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Traditional Chinese medicine for treating infantile diarrhea with Chinese traditional medicineDiarrhea is the most common diseases in childr


Traditional Chinese medicine for treating infantile diarrhea with Chinese traditional medicine

Diarrhea is the most common diseases in children, especially in infants likely to suffer from this suffering, has occurred throughout the year, the highest incidence in summer and autumn. Infantile diarrhea is caused by a group of multiple pathogens and multiple factors increased stool frequency and stool change characteristics of common pediatric diseases, often accompanied by fever symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea in TCM which belongs to the category of. The main symptoms of diarrhea is the increased frequency of defecation, stool pond is thin Egg & vegetable soup or the water sample. Because of diarrhea most easily damage the fluids of righteousness, loss of treatment often lead to dehydration, removal of dangerous gas liquid exhaustion.

The spleen and stomach because the child development is not yet perfect, digestive function is weak, so whether the six exogenous pathogenic factors, or may lead to improper diet, spleen and stomach disorders and diarrhea. If diarrhea occurs repeatedly, can cause malnutrition, developmental disorders, etc.. According to statistics, diarrhea in developing countries is the first cause of death in children. In our country, infantile diarrhea is one of the four diseases. Due to the prolonged course of diarrhea in children showed malnutrition, such as weight, thin, pale, anemia, accompanied by a variety of vitamin deficiency, diarrhea in children to diet therapy and etiological treatment.

Recently encountered a lot of chronic diarrhea, persistent diarrhea in children, most of them are from 6 months to 1 years old, are colleagues or parents friends here, many have pulled watery stool or bloody mucus, virus check positive or white blood cells, red blood cell number +, after comprehensive treatment, some use of antibiotics (Pei Feikang, smecta, probiotics MAMIAI, etc.), the replacement of lactose free milk for a long time, due to the flora disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, there are still repeated diarrhea, a pale or sallow complexion, no spirit or bad appetite, through diet guidance, through TCM treatment or massage in children the treatment, achieved good curative effect, this is western medicine cannot be compared, some agents take effect one by one, but five or six elderly medicine cure diarrhea, but the number of dollars to tens of dollars fee. However, parents and friends are in no way to think about the person or the trial of Western medicine, but the fear of our ancestors left us valuable experience, that the child is so small can not eat Chinese medicine, feed in, will not hurt the kidney and so on saying, let me speechless, but I still can, with doubts of traditional Chinese medicine the theory of simple, can be said that Chinese medicine is a natural therapy, fundamentally solve the problem. Zhang Zhongjing, Qian Yi and other famous physicians about treatment of diarrhea have a lot of valuable experience worth learning. Here are some basic theory about diarrhea, want to give parents friends some guidance, detours. In addition to western medicine treatment outside to consider Chinese medicine therapy, to recuperate the baby's body from the basis, both baby disease good fast, hope that all babies are less sick, healthy growth

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of children with diarrhea "trick" - syndrome differentiation and treatment is never the same rule.

The main type of diarrhea

Is cold damp diarrhea stool not smelly, smelly little and sour, mainly because of the cold evil invasion caused by, such as eating cold things cold or kicking quilt

Damp heat diarrhea performance is defecate foul, children around the anus red, is mainly due to eating too much greasy food and sweets, food caused by

Jiuxie showed loose stool, accompanied by undigested food. Whether cold or damp heat physique children are likely to lead to deficiency of the spleen, after sweating

Diarrhea due to improper diet and children overeating, stool and foul, exudes a rotten egg smell, often accompanied by undigested food

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