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The answer: start talking about the treatment of content from this period.13 hydrogen treatmentHydrogen is a research hotspot in recent year


The answer: start talking about the treatment of content from this period.

13 hydrogen treatment

Hydrogen is a research hotspot in recent years, hydrogen can be treated as many as 63 kinds of diseases, including tumor, diabetes, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, rheumatic disease, cerebrovascular disease, disease were related with oxidative stress, but not an article mentioned on pulmonary fibrosis.

This is the most comprehensive introduction to the current hydrogen molecule, at least not in the book.

I don't think it's not working, it's being ignored. This gives us the opportunity to study.

The treatment effect of hydrogen is mainly achieved through antioxidant mechanisms, with oxidative stress induced pulmonary fibrosis, this is what we want to find a ready-made panacea.

We can not do without oxygen free radicals in the body, which is essential to the process of providing energy through oxidation. Just like a car needs power, it has to produce exhaust gas.

The human body has long been designed to clear the exhaust gas. Every day, most of the gas produced in the intestine is hydrogen (16.7%), the small molecules of gas can enter and leave the cell, and oxygen free radicals in vivo. Hydrogen and oxygen free radicals in the body are characterized by selective removal, which is not the same as other reductants. After all, "imitation of nature" approach. The harm of hydrogen scavenging peroxynitrite and hydroxyl radicals, for NO, H2O2, selectively without effect.

Now that the human body has been designed to produce hydrogen, and to fight oxidative stress, why is it that the hydrogen is too busy now? First, the modern people to eat too much, resulting in oxygen free radicals are also more, two is the imbalance of intestinal flora, resulting in too little hydrogen.

Is there any change in the intestinal flora of IPF? Or does the composition of hydrogen in exhaust gas change with that of normal people? It's easy, but I've never heard of it.

This is a hydrogen generator I bought myself. The resulting hydrogen is ignited.

14, Duphalac and other:

Lactulose oral liquid, currently used in the treatment of constipation. Can be decomposed in the intestine to produce hydrogen, an antioxidant effect. This has been finalized.

There are beans, wheat bran, crude fiber increased gas production, not hydrogen constituents are not increased. You can guess, modern people eat rice, fine surface hydrogen problems, a factor leading to fibrosis increased, and it is through the production of hydrogen and bran fine surface heat. These are to be studied.

There is also an increase in the production of sugar, and no one would have thought of studying the changes in its composition. A crafty man should be aware that this is a winner.

15 reduced glutathione, vitamin E, etc.:

The human body is a process of oxidation and antioxidant balance, once the imbalance, excessive oxidation, will lead to such diseases IPF. Since the onset of IPF is due to oxidative stress, then all of the drugs with a reduction should be our concern. We always love around Neda Knibb, bosentan, imatinib, pirfenidone, the highlight of their tall. Turn a blind eye to these old drugs. Is it cheap?

There are two, are some of the commonly used drugs, with antioxidant effect. In principle, as long as the drugs against oxidative stress are likely to treat pulmonary fibrosis.

16 the role of TNF- alpha antagonists

TNF- alpha (TNF) can lead to granulation hyperplasia and fibrosis, its antagonists can damage the fibrosis, so that the inside of the TB run out, this is a TNF- alpha antagonist (infliximab, REMICADE) the cause of tuberculosis recurrence.

IPF is a fiber hyperplasia disease, such as infliximab promotes apoptosis of fibrous tissue granuloma, not exactly what we want?

17 Don't forget thalidomide (thalidomide)

Thalidomide is an effective drug for the treatment of cough in IPF, but also for the promotion of apoptosis. Have an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system. In fact, this is a very magical medicine, but that led to a large number of seals and greatly implicated, discredited.

(Mr. Liu Baoyi think this is a drug to strengthen the body Yang, Yang Meng in our body, similar to H1 inhibitors, resulting in pregnant women baby limb development does not come out. Western medicine is still unable to explain some of the above, there is still an explanation of Chinese medicine. Yang does not diverge, is caused by drowsiness, sedation, antiemetic, apoptosis).

