Effect of diet therapy on Tumor Rehabilitation

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The tumor itself consumes a lot of nutrients, resulting in nutrient intake of normal cells of the body to reduce; patients with mental stres


The tumor itself consumes a lot of nutrients, resulting in nutrient intake of normal cells of the body to reduce; patients with mental stress, depression, easy to cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, loss of appetite, so that nutrient intake decreased; the chemotherapy reaction resulting in body nutrient loss in patients with tumor. The above reasons will cause malnutrition in patients with cancer. The purpose of nutritional therapy is to improve the nutritional status of the patients through the rational allocation of diet, so that it is well received surgery or chemotherapy, radiotherapy, prolong life, and even rehabilitation. Dietary treatment should be based on the patient's physical and dietary habits vary, the daily dietary requirements are:

1 total heat should be sufficient

The daily intake of total calories from cancer patients should be as low as possible, not less than the minimum requirement for a normal person, that is, 10 thousand mg per day. Because cancer patients increased and reduce the decomposition of protein synthesis, the body is insufficient in negative nitrogen balance, so the demand for more protein. Patients with high quality protein intake, eat eggs, milk, meat, soy products, etc..

2 relative balance of nutrition

According to the needs of patients, a variety of nutrients to be appropriate, complete, in addition to the intake of adequate quality protein, but also should be fed a low-fat diet and the right amount of carbohydrates. Patients should also pay attention to vitamin supplements, which can be obtained from fresh vegetables and fruits.

3 diet structure should be reasonable

Cancer patients must not be a single diet, should be more varieties, new patterns, reasonable structure. In recipes, as much as possible: light and high nutritional quality diet combined with soft, easy to digest and vitamin rich diet combined, consumption amount and supply patients with combination of diet properties and viscera of the combination of cold and heat.

4 cooking methods and eating methods should pay attention to try to improve the appetite of patients

In the choice of food and cooking, should create a good sense of the characteristics of things, in color, aroma, taste, shape up and down, as far as possible to meet and meet the tastes and habits of patients. According to the patient's digestive ability, take smaller meals, the thickness of collocation, food, soft food and hard food alternately, sweet and salty exchange meal form. Dinner to create a pleasant atmosphere, as far as possible with the family dining together. Before eating, try to avoid harmful fumes and other irritating taste. In the intermittent period of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, should seize the opportunity to improve the nutritional benefits of nutritional supplements.


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