The relationship between drinking water and stone

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The formation of urinary stones is related to heredity, nutrition, race, disease and climateAnd other factors are closely related, especiall


The formation of urinary stones is related to heredity, nutrition, race, disease and climate

And other factors are closely related, especially when people sweat, if

Inadequate water supply may result in decreased urine volume, urine concentration, urinary salt precipitation,

Increased chance of stone formation. ''

More drinking water, will increase the amount of urine, can wash, clean urine, diluted

The decrease in the concentration of urine, urinary stone composition, in the case of urinary tract infection,

Drinking water can also strengthen drainage, is conducive to the control of infection, reduce infection

Stone formation. As far as possible to maintain the daily urine volume in 2 - 3L, but also to

Even drinking water; an increase of 50% of the urine, can make the incidence of urolithiasis under

Drop 86%.

The survey found that the incidence of urinary stones in multiple areas, less than 1.2L

The risk of growth stone increased significantly. Because the human body in the late night and clear

The morning urine calcium oxalate supersaturation was the highest, and the urinary inhibitory activity was the lowest

The best time to form. Therefore, in addition to the average daily distribution of drinking water

To maintain the amount of urine at night, should also drink 1 to 2 glasses of water before going to bed, so that urine

The supersaturation of halite decreased, formation and growth delay calculus.

In addition to drinking water before going to bed, get up at night after drinking water. Large drink

Water with diuretic antispasmodic drugs, can promote small gallstones. Diluted urine

Fluid can slow the growth rate of stones and prevent recurrence of stones after surgery.

Previously thought that water quality can lead to the formation of stones, but by the domestic

The researchers found that the incidence of gallstones and hard water, water quality

Soft and hard is not a major factor in determining urinary stones. At the same time, do not stay for a long time

In the air-conditioned room, so as not to dry air, so that the body loses a lot of water. Often

In the high temperature environment, people should pay more attention to increase the amount of water to compensate

The amount of water lost in sweat.

The treatment of the disease focus on prevention, and prevention of urinary stones is more important

Water, like many diseases of urolithiasis, prevention is very important.

Because of the use of a variety of means of stone expulsion, the formation of stones in patients

Not completely ruled out, such as do not take preventive measures, urolithiasis is likely to roll

Earth return.

In short, we must develop the habit of drinking water, take the initiative to drink more water, do not wait until thirsty again

Drink water。 What has become of urolithiasis patients, but also pay attention to the reasonable choice

The type of liquid, in the case of the total amount of half of the water, the other half

Coffee and tea drinks.


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