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What are the causes of malnutrition in children, how to prevent?Common causes of malnutrition in children:(1) long-term inadequate intake: c


What are the causes of malnutrition in children, how to prevent?

Common causes of malnutrition in children:

(1) long-term inadequate intake: children in constant growth and development stage, the need for nutrients intake is relatively more common in the deficiency of insufficient breast milk without timely add other dairy products; milk preparation too thin; milk suddenly stopped without timely complementary feeding to starchy foods (long-term porridge, Naigao); poor eating habits such as the partial eclipse, picky eaters, eat too many snacks or breakfast is too simple.

(2) the digestion and absorption of disorders such as cleft lip or abnormal anatomy of the digestive system function, persistent diarrhea, intestinal malabsorption syndrome can affect the digestion and absorption of food.

(3) the increase of nutritional requirements: the recovery period of acute and chronic infectious diseases (such as measles, hepatitis, tuberculosis), the rapid growth and development stage can be caused by an increase in the amount of demand relative to the lack of.

(4) excessive consumption of nutrients: diabetes, hyperthyroidism, a large number of proteinuria, acute febrile diseases, malignant tumors can increase the consumption of nutrients. These factors alone or in combination can cause malnutrition in eggs.

So, malnutrition can seriously affect the normal growth and development of children, parents how to prevent child malnutrition happen? Preventive measures should be taken:

(1) reasonable feeding: to promote breastfeeding, breastfeeding or not for lack of milk, should take part in breastfeeding or artificial feeding and reasonable time to add supplementary food; from the partial eclipse, picky eaters, eat snacks habits, students want to eat breakfast, lunch should ensure adequate supply of energy and protein.

(2) reasonable arrangements for life and rest system, adhere to outdoor activities, to ensure adequate sleep.

(3) the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and congenital malformations: timely vaccination; with congenital malformations such as cleft lip should be timely surgical treatment.

(4) the popularization and application of the growth and development monitoring chart to measure the body weight regularly, and the weight value in the growth and development monitoring chart, such as the discovery of slow weight gain, not to increase, we should find out the reasons as soon as possible, to be corrected in a timely manner.

Malnutrition has occurred in children, should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. The principle of treatment of malnutrition is to eliminate the cause, adjust the diet, promote digestion and treatment complications. Identify the cause of the disease on the basis of the elimination of the cause, the active treatment of the original disease, such as correction of digestive tract abnormalities, control of infectious diseases, cure a variety of consumptive diseases, etc..


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