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Pediatric ophthalmology started late in our country, many parents do not know about eye protection and common eye disease in children. Chief


Pediatric ophthalmology started late in our country, many parents do not know about eye protection and common eye disease in children. Chief physician Zhao Chen specially taught little trick two, hope to help the parents found the child has no early eye amblyopia

Distinguish: early childhood children amblyopia visual inspection, annual mydriatic optometry

Amblyopia eye refers to no organic disease, or have changed and refractive matter abnormalities, but its lesions do not adapt to the decreased visual acuity and continuous correction or corrected visual acuity of less than 0.9, can occur in one or both eyes.

Normal children's vision should be: 3 years of age, visual acuity of about 0.4; around the age of 5, visual acuity > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >; age of 6 years old; vision > > > > > > 0.7. 6 years of age or older, there is not much difference between adults and adults. The difference between two eyes should not be > the 2 line.

The parents began to teach the visual acuity in children at the age of three, the annual summer vacation with children to the eye mydriatic optometry. Children optometry, especially the first optometry, the best method is adopted in mydriatic refractometry. The purpose is to relax the eyes with ciliary muscle, remove eyes to adjust itself, make the eyes completely relaxed. This will be able to detect the true refraction of the child's eyes. To restore the normal size of the pupil, after a test, according to the degree of two can accurately know the child's eye refraction.

Before the age of six is the golden age for the treatment of amblyopia. The smaller the age, the better the effect of treatment, not only a short course of treatment, but also a high cure rate. The older, the worse the treatment. More than 12 years old, more than visual system development period, the vast majority of patients can not get satisfactory treatment effect. After adulthood, there is little hope of curing amblyopia. Amblyopia treatment, focusing on early detection of early treatment.

Strabismus discrimination: alternating cover method combined with abnormal head position

Some children because of nasal dysplasia, strabismus may skew is not obvious, or no strabismus, looks like there are strabismus. Parents can not only look at the appearance of the child to determine whether the child with strabismus.

Parents and children face to face, with the left hand holding a flashlight shines on the level of child eyes is central to the nose, the child eyes the pupil center will be a reflective point. Asked the child to look at the front of the natural light, parents with their right hand quickly cover the child's eyes alternately, to ensure that each time the child only one eye to see the lights. In this process, the parents need to carefully observe the child's pupil reflex area of the pupil is moving. If you find a larger range of light spot moving, the best time to bring the child to the eye for investigation.

In addition, if the child is in the outdoor light often narrowed eyes, or often used, face, chin up head to head a special visual camera, parents need these scenes to collect good information, and timely to bring their children to the ophthalmology clinic. Family history of strabismus parents should pay more attention to the child's eyes.

Strabismus treatment time is critical. Some types of esotropia around the age of two years to correct early prognosis is better, the older, the more difficult the recovery of binocular vision. Early onset of esotropia if not at the age of five when the development of binocular vision is not completely correct eye position, it is almost impossible to restore binocular visual function. (small forward finishing)


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