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Anemia is a common disease in women. Anemic women such as pregnancy, often aggravate symptoms of anemia, and even affect the development of


Anemia is a common disease in women. Anemic women such as pregnancy, often aggravate symptoms of anemia, and even affect the development of the second generation, this is because of pregnancy increased blood volume, which increased plasma than red cells increased much diluted blood, if hemoglobin decreased from 100 g / L for physiological anemia, generally after childbirth, hemoglobin rose gradually to normal the level of. If the hemoglobin decreased to 100 g / L, red blood cells in the 330 x 1012 / L less, for pathological anemia. Mild anemia has little effect on pregnancy, severe anemia due to blood oxygen carrying capacity is reduced, the placental hypoxia resulting in placental villus degeneration, necrosis, hemorrhage and infarction cause fetal asphyxia, severe cases can lead to premature birth or stillbirth. Due to placental insufficient supply of blood and oxygen, also affect the growth and development of fetus, newborns born to maternal anemia because of blood iron reserves are low, even at birth, no significant lesions, hemoglobin in the normal range, but because of insufficient reserves of iron, often shortly after birth will appear poor blood phenomenon.

Mild anemia, in addition to pale skin and mucous membrane, there are few other obvious symptoms. Serious illness, often with stomatitis, glossitis, skin and hair dry, hair loss, sallow complexion, edema, fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, shortness of breath, poor appetite and other symptoms. When the hemoglobin fell to 50~60 g / L, the heart increased significantly. Severe anemia, due to myocardial hypoxia, heart disease can occur anemia in pregnancy or childbirth prone to heart failure.

For the anemia of pregnant women, should eat iron rich foods, such as liver, lean meat and fresh vegetables, but also to correct the gastrointestinal diseases in a timely manner. Even if the non anemic pregnant women, but also easy to produce symptoms of anemia, so that pregnant women with anaemia, pregnancy after the anemia symptom will be more serious, so when the sacred mission of married women were determined to take the mother, should check whether they are suffering from anemia disease, early detection and treatment of anemia is an important measure to protect the health of mother and infant.

From the "280 days of fetal education reading every day", Hebei people's publishing house, 2007, edited by Wang Xinliang


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