Is cerebral infarction, or mental illness?

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Early cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction and mild, often first psychiatric symptoms, general hospital, hospital of traditional C


Early cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction and mild, often first psychiatric symptoms, general hospital, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine is often in neurology, psychiatry, county (District) level psychiatric hospital psychiatric disease misdiagnosed as depression, anxiety, neurosis, insomnia, schizophrenia, only the spirit of giving drug treatment, causing the patient to delay treatment, disease of progressive cognitive decline, and ultimately affect the intelligence, the results of many patients with vascular dementia, make a lot of family happiness no longer, it is a shame that. In this paper, the author combined with thirty years of clinical observation, put forward the following personal views, for the lower hospital psychiatric diagnosis and treatment, and discuss with the neurology physician.

1 anxiety, fear and depression: a person who was very optimistic, fear of solitude, worry more pessimistic. Some patients often emotional control, and even suicidal ideas or behavior, the family is very worried.

2 irritable temper: peaceful people, often because of trivial or a sentence or unexplained large family cried, big, difficult to dissuade.

3 personality change: a very show common people become stubborn, extreme, suspicious, sensitive, self centred, family irresponsible, ignore personal hygiene, careless about dressing, rude uncivilized, serious may even attack others without reason.

4 sleep during the day and night upside down: burnout irritability and insomnia, dreaminess, no sleep, or sleep at night. Some patients sleep during the day, night activities. Often after midnight do not sleep, engage in monotonous activities, resulting in the whole family can not be a good rest. Cold, fever, diarrhea, medication may be predisposing factors.

5 burst into tears for no reason at all. The old comrades of a job for a few years, decades ago, a little past every day suddenly continued crying, persuasion is invalid. Often the family is very distressed, affecting the quality of life and family life. Especially the outsiders know, think filial children, let the family very embarrassed.

6 collect dirt: some of the elderly to hide the dirty rags, such as waste paper, plastic bags, plastic bottles, others abandoned dirty clothes, blue shoes, broken chairs etc..

7 go home do not know or do not want to go home. Strange behavior, it is difficult to understand.

8 sexual desire, often against the neighbor's little girl or pupil.

9 common illusion: magic and illusion, in the evening time.

10 delusions: common in patients with temporal lobe and limbic system damage. Elderly patients with cerebral infarction often appear to be stealing (and possible delusion of being stolen), that her husband (wife) (jealousy delusion), having an affair with his family and even conflict between sixty and seventy or eighty years old wife, let the family very tired.

These symptoms may often occur gradually, and some patients suddenly onset. These patients often have obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia and diabetes, after examination found organic brain damage symptoms or signs, especially the 3 magnetic resonance examination, can be found in mild lacunar infarction, mild demyelination, or local cerebral blood supply and poor. (for the treatment of cerebrovascular disease and drug treatment) better, persistent psychotic symptoms such as the treatment of cerebrovascular disease and related diseases after a period of treatment can be antipsychotics or antidepressants, anti anxiety drugs such as symptomatic treatment, often get good effect. Of course, these drugs may be at risk, requiring three psychiatric hospital experts to guide treatment to safety.


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