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In recent years, the famous people suffering from depression, and even suicide news endless, but many people will feel depressed far away fr


In recent years, the famous people suffering from depression, and even suicide news endless, but many people will feel depressed far away from their own. You know, like Mr. Bean, Van Gogh, Churchill, Diana and other celebrities have had depression, the famous film star singer Leslie Cheung was killed jumping Dutch act. In recent years, in September 16, 2016, only 28 years old actor, singer Qiao Renliang also committed suicide because of depression, so that depression is more and more public concern. In fact, depression is very close to our lives, is a common psychological disorder. About 90 million of people with depression in our country, each year, there are 200 thousand people because of depression had suicidal behavior, and about 10 thousand people committed suicide. One of the medical workers is a major depression, in 2005, some people at all levels of hospitals in Shanghai to do a survey of the results showed that 69.4% of doctors showed a different state of depression. As Cui Yongyuan said: depression is very close to me, almost like a brother". Facing the tragedy, we must let everyone recognize and understand the depression, improve the sensitivity of the depression, to be found and treated as soon as possible, from the social level to prevent the occurrence and development of the adverse consequences of depression.

When we are faced with setbacks, failures and other negative events, anxiety, depression and anxiety is a normal reaction, after a period of self adjustment can be restored to normal. If 2 consecutive Monday direct spiritual decadence, to lose interest in the previous love affair, decreased work efficiency, but do not want to go out, feel the mood is very bad, see the sky is "gray", that is the early symptoms of depression. In general, if the state in time to the hospital for psychological intervention treatment, but also can quickly return to normal state, will not affect the work and life. If more than two weeks without reason in a depressed state, and social function are affected, such as lie in bed, don't come to class, students are not workers can not work, in addition, there are the following symptoms: 1 feeling depressed, pessimistic worry: for children and adolescents, may also be manifested as irritability 2; anhedonia: decreased or lost interest, will lose the fun of almost all activities, what do not want to do; weight change, 3 obvious loss of appetite: for children, it is difficult to achieve the desired weight; 4 sleep disorders: as insomnia or sleep too much; 5 psychomotoragitation or delay: the day is restless or alone in a daze, 6 fatigue: utter not a single word; feel general weakness, do not trouble; 7 Inferiority: feel are not as good as others, don't be People laughed at; 8 thinking and attention: do not judge, irresolute and hesitant, think that the brain like "rusty", remember things, even people do not know how to talk; 9 repeated Dutch act or repeated thought, no specific plans of the Dutch act or read head, and with the attempt to Dutch act the plan. If there are 5 of the above symptoms, then it may be suffering from depression.

Due to the lack of correct understanding of depression, many people think that depression is not a disease, improve himself will be, do not need treatment, so most patients with depression did not receive formal treatment. But in fact, after suffering from depression alone on their own psychological adjustment is difficult to improve symptoms. Depression is a kind of mental illness, is a person's emotional cold, need to go to a psychiatric hospital for regular treatment. It is the main treatment of antidepressant therapy combined with psychological and physical therapy, the treatment effect is better, the general depressive symptoms can be alleviated in 1 months, the majority of patients within 3 months can achieve clinical cure, but need to adhere to medication, consolidation and maintenance therapy can effectively reduce the recurrence rate and recurrence rate of depression.


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