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Patient: you gave me calcium gluconate, written instructions on a 1-4 tablet, 3 times a day, in my situation, how much time to eat the appro


Patient: you gave me calcium gluconate, written instructions on a 1-4 tablet, 3 times a day, in my situation, how much time to eat the appropriate piece? In addition, I also want to ask, what is the kind of person, what kind of person is not suitable for calcium? (I think the elderly and children of pregnant women and other groups, calcium deficiency is that right? People with allergies and heart disease patients to get calcium?)

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: Yes, the dose range of calcium gluconate is wide, you can take 4 tablets after a meal, once a day, or two tablets two times a day, sometimes calcium dry stool, pay attention to eat more fruits and fiber foods. You are right, the elderly and children of pregnant women are to calcium, iron, zinc, for people with allergies, hypertension patients can be appropriate supplements, oral calcium or relatively safe. Heart patients should pay attention to oral calcium, calcium is safe, can enhance cardiac contractility, can be calcium, but most of the patients of coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and vascular tension high cases, according to the specific circumstances. Not blindly. In most cases, calcium is good for heart patients. The body has a self balancing effect on calcium.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: for people with allergies, calcium can relieve allergic reaction, but is generally administered intravenously.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: calcium is the regulator of the activities of human life, is the source of human life. Calcium in all stages of growth and development of life, from childhood to adulthood and even the elderly are shouldering important physiological functions, is to ensure that human health and longevity is an essential element. The calcium in the body, a bone, into the framework of the body; on the other hand to form calcium ion in the body's physiological function and metabolism, especially in recent years, with the development of molecular biology, especially the discovery and study of calcium binding protein further reveals a new chapter in physiological and biochemical processes of human body calcium ion participation. Calcium binding protein is a kind of high specificity, high affinity and high affinity, reversibly and calcium combined with protein, widely exists in the inside and outside of the cells, the calcium with different affinity to feel or to participate in the regulation of calcium ion concentration, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, nerve muscle excitability, capillary the permeability, improve microcirculation and leukocyte phagocytosis, activation of enzyme, hormone secretion and other physiological functions and metabolic process of catalysis, start-up, transport, secretion, regulation of normal physiological function to maintain the body circulation, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, digestive, blood, muscle, bone, urinary, the immune and reproductive system, maintain the normal physiological state of human cells, shouldering the second messenger, is involved in almost all life phenomena and variety The physiological and pathological process is the regulator of life activities. A person's life must maintain a normal level of calcium, in order to ensure the health needs. No calcium, life will stop; calcium deficiency, life will be obstacles, the disease will occur. Calcium is a kind of healthy fashion today, but a lot of people are often affected by commercial publicity, not science, blindly calcium, or less effective, or The loss outweighs the gain. The experts suggest that calcium supplements should pay attention to the following points: calcium and vitamin D supplementation to without the involvement of vitamin D, dietary calcium absorption of human body has not yet reached 10%. In addition, vitamin D also promote renal calcium reabsorption and regulating the blood calcium level function. The source of vitamin D in the body is taken from the diet, two of the skin is synthesized by ultraviolet irradiation of sunlight. In winter, people rarely go outdoors, and the amount of vitamin D in the skin is reduced, so it should be added in order to maximize the absorption of calcium. This is particularly important for the elderly. Don't take for a long time the activity of calcium activated calcium is a mixture of oyster shell calcium and other aquatic shells after high temperature low fever and refined, with calcium hydroxide, the heavy metals index is very high, the corrosion is also relatively strong. Some people have done experiments, the mice to take active calcium, resulting in death, found after dissection of intestinal congestion. Therefore, when taking a large dose of active calcium often cause nausea, vomiting and stomach pain and other adverse reactions, long-term active calcium can also be seen in the normal function of the stomach. Calcium is the best fatty acid and oxalic acid with general plant foods between two meals containing more fat, while acid and oxalic acid and calcium ions can be combined into insoluble calcium salt, can not be used by the body and excreted. Animal foods contain a lot of fat, and too much fatty acids can be combined with calcium ions into a calcium stove, can not be used by the human body. As a result of the above two kinds of reasons, takes the calcium preparation in the dining time can cause the human body to the calcium absorption rate to drop and causes the waste, therefore only then takes the calcium preparation in between the two meals only then to be possible to guarantee the calcium to better use. Calcium in patients with diabetes should pay attention to what? Patients with diabetes due to lack of insulin, the body has been in a state of high blood sugar, when a large number of sugar containing urine excreted in the body, a large amount of calcium and phosphorus will be lost from the urine. This is mainly due to the reduction of calcium and phosphorus absorption by the kidney, and the lack of insulin in the synthesis of proteins in the presence of obstacles, reduced bone tissue function, reduced bone matrix formation. In addition, vitamin D synthesis requires the participation of insulin, insulin deficiency will appear to reduce the body's synthesis of vitamin D, vitamin D deficiency will lead to calcium and phosphorus absorption and metabolism disorder, so the diabetes patients are generally associated with ossification, bone material easy to reduce malnutrition and osteoporosis. It can be seen that diabetic patients need more calcium than normal people, to maintain the health of bones. Patients with diabetes should be no less than one gram of calcium per day, and the right amount of vitamin D. Supplementation of calcium is also beneficial for pancreatic cells to secrete insulin and regulate glucose metabolism. Excessive calcium supplement can cause hypercalcemia? The human body is capable of automatically adjusting the balance ability, when the blood calcium concentration rises, calcitonin will promote calcium stored into the bone, the concentration of calcium ions in the blood to maintain the normal level; when the blood calcium concentration decreased, parathyroid hormone will support the calcium in the bone in the blood, with elevated serum calcium. In addition, the human gut, kidney, skin and other organs can also regulate calcium balance, for example when calcium levels rise, the amount of urinary calcium excretion by the kidneys will increase, and will be reduced, so that more calcium does not cause hypercalcemia. Achlorhydric calcium should pay attention to what achlorhydric people are taking some calcium will feel stomach discomfort. This is because a separation of calcium ions in the stomach acid to calcium into the body, because the food into the stomach can stimulate gastric secretion of stomach acid to digest food, so people should take achlorhydric supplements after meals, in order to reduce stomach discomfort. You can also use the citric acid and malic acid adjusted the taste of calcium products, or use a cup of fruit juice to take acid calcium.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: can obtain sufficient calcium, will affect women's health. But closely related to calcium and estrogen levels. Estrogen is to maintain the physiological function of women is a prerequisite for female characteristics. Estrogen in women not only to promote and maintain the female reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics of the effect on the body's metabolism endocrine immune system. The cardiovascular system, bone growth and maturation. The skin also has a significant impact. Therefore, for women, only when estrogen levels are normal in order to fight against and prevent the outflow of calcium from the bone, which should complement calcium estrogen. Especially in ovariectomized or after the age of 45 women. Estrogen the level is normal by the hospital laboratory examination. If you know than the low levels of estrogen, [in] should be under the guidance of a doctor for estrogen On behalf of the treatment, can prevent menopause and postmenopausal bone loss

