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What is the IPL? Photorejuvenation technology has swept the world. The technology for the overall improvement of the face, remove the superf


What is the IPL? Photorejuvenation technology has swept the world. The technology for the overall improvement of the face, remove the superficial wrinkles, eliminate red blood, light spot spots, rough skin texture, large pores, dull color, etc. have a very good treatment effect.

What is the principle of photorejuvenation? Photorejuvenation Technology (photorejuvenation) is a non coherent intense pulsed light (Intense Pulsed, Light, IPL) and the non stripping rejuvenation treatment in low energy densities. Principle of photorejuvenation technology mainly has two aspects, one is she can penetrate the epidermal tissues, by pigment group or preferred hemoglobin selective absorption, dilated blood vessels, pigment groups, pigment cells destruction, decomposition, so as to achieve the treatment of telangiectasia and pigmentation effect. Two is the role of light and heat and photochemical action, so that the deep collagen fibers and elastic fibers rearrangement, and restore elasticity, to eliminate wrinkles, shrink pores.

The advantages of photorejuvenation? Photorejuvenation technology has four major advantages: 1, non traumatic. In 2, a single treatment can also improve a variety of skin problems such as: all kinds of stains and senile plaque, telangiectasia and erythema of rosacea, reduce the period of fine wrinkles, shrink pores, increase skin elasticity and texture, make facial skin smooth, delicate and elastic; also can remove unwanted facial hair. 3, the whole face of treatment: so that the face of beauty to achieve every. 4, do not need to leave: after treatment, no or only a slight discomfort, the end of the treatment can cast normal work and life.

For those who do photorejuvenation? Photorejuvenation technology indication is widely used for the treatment of: 1, skin vascular changes, such as erythema telangiectasia, rosacea, Civatte period poikiloderma etc.. 2, pigmented skin problems, such as freckles, actinic lentigo, epidermal melasma, seborrheic keratosis and secondary pigmentation etc.. 3, to improve the early and medium light aging and aging caused by changes in skin texture, such as large pores, relaxation, small wrinkles, etc.. 4, hirsutism and acne after color printing.

Not suitable for those who do photorejuvenation? IPL has improved the skin, but not all people are suitable for photon treatment, such as skin cancer and precancerous lesions, pregnant women, acute dermatitis, photosensitive skin diseases, skin infections, are taking photosensitive drugs or anticoagulants, severe acne or physical scars.

Photorejuvenation treatment note after what? After treatment of skin care is very important, effective skin care can make the efficacy of photon therapy for a long time. Photorejuvenation should be paid attention to: 1, under the guidance of a doctor to use skin care products, stop using all of the functional cosmetics (various freckle cream, cream, etc.) to prohibit the use of various chemical peel treatment and skin grinding and grinding Cleansing Cream etc.. 2, sunscreen is extremely important. 3, skin nutrition and moisture.


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