The effect of thalidomide is very wide, can go online to check:

1) for the treatment of solid tumors:

Glioma cell carcinoma of the renal cell carcinoma of the liver, lung cancer, malignant melanoma, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma

2) for the treatment of hematological malignancies: multiple myeloma; myelodysplastic syndrome; myelofibrosis;

Leukemia (refractory) acute myeloid leukemia; chronic myelogenous leukemia; plasma cell leukemia; giant cell globulin; lymphoma (refractory);

3) for the treatment of diseases in Department of Dermatology and thalidomide related disease. Erythema nodosum leprosum; chronic photosensitive diseases: light. Prurigo at PMLE. Actinic cheilitis. Nodular prurigo. Behcet's disease (Beheet). Recurrent aphthous ulcer (aphthous ulcer). 0 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus lichen pruritus. Moss (OLP) knee vascular.Jessner Kanof lymphocytic infiltration of the skin. Lange Hans cell histiocytosis. Erythrodermic psoriasis, Crohn's disease (crohn`s disease). Sarcoidosis. Dermatomyositis. Treatment of nodular panniculitis, lupus panniculitis. Gangrene pyoderma. Erythema multiforme. Other: atopic dermatitis, sunlight urticaria, pemphigus, xeroderma pigmentosum, hydroa vacciniforme

Thalidomide can also be used for the treatment of rheumatic autoimmune diseases, many will rheumatism with pulmonary fibrosis, so it should be a kind of disease.

So powerful, why the hell can not treat IPF?

If thalidomide from the Chinese medicine is to raise the Yang, the treatment of tumor, skin acropathy, rheumatoid disease, is not a common cause, which is caused by Yang deficiency? This is a very interesting question, perhaps western medicine on these diseases is not so complicated.

18 "chicken with Xing" - light and Yin and Yang

Then the above topic, IPF may be associated with the body's Yang deficiency.

That morning the first sunshine shine on the face, can enhance the day Yang, essence is the exercise of adrenocortical function, which is critical for IPF.

This has been described in detail.

We think the doctor office in an consulting room, did not see the sun, many people Tianbuliangjiu catch the subway to work at night to go home, two do not see the sun, students kill yang. And the subway itself is a heavy local yin.

Now Chinese textbooks on the definition of "Yang" refers to the outward divergence, beg to differ.

"Nei Jing" in many references to the "Yin, Yang Shou also, Yang in the outside, so that the Yin", "who is Yang, who is Yin", "Yang, Wei Wai and solid", etc..

Yang, in fact, is the protection of the outside of the human body, equivalent to the wall of the teapot, to prevent heat, "Wei Wai solid", and Yin, is the inside of the hot water, always want to external heat. "Yin, Yang Shou", waiting for the sun to protect the part.

Therefore, to enhance Yang, refers to the process of strengthening the security of energy in the body, is the inward force, and Yin, refers to the divergence of too many people have no spirit. Textbooks to be discussed.

19 diet, mood and pulmonary fibrosis:

According to the theory, the adjustment of eating habits and mood, many patients with pulmonary fibrosis has been significantly improved.

Easier said than done, but it is difficult to do, the habit of long-term development is not so easy to change, especially emotions, can really put down, is a very high realm.

The following two patients is a recent review of patients, diagnosed as lung fiber, eating habits, mentality and completely different before, so the treatment effect is also very good.

A male, 61 years old, last month the referral patients last examination was 2015.3.19. At that time can not be active, quiet when you need oxygen, and later changed a lot of habits, easy-going personality and more, the current upstairs, and even the mountains are no problem, the basic recovery, such as ordinary people.

This is the 8.11 review of CT, compared with the former has improved absorption. Auscultation is only a very small number of fine bubbles.

According to the patient, I find a doctor for more than a year ago, he was not aware of the seriousness of the disease, and later found around several pulmonary fibrosis patients died, didn't realize how lucky you are so heartfelt thanks.

Case two: female, 56 years old, a few days ago to visit patients. I was hospitalized three months ago. 5.9 to 6.13 days, the progress of the disease quickly, but 6.13 days after the 9.12 day was stabilized and improved. Thanks to changes in attitude and eating habits.

At present, the patient was significantly improved compared with the previous, only on the stairs to feel chest tightness, mild activity is not suitable. The back of the lungs and the smell of dense blisters.

To be continued.


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