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: WHO to develop a standard for the average daily intake of calcium intake was 800 mg per day, the adult diet, most people in our country is not reasonable, the mean daily calcium intake from the diet was 400 mg of calcium in the body, so the lack of common disease after entering menopause. The rate of osteoporosis increases. 5% elderly women and there are about 90% elderly men suffering from this disease, the incidence increased 10 years age for women than men, especially in postmenopausal women 5-10 years is more obvious.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: study confirmed that the male 32 years old, after a 28 year old female, with a 0.1% - year bone calcium decrease rate of 0.5%. At the age of 60 to 50% reduction of bone calcium, then prone to osteoporosis. In addition to the use of some hormones can slow down the reduction of calcium, there is no other better way to prevent bone calcium. The density of bone is the mineral content, the most important element is calcium. High and low bone density, It differs from man to man. Bone density is high, although the same reduction, but because of a good foundation, can delay the occurrence of osteoporosis. Research shows that only about 35 years old in this period, in order to make the mineral content reached the highest value in bone. After 35 years old, the whole body physiological function began to decline. If in the past 35 years to the attention of puberty is the best period of calcium calcium.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: the human skeleton is the largest repository of calcium and phosphorus, the total weight is 65%-75% in skeletal bone, and bone salt is composed of calcium and phosphorus mainly composed of two elements in the human body, the total of about 1000 grams of calcium, 99% of which are stored in the bone. While the body of calcium in the bones and constantly in bone and blood for dynamic flow, when the intake of calcium is a part of the excess calcium through the urine excreted, part of the calcium is stored in bones; when the intake of calcium deficiency and bone calcium into the blood, and then excreted in the urine. The dynamic process of calcium is regulated by vitamin D and is regulated by the endocrine system of the human body. Estrogen has an antagonistic effect on parathyroid hormone excretion of calcium, when the level of estrogen in women decreased, this ability to weaken, so the bone calcium will flow into the blood, and then excreted from the urine. Therefore, women are more prone to calcium deficiency. Women enter the closed period, estrogen began to decline, so osteoporosis has become a common chronic Department of orthopedics disease in the elderly women. A series of health, psychological, economic, family and social problems brought about by fractures caused by osteoporosis has become a major social problem that will enter or will soon enter the aging areas and cities.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: whether inorganic calcium or organic calcium (except calcium amino acid) ingested after gastrointestinal are dissociated into calcium, then intestinal absorption, ionic calcium absorption mode is almost all currently on the market supply of calcium, calcium is also traditional for decades and they have the following characteristics: 1, suitable for absorption in the acidic environment, so a better absorption of duodenum and jejunum, then intestinal alkaline, calcium can not be dissolved, it is difficult to absorb; 2, vulnerable to interference in the diet of oxalic acid, phytic acid composition, absorption effect. Effect of calcium absorption is the most important factor in the "1.25 dihydroxyvitamin D". This is the food of vitamin D and human skin in the "7 - dehydrogenation cholesterol" after the sun exposure, and then the synthesis of vitamin D3, and then in the liver, especially in the kidney by the formation of hydroxylation reaction. It promotes calcium absorption in the small intestine and even in the colon. If the body lacks "1.25 dihydroxy vitamin D, only 10% of the absorption of calcium. If the supplement of vitamin D, and synthesized "1.25 dihydroxy vitamin D in the liver and kidney, calcium absorption rate will increase to 60 ~ 75%. Thus, promote the absorption of calcium, different types of calcium preparations is secondary, the main body is "1.25 dihydroxyvitamin D" content is rich. The homes of the elderly, patients with renal disease, due to the lack of "1.25 dihydroxy vitamin D, can easily