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As the saying goes, "three points of the drug poison", this truth seems to be understood by everyone, but life is often left behind. Today,


As the saying goes, "three points of the drug poison", this truth seems to be understood by everyone, but life is often left behind. Today, Chinese medicine drug abuse has become a "disaster", even experts have issued a "Chinese medicine indiscriminate use of antibiotics as" sigh. Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration released the report on adverse drug reaction in our country in 2010, reports of adverse reactions of traditional Chinese medicine accounted for 13.8%. For the abuse of traditional Chinese medicine, life times reporter interviewed the relevant experts.

Indiscriminate eating Chinese medicine into liver failure

In recent years, traditional Chinese medicine health has become a trend. The reporter saw at the Beijing book building, a variety of traditional Chinese medicine health books occupy almost half a floor, many have also been put in a prominent position. A lot of elderly people around it, some holding a pile of books to pay at the Chinese medicine health, the others took out a small copy carefully. In addition, every evening, major television stations began broadcasting health programs, many elderly people sitting in front of the television to watch the time, pay special attention to the content of the cure to remedies.

Regimen popular, triggering the purchase of Chinese medicine boom. A pharmacy clerk told reporters: in recent years, some traditional Chinese medicine selling particularly well. A lot of people health, global tablet of American ginseng tea, put medlar porridge, stew put some Chinese angelica, astragalus." However, experts said that these supplements, although the side effects are not large, but if you do not identify physical chaos to eat, or too much food, are harmful to the body.

There are people in search of a variety of folk remedies. Have to do with lung cancer chemotherapy, follow the small ads to find doctor, eat homemade capsule, he opened the chest pain, hemoptysis, no remission, but appeared edema Niaoshao, originally those capsules containing the skin of toad and toad, causing serious damage to the liver and kidneys.

Beijing Friendship Hospital, director of the center for liver diseases, Chinese Medical Association, Professor Jia Jidong, chairman of the branch of the liver disease recalled a case, lamented. "Half a year ago, a 15 year old girl was on the face of acne is very complex, eat a few months acne medicine, the pox seen less, but more boring, nausea, anorexia, skin and eyes are yellow. When he was sent to the hospital, he was diagnosed with drug-induced liver damage and had liver failure. At that time, medical treatment has been ineffective, and finally by the liver to save lives." Jia Jidong told reporters, like the girl's case, he has encountered several.

Another major organ damage to the use of Chinese medicine is the kidney. A week ago, a Jiangxi village teacher came to Beijing An Zhen Hospital neurology, nephrology Professor, honorary director Chen Yipu inspected the Department Director, Chinese Medical Association, found that he was suffering from uremia, must be hospitalized. Upon inquiry, Chen YP that he suffered from eczema, eat traditional Chinese medicine containing Aristolochia Fangchi, kangfangchi containing aristolochic acid, which is known to be able to cause kidney damage components.

Chinese medicine also has side effects

People think Chinese medicine without side effects. Lead to the abuse of traditional Chinese medicine, an important factor is that many people believe that traditional Chinese medicine flat, non-toxic side effects, disease treatment, disease free fitness". China Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, said Yue Fengxian, a researcher at the Institute of medicine, where the drugs are toxic, and this is precisely its medicinal value. Many people think that Chinese medicine is non-toxic side effects, and long-term use, this practice is not desirable.

Pointed out that the formulation of national administration of traditional Chinese medicine "Chinese medicine clinical practice guideline", one of the main causes of adverse drug reactions in Chinese medicine is or long-term drug overdose, especially containing toxic Chinese herbal medicine, such as cinnabar, realgar, toad, aconite, can be toxic overdose.

Do not know how to eat traditional Chinese medicine. Reporters came to Beijing, Chaoyang District, a number of pharmacies, the identity of the consumer to the store clerk to seek advice on what kind of treatment pharyngitis, they are advised to buy traditional Chinese medicine. But when it comes to the dialectical theory of traditional Chinese medicine, but no one can say clearly, but let reporters see their own instructions, at the same time to eat several traditional Chinese medicine, good results".

Reporters met with a heart disease in the pharmacy Ms. Lee, asked her to buy Chinese medicine should pay attention to what. She replied: "I was feeling by prolonged illness! Chinese medicine is like health care products, buy more home, sick treatment, no sick fitness." In this regard, Yue Fengxian said must be dialectical medication. Any drug is a "poison" to a person who is healthy or who does not have an indication". Therefore, prescription and disease must be highly consistent, only on the basis of treatment on the basis of syndrome differentiation, in order to ensure efficacy and safety.

Doctors do not use traditional Chinese medicine. According to statistics, 70% of the Chinese patent medicine is open, of which the high rate of failure is 43.4%, the main reason is not dialectical medication. Yue Fengxian said, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine theory, and have practical experience to prescribe a doctor is not much. Because the traditional Chinese medicine, especially the right of prescription of Chinese patent medicine is not restricted, Chinese and Western medicine can be opened, so the principle of reasonable compatibility, syndrome differentiation and treatment can really be in place, it is difficult to guarantee. Yue Fengxian said, a lot of doctors in accordance with the idea of Western medicine Chinese medicine, do not follow the theory of traditional Chinese medicine theory, no problem."

Don't let the Chinese medicine into poison"

How to maximize the strengths of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and avoid beverages? Experts give the following recommendations:

Do not believe in pure natural, pure plant and other drug publicity, do not think that there is no toxic side effects of Chinese herbal medicine. Yue Fengxian said that the Chinese herbal medicine should be processed to use, so there is no so-called "natural" medicine. Chinese herbal medicines are toxic, compound to avoid toxic risk. Traditional Chinese medicine stresses "monarch, minister, Zuo, make", that is, through the interaction between drugs, improve efficacy, reduce side effects of low toxicity.

Traditional Chinese medicine must be to the regular hospital department of traditional Chinese medicine or hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, do not blindly believe that the folk prescription, folk prescription, not to the non formal small clinics. The Department of Dermatology of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital Zhang Cang told reporters, cinnabar and other materials containing heavy metals, the hospital has been abandoned, and the small clinic is still in use.

Traditional Chinese medicine says "party to person", not "side to side"". The need for long-term use of traditional Chinese medicine patients, we must follow the regular follow-up, pay attention to change side, must not be a drug to eat a year." Zhang Cang said.


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