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Visual acuity visual acuity (Vision): visual acuity (Visualacuity), also known as the center of vision, is the ability to identify the small


Visual acuity visual acuity (Vision): visual acuity (Visualacuity), also known as the center of vision, is the ability to identify the smallest objects. The visual function of the fovea. Visual examination is the most basic and important method to understand the visual function. [Objective] to understand the visual function and the adjustment function of the eye. For the diagnosis of eye diseases, especially for the diagnosis of light. [method] (1) distant vision examination: (1) vision table: 5m or 5m vision is called far vision. Commonly used international standard visual acuity chart and logarithmic visual acuity chart. The chart should be placed in a place where there is sufficient light or light. The 1 lines of the visual acuity chart 5m. from the visual acuity meter should be at the same height as that of the eye. The two eyes were checked, the general examination of the right eye, after the examination of the left eye, from top to bottom, pointed out that the "E" shape of the direction of the opening of the standard, to say that the smallest line of sight marked a record, that is, the examination of distant vision. For example, the right eye 1.2 (logarithmic visual acuity of 5.1), followed by the left of the 1.5 (logarithmic visual acuity of 5.2). The normal visual acuity was 1.o (XQ 5.o). The person who wears the mirror must measure the naked eye vision and wear the mirror to correct the vision. [corresponding relation between 4.o standard logarithmic visual acuity chart and far vision of international hit] (o.1) 4.1 (0.12) 4.2 (0.15) 4.3 (0.2) 4.4 (0.25) 4.5 (0.3) 4.6 (0.4) 4.7 (0.5) 4.8 (0.6) 4.9 (0.8) 5 (1) 5.1 (1.2) 5.2 (1.5) 5.3 (2) (2) to identify 0.1 (visual acuity, logarithmic visual acuity 4) allow patients to chart the direction gradually moved closer, until O.1 recognized so far. According to the distance from the conversion of vision, such as 3M can see O.1, then vision is 3, 5x0.1=0.06. That is, according to the formula V=d / D, V for vision, D is normal to see the distance of the line, D was picked up to see the distance of the line. (3) index: close to the 1m can not identify the 0.1, then the number of fingers to record their identification index.


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