lead to calcium malabsorption and deficiency, and the incidence of fractures. Postmenopausal women, due to lack of estrogen, can affect calcium absorption and lack of. In addition, growth hormone and parathyroid hormone deficiency, also can affect the absorption of calcium. People do not play, such as long-term bed rest, paralyzed patients, long-term astronauts in a weightless environment and easy to calcium deficiency, osteoporosis and fractures. Affect the balance of calcium in the body, the most important is not the rate of digestion and absorption of calcium, calcium is not excreted from the stool. This difference is only 25% between various calcium preparations. Calcium is the most important loss in urine, generally 50%. If you have a high level of salt in your diet and eat a lot of animal protein, calcium is lost in the urine. Foods such as spinach, rape, which contains a large number of oxalic acid or phytic acid, will affect the absorption of calcium in the diet. Cellulose generally does not affect the food, but the wheat bran will affect the absorption of calcium. The diet containing fat, phosphate, magnesium, caffeine plenty of food will affect the absorption and excretion of calcium. Antacids used for treating gastropathy, if they contain a lot of aluminum will increase the excretion of calcium and calcium in bone deposition effect.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: taking large amounts of calcium, such as the daily use of 4000mg can lead to calcium poisoning: such as bone and calcium deposition of renal injury of severe hypercalcemia. Even lower than 4000mg, in people who are more sensitive to calcium, high calcium and high blood calcium, especially those with vitamin D deficiency, are more likely to develop calcium poisoning. The clinical trial took 1500mg calcium every day, and no adverse reactions occurred in 4 years. Some clinical observations also found that taking 1500mg, but also reduce the formation of kidney stones. But people with a history of kidney stones who take high calcium may increase the risk of kidney stones. A large number of calcium intake will affect the absorption of iron, especially the source of calcium and calcium lactate is dairy products. Calcium citrate and calcium citrate does not affect the absorption of iron and can promote the absorption of iron. A large amount of calcium intake may also affect the absorption of antibiotics. High doses of calcium can lead to gastrointestinal disorders, constipation is more common, and can rebound high gastric acid. However, if the dose of calcium is not high, this problem will not occur. Therefore, the highest intake of calcium can not exceed 2000 ~ 2500 mg.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: pregnancy deficiency symptoms: symptoms: 1 leg cramps: at 5 months pregnant can occur at night, often prone to. However, although some pregnant women in vivo calcium deficiency, but not for leg cramps, easy to overlook calcium. 2 symptoms: loose teeth: calcium is mainly composed of human bones and teeth hard tissue, calcium deficiency can cause tooth enamel abnormalities, reduce the ability of anti caries, hard tissue structure is loose, if pregnant mammy feel loose teeth, may be calcium deficiency. 3 symptoms: pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome: hypertension during pregnancy and the occurrence of calcium deficiency have a certain relationship, if you have been plagued with gestational hypertension, maybe you should alert. 4 symptoms: joint, pelvic pain: if insufficient calcium intake, in order to ensure the blood calcium concentration maintained in the normal range, in the role of hormones, maternal bone calcium will be released, causing joint, pelvic pain. Effects of maternal fetal calcium deficiency calcium deficiency on fetal congenital fetus have rickets, not enough calcium, it is prone to congenital laryngomalacia, when neonatal inspiratory, congenital cartilage curling and throat contact, very easy to block the opening of the larynx, and produce snoring, which is very unfavorable on neonatal health. More importantly, the fetus after birth is insufficient calcium intake, prone to craniotabes, side, before the abnormal fontanelle closure, beaded ribs, chicken breast or funnel brain rickets. Tips: 1, a small number of calcium calcium effect rather than a lot of calcium absorption effect. When eating calcium, can choose a small dose of calcium tablets, two times a day or three times a day. The same 500 ml of milk, if divided into 2 ~ 3 times to drink, calcium is better than 1 times all drink. 