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Hematuria is a common cause of Department of Urology patients. Often encountered in patients with a number of patients with the hospital aft


Hematuria is a common cause of Department of Urology patients. Often encountered in patients with a number of patients with the hospital after the inspection list, I hope the doctor can give a clear answer in 35 minutes, this time will often let them down.

As "fever", the cause of the disease can be written on a thick book; hematuria is just a symptom, leading to a variety of diseases of hematuria, treatment is very different. To fundamentally solve the problem, it is necessary to take some effort to find the root causes of. Many reasons, confusing, difficult, urgent.

After the patient sees red urine, often very nervous, so, the doctor sees "hematuria" the patient usually is how a thinking process?

1 hematuria is really a blood?

Some patients said that there was hematuria, or in the test report to see the red blood cells, but it is the test error. For example, women in the menstrual period will check the pollution of urine samples; or due to some drugs or food, urine red appearance, once a friend of children eat red meat because of pitaya, later found the urine color pink, the result turned out to be a false alarm, the flesh inside the red pigment metabolism disguised as "hematuria".

2 when there is no hematuria pain?

First of all, remember, painless gross hematuria requires a high degree of suspicion of urinary system tumors, especially in the elderly. Even if there was a time, it should be highly vigilant, never because of the good will not come to the hospital, and missed the best time to diagnose and deal with. But if hematuria accompanied by pain, these diseases are often not so terrible, for example, urinary tract infections, often with abdominal pain, back pain or painful urination, and stone patients have severe pain and hematuria in the waist.

3 age and sex of the patient?

The common causes of hematuria in different age groups are different. Such as children or adolescents, appeared macroscopic or microscopic hematuria, to consider possible nephropathy or congenital renal vascular malformations, and physiology; as a young girl, urinary tract infection is relatively more common; while for elderly patients, we should first consider is not ruled out after the tumor of the urinary system, to other aspects want to go.

4 is the medical or surgical hematuria?

If a doctor gives you a "red blood cell phase" or a "red blood cell count" test, it means that he wants to further identify the source of hematuria is a renal or renal after the. Understand simply, urine inside the red cell, if it is in the manufacture of urine at the same time, the red blood cells will be compression deformation; if it is in the urine after formation in the transport process is added in, the red cell morphology is regular. Therefore, if the urine erythrocytes accounted for the majority, should take over the further treatment of renal physician please. Medical hematuria also often have urine protein or tube shape, appearance, often in the urine as a bubble.

5 are there any other diseases?

Some hematuria caused by diseases may have a family history or genetic, such as idiopathic hypercalciuria, polycystic kidney disease; in addition, comes in addition to the urinary system, there will be other diseases can also cause hematuria, like tuberculosis, blood disease, heart disease, such as lupus erythematosus. Therefore, if you know that you have any other history of any disease or trauma, please do not forget to tell a doctor when you see a doctor, so that the analysis of the causes of hematuria is very helpful.

In addition, there are some elderly people always see examination under the microscope for occult blood (+) or (+ 1), without any symptoms, but repeatedly but couldn't find the cause of hematuria. If you have done a systematic examination and tumor exclusion, you do not have to worry too much, this asymptomatic microscopic hematuria can be a regular review.


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