The prevention and nursing of infantile diarrhea

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The prevention and nursing of infantile diarrheaInfantile diarrhea, also known as infant indigestion, is a kind of acute gastrointestinal dy


The prevention and nursing of infantile diarrhea

Infantile diarrhea, also known as infant indigestion, is a kind of acute gastrointestinal dysfunction in infants and young children. In the summer season, the highest incidence rate. The disease is treated properly, the effect is good, if not timely treatment can occur serious dehydration, water electrolyte disorder, endangering the lives of children. How to restore the health of children with diarrhea as soon as possible, parents care is very important.

Prevention and nursing

Good health habits: 1 training parents to help children develop good health habits, do not eat cold food is not clean, washing hands before and after meals, wash laundry, cut nails, do cleaning utensils, toys.

2 diet care: breast feeding in children during the diarrhea should not be weaned. Mother's diet should be light, wipe the nipple before feeding, as far as possible to let the children eat breast milk before eating easy to digest, avoid eating the last part of the milk containing more fat. Artificial feeding of children should reduce the amount of milk or milk powder to reduce the concentration of fermented milk, rice soup, Soybean Milk etc.. Every time the bottle should be washed and boiled disinfection, wash milk before washing must wash. Diarrhea in children under 6 months suspended solids, more than 6 months of children continue to maintain accustomed foods for easy digestion and absorption of food, the food fresh and clean, small meals, to be improved after the diarrhea gradually transition to the normal diet. In the normal stool after 1 weeks, began to add complementary.

3 note: dress according to climate change, change clothes, abdomen keep warm, avoid hot or cold, not for a long time nursing hip, so as not to catch a cold in children.

4 skin care: the delicate skin of infants and young children, and children with stool acidic strongly stimulate the skin, light buttocks skin redness, severe skin ulceration, erosion, children often because of pain and crying. Therefore, in each of the children after each stool immediately with warm water bath, try to keep the perianal dry. Frequently changing diapers to prevent ascending urinary tract infection, diaper rash and hip infection.

5 to prevent cross infection: infectious bacteria caused by diarrhea, should pay attention to disinfection and isolation, to prevent cross infection. During the illness and less or not in contact with other healthy children, is waste clothes to be washed and sterilized, so as to avoid duplication and cross infection.

6 observing the condition: children with stool traits, number, quantity, color, the parents to do dynamic observation, once the condition changes, such as the children urine volume decreased, such as red buttock timely inform the doctor, let children get treatment for the first time.

7 keep fresh air: indoor ventilation 2 times a day to maintain good indoor air circulation, can reduce the chance of infection.


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