2, choose the best time of calcium calcium and oxalic acid, phytic acid easily combine to affect the absorption of calcium, so the best time is before sleep, calcium should be between two meals. Pay attention to the distance to sleep for some time, it is best to rest for half an hour after dinner, because the calcium in the morning after midnight and the lowest, the most suitable calcium. 3, bone soup is not the best way of calcium with 1 kg of meat bone soup for 2 hours, the amount of calcium in the soup only about 20 mg, therefore, calcium bone soup with meat is far from satisfying the needs of. In addition, fatty meat bone soup in the volume is very high, the soup is also consumed the fat, pregnant mother can not take this as the only way to supplement oh. 4, while the amount of calcium supplement vitamin D vitamin D can regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism, promote the absorption of calcium. In addition to taking vitamin D, can also be synthesized by way of the sun in vivo. As long as you can get enough vitamin D per day for more than half an hour in a sunny outdoor activity. But overdose will cause loss of appetite, fatigue, arrhythmia, side effects such as nausea and vomiting. 5, calcium is not the more the better Mommy will make excessive calcium, calcium deposition in the placental vascular wall, caused by aging of placenta, calcification, secretion of amniotic fluid is reduced, the birth of the baby head is excellent. As a result, the baby can not get the full nutrition and oxygen provided by the mother, the head will also be able to improve the production process, the baby's health is threatened. Therefore, calcium supplements should be scientific, do not blindly too much calcium. The 1 factors affecting the absorption of calcium, oxalate, spinach, amaranth, bamboo shoots and other vegetables: after pregnancy, many pregnant mother began to pay attention to eat more fruits and vegetables. However, some astringent vegetables contain oxalic acid, oxalic acid can combine with calcium to form insoluble precipitates in the gut, affect the absorption of calcium. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat vegetables, fruits 500 to 750 grams a day. These vegetables can also be the first boiled water, remove the astringency after cooking. 2, phytic acid, rice, flour, rice and flour containing phytic acid, combined with calcium in the digestive tract, which can not be absorbed by the body of phytin, greatly reduce the body's absorption of calcium. Therefore, pregnant Mommy can first rice with the amount of warm water to soak for a while, so most of phytic acid in rice phytase and decomposition; fermented pasta can also secrete phytase hydrolysis of phytic acid in wheat flour, to avoid affecting the body's absorption of calcium. 3, phosphate - carbonated drinks, cola, coffee and hamburgers: under normal circumstances, the body of calcium: phosphorus ratio is 2 to 1, however, if the food pregnantmammy excessive intake of carbonated drinks, cola, coffee, pizza, hamburgers, French fries and a large number of animal liver, phosphorus, calcium. Phosphorus ratio as high as 1 to 10 to 20, so that too much phosphorus to calcium rush out in vitro. 4, sodium salt: too much salt intake of pregnant mothers affect the body's absorption of calcium, but also may lead to more loss of calcium in the human skeleton. This is because the salt contains sodium, and kidney every day the excess sodium excreted per 1000 mg of sodium excretion, will also consume 26 milligrams of calcium. So pregnant mother diet or light based. 5, fatty acids - fat foods: fat decomposition of fatty acids (especially saturated fatty acids) in the gastrointestinal tract can be formed with calcium insoluble matter, so that the absorption rate of calcium reduced. Therefore, pregnant mothers should be reasonable arrangements for meals, do not eat too greasy things.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: ovarian chocolate cyst postoperative calcium, and mainly used to prevent the recurrence of drugs, such as enantone, its role is to inhibit the function of gonadal axis, drug-induced ovariectomy, hope that through this action, or prevent peritoneal ovarian endometriosis recurrence, but clinical the recurrence rate is very high. Enantone and other drugs can lead to endogenous ovarian hormones, estrogen deficiency leads to loss of calcium, calcium deficiency, so it should also be. Good calcium supplement, generally preferred music, or Caltrate D etc.. Better effect.

