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In the Department of Urology / andrology clinic, we often see such a scene: the mother (often) or dad (occasionally) with a reluctant little


In the Department of Urology / andrology clinic, we often see such a scene: the mother (often) or dad (occasionally) with a reluctant little boy to consult the following questions.

"Doctor, you help my son to check, whether he has a prepuce (should be there is no prepuce)"

"Doctor, most of my son's classmates cut the foreskin. When I went to the toilet, my son felt shy"

"Doctor, my son is going to adolescence, quickly cut the foreskin, otherwise it will affect the development of the"

"Doctor, we have to cut the foreskin, this is not good, the impact of the future to find objects"


Everyone so concerned about the foreskin, but it seems in the eyes of everyone, it is not essential things, or do not recruit people to love the excess tissue. Is this really the case?

The foreskin is a primate (popular, such as: monkey), not only in the presence of male (male), female (female) also have (topic sensitive, and other). In the long process of evolution, this thing still exists, there will be its special function and usefulness. The so-called existence is reasonable. But because people do not know enough, plus some bad media or medical institutions for other purposes too much publicity, the foreskin is not good impression in the vast majority of people. On the contrary, the foreskin is also innocent on the back of a lot of charges, such as: lead to urinary tract infection, easy to induce gynecological inflammation in women, sexual life, such as the fast gunmen, etc..

The following 17 functions we list the foreskin, and according to its importance in order to arrange (following a text excerpt to our moderator Hippocrates Wang's blog, only for the propaganda of popular science, does not involve any commercial interests, please indicate the original source).

A: sex life

1 increase sexual pleasure. A keen sense of frenums.

2 in sexual intercourse or masturbation, the foreskin inside and outside the skin of the board in a sliding state, with a comfortable sense of "rolling".

3 because of the inside and outside the board itself has a slide, reducing the friction of the vaginal wall, can avoid sexual intercourse pain.

4 rich foreskin can stimulate mate genitalia, have fun.

5 erection of the penis, the penis to provide the necessary extension of the skin, to avoid restraint.

6 the foreskin can store "pheromones (pheromone)", and released in sexual arousal, and fully mobilize the partner's desires.

7 the foreskin can store lubricating liquid natural (pre ejaculatory fluid), released during sexual excitement, sex lubrication.

8 sexual arousal when the glans becomes the focus of visual stimulation.

9 provide a temporary container for the semen, in order to reduce the loss in the vaginal wall.

B: Protection

10 to protect the glans penis, to avoid excessive skin glans skin to maintain soft and moist.

11 to protect the "thin" glans from the injured.

12 to protect the glans of the nerve, to avoid erectile dysfunction.

13 in children, the protection of the urethra, free from contamination or urinary tract infection.

14 the secretion of the foreskin in the original antibacterial ingredients, which are relatively clear lysozyme, can play a role in inhibiting the suppression of bacteria.

15 to protect the glans without pigment, so as not to sunburn.

16 to protect the blood supply the shortage of the glans, to avoid frostbite.

C: other

17 provide skin for reconstructive orthopedic surgery. (such as hypospadias, eyelid burns)

Take a look at, look at this little thing is so useful, you still willing to cut it? So please leave your knife under the skin, and your child to talk about, or consult a professional doctor, understand the advantages and disadvantages of circumcision and not cut. If for some reason, must be cut off, please choose the professional hospital and doctors.


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