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Local time on August 11th, the famous American actor Robin Williams died suddenly at his home in California, the police statement issued pre


Local time on August 11th, the famous American actor Robin Williams died suddenly at his home in California, the police statement issued preliminary judgment Williams Department of Dutch act. Williams's publicist revealed that Williams himself was suffering from severe depression. The news of his death shocked the whole world. "Depression" has once again become the focus of heated debate, how to determine whether suffering from depression? Depression is genetic? August 11th Beijing Hui Long Guan Hospital President Yang Fude guest health station program, in-depth analysis of depression".

How to judge a person is suffering from depression?

The core symptoms of depression are three, the first one is depressed, his mood is bad, always happy every day, whether or not good, he will not happy, not happy, this is the first symptom. The second point is the obvious decline in interest, or even disappear, for example, he likes to go shopping, originally like sports, the original likes to drink, all these things he no longer likes. The third is the movement block, that is, he does not love to move, even lying all day. Some patients even lie in bed for a few months at home, do not go out. Of course, you can also appear many physical symptoms, such as sleep disorders significantly, and sleep disorder of patients with depression is the entire process, from the beginning can't sleep, and finally fell asleep and dreaming, sleep is very shallow, and easily awakened, called superficial sleep, dreams. Second somatic symptoms are loss of appetite, depression is a serious loss of appetite, so he almost do not want to eat, because his whole body is very poor is very low, so he does not eat, or eat very few things, this is the result of significant weight loss. Third somatic symptoms, that is, dry stool, such a person is very serious constipation, sexual function also declined.

Winter is the season of high incidence of depression

The incidence of depression is related to the season, often in winter and spring is a high season. Because winter and spring sunshine time is less, less light, easy depression. In addition, winter and spring is likely to lead to a cold, easy to cause some abnormalities during pregnancy, so the risk of depression in children born in winter and spring is high.

Parents of children with high risk of depression

It should be said that there is a certain genetic. Of course, the incidence of depression, is not only a genetic unilateral factors, must be a comprehensive factor. Heredity is a determining factor, and if a parent is depressed, the risk of a child's illness is higher than that of the rest of the population. The second is the reason that a person will be depressed, there is a certain brain damage, especially as 5- serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine that we call monoamine neurotransmitter concentration is in decline, so that his mood is not high, resulting in some of his other depressive symptoms. There is some psychological and personality factors, such as his relatively introverted personality, more sensitive, more concerned about a lot of things, and he too high, his ability to resolve the psychological pressure is very poor also, even though he did not know what method can help relax, these factors will lead to depression.

Beijing psychological assistance hotline 24 hours uninterrupted service

Beijing psychological assistance hotline is 800-810-1117, which is a free public hotline, 24 hours for the public service, any time to come in, there will be someone answered.

Dean: the workplace how to extract weapon

I hope all of the public, professional people, are aware of the "psychological" these two words, because if you do not pay attention to psychology, do not know what kind of state. The second is to feel the pressure, but it can not be overwhelmed by the pressure is the pressure is a double-edged sword, no pressure is not enough, the pressure is too large but also to timely release and relief, third experience is to maintain adequate sleep, reasonable diet, adequate rest and relaxation time. The last point is to adhere to the day or the next day, half an hour to an hour of exercise, let his body and mind to relax, I hope you have a good mood every day, my heart is filled with the sun, filled with sunshine, let us become more warm.

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