Patient: Professor Wang, hello ~ ~ again moved by you, on calcium, you take back so many posts, with good oh!! Thank you I believe these posts are useful not only for me, but also for the benefit of others. The last time you gave me Chinese medicine lotion, really super good, with a time there was a distinct feeling, a few days later the condition has been significantly improved, (*^__^*) hee hee...... But I use traditional Chinese medicine lotion is not very understanding, only know to use wash rinse, then bath, but the medicine against how much water (ultramicro, I used to be lazy, ha) wash bath time how many, how long? Is there a general data, so as to give full play to the purpose of drug treatment? Are there any precautions? Thank you

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: the use of Chinese medicine ultra, with boiling water can be washed. But it is best to wash the medicinal herbs decoction. Because of the decoction of medicinal herbs for a longer time, sterilization and leaching of the pharmaceutical ingredients will be better, and unnecessary drug residue is less, the effect will be better than the ultramicro. Wash wash: 3~5 minutes; bath: 10~15 minutes; don't add water too much to bath to properly. General package of medicine can be mixed with 2000~3000ml water. Because it is a traditional Chinese medicine powder, so try not to let the dregs into the body, if it is medicinal broth, there will be no residue after filtration. Water washing with medicine. There's nothing else to notice. Those drugs are several aspects: 1, antibacterial; 2, anti allergy; 3, anti-inflammatory; and 4, phytoestrogens. So, the effect will be very good. At present all kinds of medicine lotion, after washing, discomfort, mainly to wash away the protective film of the human body, so the dryness obviously, lead to the decline of local resistance, but more susceptible to infection. This lotion prescription on me, with a side effect of many years, almost all people all say good.

