Analysis of the problems in the quality of life of patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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With the change of medical model, the concept of health has changed. The traditional methods of measuring and evaluating the physical functi


With the change of medical model, the concept of health has changed. The traditional methods of measuring and evaluating the physical function of the body can not express the full meaning of health, and can not fully reflect the impact of the disease on the biological and psychological and social attributes. Therefore, the quality of life (quality of life, QOL) assessment to get everyone's attention. The retrieval of Medline1991 ~ 1995, the word "QOL" in the medical articles on 1570 articles; QOL related to the title and abstract of up to 5113, and from 1998 to October 1999, involved in the title and abstract of QOL article reached as many as 5286.

In recent years, China is paying more and more attention to the research and application of QOL, the author found that the medical literature retrieval in the biological data China, mentioned by QOL in the 1979 to 15 years of the Chinese Communist Party in 1994 238, from 1995 to 1997 1072, and in 1998 ~ 1999 years up to 1320, the year 2000 is 1126, 2001 ~ 2002

September 2013 has reached 1574. There are some problems in the application of asthma and COPD papers.

Materials and methods

The retrieved January 1979 ~ September 2002 on bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by Chinese biological medicine database (COPD) in the research papers mentioned in the quality of life and quality of life and quality of life of the 52 papers, including the QOL of application types and methods of QOL evaluation analysis.


There are 52 papers on quality of life or quality of life or quality of life (QOL) in asthma, and there are 41 articles in this study, including, COPD, and COPD11. QOL basic research (including the evaluation of the development of the table, such as the assessment of the test) 8 (15.4%), for the efficacy of the assessment of the 44 (84.6%). There are 13 () quality of life (QOL) in this paper, which is translated into QOL (25%), and there are about 22 (quality) of life quality. There are about 17 of them.

Evaluation of application of QOL paper: not with QOL assessment of the 17 articles (32.7%), of which 13 bronchial asthma, COPD4; application of assessment of the 35 articles (67.3%); in the 52 paper, the general application of foreign QOL assessment 9 papers (17.3%), the application of disease the special assessment table 26 papers (50%).

In the bronchial asthma, application of foreign general QOL evaluation table 5, application of foreign special QOL respiratory disease assessment scale of 2, the domestic application of bronchial asthma QOL assessment table 21; in the COPD paper, the general application of foreign QOL evaluation table 4, domestic application of COPD evaluation table 3.

Application of QOL evaluation table 11 papers, 9 of which are not on the table for evaluation of school certificate examination; application of domestic QOL evaluation table of 24 papers, including 2 papers without the test of reliability and validity and responsiveness of the assessment form.


About 1 of the QOL quality of life Chinese translation: translated into the quality of life, quality of life and quality of life of three kinds of names in China, there is no uniform. The quality of life, quality of life and quality of life have emerged, even in the same paper can appear different translation. Some scholars believe that QOL can be broadly divided into three levels in [1].

The low level QOL is defined as the quality of life, with the emphasis on maintaining the survival, maintaining the body intact, eliminating the pain and the basic functions needed to survive. The level of QOL can be translated into the quality of life, and its meaning can be defined as the subjective cognition and experience of the patients on the physical, psychological and social effects of disease and related treatment. The level of QOL for quality of life, its benefits in addition to emphasizing people alive (Live), there is another important point is that with the concept of medicine used in the survival rate, survival analysis, strain, contact closely.

The second level of QOL is translated into the quality of life, it not only attaches importance to survival, but also emphasizes that life is rich, comfortable and harmonious with society. This level of research is focused on the general population of people with no life-threatening disease, and is used in the study of social and preventive medicine.

The third level of QOL is translated into the quality of life, it not only emphasizes the first two, but also value the realization of their own value and the role of society. It can be defined in terms of WHO, that is, the experience of individuals in different cultures and value systems in relation to their goals, expectations, standards, and concerns. At the same time, it emphasizes the cognition of self value and self realization as well as the responsibility and obligation to society.

The final goal is the same, whether medical or sociological, that is to improve people's QOL. According to the actual needs, the quality of life can be studied at different levels. Therefore, if we want to use a unified noun, we believe that the Quality of Life or translated into a good quality of life. Quality of life and quality of life are part of the quality of life. If no difference, can be referred to as the quality of life. If the distinction is called the health related quality of life (i.e., quality of life), daily life related quality of life (i.e., quality of life) and the pursuit of life and self realization related quality of life (special life quality).

2 QOL assessment must be used to evaluate the QOL: the results show that 32.7% of the papers did not use the QOL assessment table for QOL assessment.

QOL evaluation form is a QOL evaluation tool. Although QOL has no accepted accepted definition, but the clinical evaluation of QOL, mainly refers to the health related QOL HRQOL, at present a more consistent view is that [2]:HRQOL is on by individuals or groups feel all aspects of physical, psychological and social adaptation of a good comprehensive measurement of the state, consists of the following three aspects: physical health including chronic symptoms and self evaluation; the social health refers to the size of the social network, social intercourse frequency, the degree of social participation; psychological health: relatively more complicated, including anxiety, depression, cognition, happiness, satisfaction and so on. Therefore, in the evaluation of QOL, we must include the above basic content, if only through the patient's clinical symptoms, signs and some clinical test results of QOL assessment is obviously unscientific.

3 the appropriate QOL evaluation form must be applied; the problems in the application are as follows:

(1) the QOL assessment of specialist disease should be based on a special assessment form. A general QOL assessment table for QOL epidemiology in general and healthy population. Effects of different diseases and the corresponding treatment of patients with daily life, social activities and psychological status of different QOL assessment should also be different, such as the application of the general QOL assessment often lack for the assessment project of the disease, the sensitivity decreased [3].

(2) the evaluation form should be revised and tested for my patient. In our paper, the paper applies the foreign QOL evaluation table directly 17.3%. Due to the difference of life style, cultural customs, economic base and living environment between the patients and the foreign patients, the evaluation form of foreign countries can not be directly applied to [5]. The application of the foreign evaluation form must be revised before the patient, and the necessary reliability and validity test can be applied.

(3) the QOL assessment form must be tested for clinical use. Generally speaking, the reliability (reliability) refers to the consistency of the test results of patients with stable condition in different periods. Validity (validity) refers to the degree of agreement between the measured results and the real situation, which is the systematic error of the test [4], [6]. It is difficult to avoid all kinds of deviation, and can not guarantee the accuracy of QOL research, which is not tested by reliability, validity and responsiveness of QOL.


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