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Autumn diarrhea is more than the onset of autumn and winter, mainly caused by rotavirus diarrhea. Acute onset, often accompanied by fever an


Autumn diarrhea is more than the onset of autumn and winter, mainly caused by rotavirus diarrhea. Acute onset, often accompanied by fever and upper respiratory tract infection symptoms, no obvious symptoms of poisoning. Occurred in June -2 years old infants and young children, more than 4 years old. The disease is transmitted by feces and mouth, and can also be caused by respiratory tract infection by aerosol. Incubation period L ~ 3 days. There are three major clinical features of autumn diarrhea, namely, cold, vomiting, diarrhea. There are no specific drugs for rotavirus.

Clinical manifestations: acute onset, often accompanied by fever, runny nose and cough and other symptoms of respiratory tract infection. 1-3 days after the onset of infection, almost all of the disease at the beginning of vomiting, continued 2-3 days, often occurred in the first diarrhea. 2 days after the occurrence of diarrhea disease, the course of 3-4 days for the very period, the number of stool, about 10 times daily volume, watery or egg pattern, green or white, with a small amount of mucus, no smell. The majority of children with fever, body temperature between 38-40 degrees C, lasting 1-4 days. The disease is self limiting disease, natural course of about 1 weeks.

Treatment principle: prevent dehydration, correct dehydration, continue to diet, rational use of drugs. Mild illness, no obvious dehydration in children can be treated at home. Severe need to hospital treatment.

Cause of treatment: there is no real sense of the drug to kill rotavirus. Due to intestinal epithelial cells after the removal of the need to repair about 5-7 days, so the autumn diarrhea course of about 5-7 days.

Diet: vomiting can be suspended for several hours. Can choose the following liquid:

1 salt solution: the preparation method of rice: rice 500ml (1 kg deacnter) + 1.75g (half a fine salt flat beer bottle). Prevention of dehydration: first to 20 ~ 40ml/kg, a small number of oral, oral administration of the end of the 4 hours, after any time oral, how much to drink.

2 sugar salt water: preparation method: boiled water 500ml (1 pounds of wine bottles) + sucrose 10g (2 tsp) + fine salt 1.75g (a flat beer bottle half). Dose regimen.

3 oral rehydration salts (ORS) (newborn carefully), should be a small number of feeding, children under the age of 2 every 1 to 2 minutes to feed 1 small spoon about 5ml; older children can directly drink the cup. If the child vomiting, stop 10 minutes later and then slowly feed to the children (every 2 to 3 minutes to feed a spoon). The degree of dehydration is not obvious, the ORS dilution is twice as large as that of the conventional one, that is, it is usually diluted with 500ML water, which is increased to 1000ML. This water can also be used to wash milk (milk powder for diarrhea), want to drink how much to drink, pause all other food.

Other available treatment: smecta, adsorption, bacteria and pathogenic toxin fixed, and then excreted with the feces, and has hemostatic effect. Probiotics, the effect of acute diarrhoea is not ideal, not for routine applications, suitable for persistent and chronic diarrhea was associated with intestinal flora disorder in children. Racecadotril (enkephalinase inhibitor, racecadotril) caused the virus to a row of large water diarrhea, may have the effect.


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