Patient: Professor Wang: hello! For a long time did not come to your personal website, found a lot of friends, really lively ah! Thus, you have a lot of fans ~ ~ the last detection of cervical congestion and severe cervical erosion, halo ~ ~ with a good medicine after a little. For this problem, I feel strange: one is to do a gynecological examination during hospitalization, discharge certificate mentioned only one end is at the time of cervical cervical tip, no problem, or without the examination; the two is that the disease is associated with the I played Nored; three is will affect my pregnancy (Nored has finished the three needle, after one or two months may be normal menstruation, all doctors want me to conceive as soon as possible). Thank you Happy mid autumn festival!

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: 1, chronic cervicitis is one of the most common problems including, for women, cervical erosion, cervical hypertrophy, cervical gland cyst, cervical polyp, laceration and other conditions; the cervical erosion is the most common lesions are relatively shallow, according to the area is divided into several degrees; 2, moderate for not a big problem, and semen related stimuli, smegma and other factors; 3, Zoladex has little effect on cervicitis, mainly used the drug after vaginal decreased local resistance will be susceptible to bacterial growth, and so on; 4, chronic cervicitis can promote the repair of interferon preparations, ignoring the effect to pregnancy after the birth of a child; and physical treatment of cervical erosion, one-time cure, do not worry; 5, menstrual recovery as soon as possible after the pregnancy; 6, thank you, I wish you and your family a Happy Mid Autumn Festival !

Patient: Professor wang! Last week found that there are mycoplasma infection, Internet access to investigate the causes of infection and cure, there are a few questions: 1, in order to be safe, I will take my husband to check whether the infection, I would like to ask him what to do? 2, like I was in a race with time to catch a pregnant person, really can not afford to waste time, and I am only strong resistance, and we can use azithromycin, and what do you have two three pronged approach to take medicine injections. This annoying infection as soon as possible to cure? 3, cure about how much time? 4, how long will it take to get pregnant? 5, how to prevent recurrence? Thank you

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: 1, can you please check to see whether Mr. male semen had mycoplasma infection; 2, do not worry, the general treatment of mycoplasma infection is 10~14 days for a course of treatment, after finishing josamycin menstrual cramps after, check to see if the negative; 3, menstrual recovery after pregnancy, mycoplasma infection will increase the difficulty of pregnancy, now timely treatment, avoid intrauterine or pelvic mycoplasma infection, you now use Zoladex, genital weak resistance; resistance is not your body, but your drug resistance of mycoplasma infection is strong, suggesting that drug sensitivity is not sensitive to a variety of drugs; 4, the recurrence rate is high, the recent negative time after pregnancy; 5, don't put in the mind, belong to a small problem; oral drugs can;

Patient: Professor wang! Come again, that you have been surrounded by beauty mates, so I just retreat. I have been eating Josamycin Tablets for two weeks, no what special feeling, this time did not dare. When would it be convenient for me to check it? (Zoladex needle has a month, has not resumed menstruation)

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology: Wang Ruoguang can, don't take the medicine; after two weeks to review; small problems without tension;

Patient: Professor wang! This time has been in the use of gold partner and calcium gluconate. But I heard that prospective pregnant women to take folic acid in advance, I need it?

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology: Wang Ruoguang, pharmacy sale, according to the minimum dose that taking.

Patient: Professor wang! The good news: I've been diagnosed with Mycoplasma infection!! Thank you, Professor wang!! Ask a few questions: 1, as a result of the time did not return to menstruation, in order to insurance, 3-7 days after menstruation to do a Chlamydia Mycoplasma examination, right? 2, the gynecological examination, the doctor said that my cervix is moderate erosion, last month, I used the manual reorganization, from moderate to severe treatment to the present, and now need to use it? 3, of the folic acid problem, my online inquiry, pregnant day 0.4 mg of folic acid can be, but added that the more the body is not good, only two kinds of folic acid pharmacy, a 5 mg tablets, for the treatment of anemia, the other is a pregnant woman 0.4 cents g a folic acid, can I eat the weekdays at the gold partner, there was little folic acid, if pregnant women eat folic acid, whether excessive? 4, during the period of Zoladex need calcium, now also need to continue to calcium? Thank you

