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In the event of some diseases in children, often no obvious, recently we had a 4 year old girl Qiaoqiao, because in recent months cough, the


In the event of some diseases in children, often no obvious, recently we had a 4 year old girl Qiaoqiao, because in recent months cough, the spirit is not good, her mother took her to the hospital, took no abnormal chest X-ray, the mother thought was bronchitis. Went to the pharmacy to buy some antibiotics and cough medicine for her; did not expect Qiaoqiao cough did not improve, also appeared vomiting and diarrhea. Grandma hastened to our Medical College First Affiliated Qiaoqiao for injection treatment, the day I just on the clinic, I suggest that the doctor has suggested to do a sinus CT scan check the results, because the cough is arch-criminal Qiaoqiao sinusitis, after active treatment, Qiaoqiao discomfort symptoms are gone, just because parents careless delay the child's treatment.

Is mainly due to not perfect development of pediatric sinus sinus mucosa, tender, and immune function in children with low allergy is more sensitive than adults, poor ability to adapt to the outside world, the incidence of sinusitis in children is much higher than in adults; in addition, because children do not wipe nose, and it is difficult to accurately describe the clinical manifestations of the disease, sinusitis is not typical, easily missed in recent years, Misdiagnosis; many pediatric experts found: sinusitis in children has become the second leading cause of chronic cough in children. To this end, people should attach great importance to.

When the damage in children with sinusitis far more serious adult, the nasal mucosal swelling mechanical blockage often leads to proliferation face and formed sinus and maxillofacial dysplasia in children mouth breathing; hypoxia cause headaches, memory loss, behavior and mental retardation, seriously affect their physical and mental health. However, parents do not have to be too nervous, sinusitis in children can be prevented, parents should pay attention to enhance children's body resistance, avoid cold and cold, not in contact; pay attention to vitamin A, C food supply, in order to enhance mucosal immunity; let the children game in the fresh air environment, appropriate physical exercise in addition, the education of children; don't put a foreign body into the nasal and nasal breathing.

If the parents found that children with the following conditions, should go to hospital for treatment for pediatric department of ENT or doctor: 1, often runny nose, especially yellow green pus; 2, after absorbing a large number of mucus or purulent secretions accompanied by nausea, vomiting or loss of appetite; 3, recurrent sinus and nasal bleeding or nasal obstruction; 4. Unexplained recurrent "cold"; 5, sore throat, tonsil hypertrophy; 6, headache, dizziness, fatigue, lazy; 7, the cheek near the nasal side of tenderness; 8, chronic cough and sputum; 9, asthma medication often, poor effect. As long as the parents of children in the presence of the above symptoms in a timely manner, we can reduce the pain of patients, but also reduce the incidence of complications.


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