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This article is reproduced from "Weida medical medicine" jingwei.Deep sympathy, so turn to this.The story of Tongji veteran, academician of


This article is reproduced from "Weida medical medicine" jingwei.

Deep sympathy, so turn to this.

The story of Tongji veteran, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Qiu Fazu in a patient after a number of hospitals later at the old old Qiu Qiu clinic, asking the history to do a physical examination of patients. After checking the patients very excitedly said: Mr. Qiu, I saw nearly ten hospitals, you are only a doctor touch my stomach! This story tells us that the first is human medical science, at the moment to see the hospital patients, treatment began.

The development of modern medicine makes medicine branch gradually refined, such as a varicose vein of patients suffering from severe diabetes and high blood pressure may go to the hospital, Department of Endocrinology doctor told him I can help you to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure problems but you have to go to the Department of Cardiology specialist to solve; heart physicians help him adjust blood pressure, then advised him to go to vascular surgery clinic treatment of varicose veins. From one department to another, the body may be a specific organ and tissue diagnosis and treatment more specific and professional, but the patient's mood is very complex fatigue.

Medical specialization, medical technology change rapidly, however, in the medical environment, patients are more like a cell, tissue or organ, can take medicine to him, to give him an injection, to his surgery, but patients with mood and spirit is rarely used and perceived, but more humanistic care in modern medicine less lopsided. Medical high-speed operation of the information age, both doctors and patients as the pipeline. The finished product is full of toil, rational, lack of warmth.

In fact, the sick person, the doctor is to look at the people, and then see a doctor. A person with his living environment, work and rest rules, diet, mood and other aspects have a great relationship, there must be a certain aspect of these problems, causing the disease. For example, patients with anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders, the use of drugs alone and do not care about the cause of these symptoms of social and psychological reasons, it is difficult to cure. Therefore, the development of medicine to today, it is necessary to return to the essence of "human". Focus on the person, not the cure of a single disease".

Specific to the medical service, is to give patients more care, so that they feel valued and respected, to help them improve their physical condition, improve the quality of life.

(global medical editor: Wu Xing)

Another article is also good, turn

On advantages and disadvantages of people make friends doctor's life make many friends, with friends, friends, friends, for ladies...... Multiple number. Have you ever thought about making friends with a doctor? What is your doctor's friend? Can a person who has a doctor friend understand them better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of making friends with doctors?

The disadvantages of making friends with doctors

Doctors can have many friends, but it is difficult to make friends with doctors. Doctors don't have the habit of chatting with friends. Even parties are usually late. A friend about his dinner, dinner or leave early or their patients said something, call the hospital. For a friend's wealth, promotion, he did not have much interest, it seems that there is no patient whether he has a fever, postoperative exhaust is more important. People died as a friend, and the doctor is to give a friend a patient.

You go to the doctor, nine out of ten to fall. In the clinic, he won't be free; in the laboratory, he can't come out in the operation room, he can not come out. Want to go to his hospital is a number, give you good, don't let him accompany you back.

The doctor can receive the patient or family a stack of sheets of name card, which are high, Taiwan, wealthy, but he rarely bother. He seldom gives you a business card! Other people say goodbye is really want to see you, but who would like to say goodbye to the doctor? The doctor lives boring, no interest, in addition to the medicine, do not know can think of something, what to say......

So don't make friends with your doctor.

Doctor friend

However, doctors have their own philosophy. At least he is honest and sincere to his friends, but also a professional instinct. He little snobbish, whether elderly and the poor, ugly, he will not abandon with care, because he is good at the perspective of life, respect for humanity and personality. He doesn't care too much about his attitude of others, or being close, for example today profusely, behind tomorrow to forget, even betray. He is able to understand the nature of human beings, and even the cell and the base. He is too aware of the defects of human reason and reason, emotion and emotion. The doctor's tolerance, kindness, kindness and kindness are beyond the reach of other professionals.

The doctor will be naughty and humor, on the table, he talked about the heart liver spleen and lung, regardless of outside looking carnivorous food and medicine was still terrified, open and enjoy as if it were malt sugar meal. However, he will tell you the secrets of disease prevention, weight loss, "clean" and "dirty" scientific boundaries.

The doctor, people rarely ask for trouble, love light as water is not Zimingqinggao, friendship between gentlemen, sometimes also for hunting. True friends, the event of emergency events, in particular to a cure, but he resolutely, and help in the end, but also count every minute and second, "follow" results.

So it's good to have a doctor friend!

In this regard, how do you see? Would you like to be friends with your doctor and try to understand them?

(global medical editor: Chang Lu)


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