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: 1, can not check, also never mind; 2, proposed to continue to use, will be very good for cervical; if there is no inconvenience, can be used longer; 3, folic acid can be used 0.4, do not fill line; lack of fill with gold can be useless; partner; this is not the problem worthy of attention; before 4, menstruation is not restored, continue to make good;

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: estimated menstrual recovery time is not long, in the recovery of menstruation, there may be pregnant;

Patient: Professor Wang: hello! Today to see a doctor, you are really too busy! See you particularly busy, do not have the heart to ask too much, but fortunately there is such a platform. Recently, my husband called to eat spirulina, said to be particularly good for the body, I would like to ask whether you can eat, there is no recommended brand? Recently, my stomach is not good, or diarrhea, or two days without defecation, at night, a little stomach indigestion, flatulence, you said this performance and relevant menstruation, what is a what? At the time of ovulation is about the same, I'm super agree, but also if in doubt, non ovulation intercourse, whether be pregnant? Or can not meet the requirements of my husband? Thanks! Teach you a lot of work, but also pay attention to diet and rest oh!

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: 1, Spirulina is exaggerated, as well as a variety of vitamins and trace elements compound tablets (such as 21 Jin He); 2, you eat some Xiangshayangwei pills, morning should have told you; 3, yes, when to break up the follicle, with the most fertile;; non ovulation intercourse, of course not pregnant; 4, thank you.

Patient: Professor Wang: hello! Recently there has been a slight cold, the symptom is not apparent, today turned serious, mainly is sneezing, stuffy nose and cough, dare not eat cold medicine, because they do not know what is pregnant, I ask how to do? In addition, my dormitory of a small girl raised a mouse, I would like to ask what will be the impact? Because I heard that the bacteria on the pet is very easy to infect people, especially pregnant women. Thank you

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: upper respiratory tract infection, call me tomorrow; you can use some medicine and safe antibiotics. The mouse should be careful to stay away from some, there are indeed a lot of viruses, only isolated line.

Patient: Professor Wang: hello! In November 30th December 1st 11, ovulation, intercourse, pregnancy examination of blood, that human chorionic gonadotropin was 5.18 (reference value less than 10), should not be pregnant. But since December 13th, obviously feel the vulva pruritus, leucorrhea become more and show partial yellow, is it the vaginitis? So far, menstruation has not come yet. Thank you

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology: Wang Ruoguang should immediately after the existence of the vaginitis;

Patient: Professor Wang: hello! Due to the delayed menstruation, yesterday and this morning, I used to test the two consecutive days with early pregnancy test paper, are pregnant! Body temperature has been maintained at 37 degrees. You give me the medicine, said that if no pregnancy can promote the menstruation comes, if pregnant can tocolysis, so I have been eating, good pain. The last check leucorrhea is three degrees, and accompanied by itching, so you open the Fupu lotion I wash, three days, the effect is good, but later found that pregnant women should not use lotion that, given the pregnancy test results, I started not used since yesterday. I would like to ask: do you need to go to the hospital for diagnosis of pregnancy? Chinese medicine still need to eat? Lotion can not use it? These two days occasionally stomach pain, especially the stool is not very normal, or a little diarrhea, or a little constipation, I do not know whether the Chinese medicine? Another need to pay attention to what?

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: should be early, good,

Patient: Professor Wang: hello! Confirm the early pregnancy after, except for a little bit of retching, lethargy and other early pregnancy reaction, and now still feel stomach indigestion, greatly, and a little constipation. I have morning and evening to drink honey, during the day and drink plenty of water, eat one or two fruits, subconsciously reduce appetite, eat more vegetables and less meat, is there any other way to improve this situation?

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: so that you can, eat more vegetables, drink milk; after three months of good;

Patient: Professor Wang: hello! School doctor gave me elevit Vitamin Complex Tablets, do I need to drink milk powder for pregnant women? Drink milk will be lit, will aggravate constipation? Thank you

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: good to drink milk, not aggravate constipation; milk more nutritious than milk; vitamins can be used;


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