If combined with phimosis, not only do circumcision or ring surgery, but by pediatric department of Urology physicians through plastic surgery foreskin specific correction, simple circumcision may lead to local defects caused by the foreskin, penile erection is limited, thereby increasing the psychological burden of small friends.

12 how to treat hypospadias?

Hypospadias children need an experienced pediatric department of Urology physician for surgical treatment, the goal of treatment is correction of chordee and the establishment of new urethra, so that the children have the penis and urethra with open appearance, can stand micturition like normal people, adults can have normal sexual life. Construction of the new urethra need enough foreskin tissue, if the lack of understanding of diagnosis and treatment of hypospadias, the hypospadias atypical as phimosis "mistreatment", simple circumcision or ring surgery, if possible "material shortage" need further treatment, increased the difficulty of the operation and complications the opportunity.

In short, the foreskin is a very common but complicated problem, if the parents on the children's genitalia when in doubt, should visit as soon as possible, by professional pediatric department of Urology physicians to conduct a medical examination, decide the correct treatment plan. Do not take a conscious problem or illness TouYi idea may delay diagnosis and treatment for children, or children bring unnecessary pain and psychological burden.


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