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Pre pregnancy diet nutrition notes about what to eat before this problem, there are no authoritative unified answer, but one thing is for su


Pre pregnancy diet nutrition notes about what to eat before this problem, there are no authoritative unified answer, but one thing is for sure, you eat, eat more is not equivalent to eat well, arrange the daily diet scientifically, to achieve comprehensive and balanced nutrition ratio, this is the most important.

What should be pre -

1 calcium

Now, most of the women have already had the scientific concept of calcium after pregnancy, it is gratifying. In fact, before calcium is also necessary, but it is not enough female friend. Due to the influence of diet, most people are in a state of calcium deficiency, which is extremely unfavorable for women who are about to be born. Your baby's bones and teeth development cannot do without calcium, calcium deficiency during pregnancy will bring great harm to the mother and fetus, ladies must want children began to lay a good foundation for calcium from pregnancy.

In addition to eat beans, shrimp, seaweed, edible fungus, hairtail, milk and other foods rich in calcium, calcium supplement every day pregnant best to adhere to 200~300mg. However, every quasi body situation of pregnant women is different, in calcium to go to hospital for detailed examination, the doctor asked a specific opinion.

2 folic acid

Three months before pregnancy to oral folic acid remarks believe ladies must not strange, indeed, this is the highlight of pregnancy. Lack of folic acid mothers are likely suffering from cleft lip, neural tube disease, congenital disease gave birth to the baby, but he still had the risk of pregnancy induced hypertension, anemia and other diseases, which shows the important status of folic acid.

In general, green leafy vegetables in the folic acid content is particularly high, such as spinach, asparagus, etc.. There are also contains the nutrients of animal organs, such as liver, kidney etc.. Calcium and similar drugs, oral folic acid is necessary. In general, folic acid on the human body does not have a particularly serious harm, but the long-term intake of large doses will bring some negative effects, so in the supplementary folic acid before the recommendations of the professional advice of female physicians.

3 iron supplementation

Iron deficiency anemia plagued many mothers, often dizziness, poor appetite, palpitations and other symptoms, very uncomfortable. Pre pregnancy recommended iron supplement ingredients: liver, egg, pig, black fungus.

4 zinc

Fetal brain development starts earlier, and the fast development of zinc related should be started before pregnancy supplement. Zinc rich foods include: oysters, lean meat, liver, walnut and so on.

5 supplement protein and other vitamins, trace elements

Pregnancy is a complex phenomenon that involves a variety of nutrients, in addition to the above four kinds of stress, protein, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients intake should be balanced, the best state will be adjusted to the pregnant body.

The best pregnancy can not eat what.

1 spicy food: spicy, such as Sichuan etc..

May cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, defecation difficulties, may continue until the pregnancy.

2 high glucose and high salt food: such as bacon, sausage, canned food etc..

May lead to metabolic disorders, pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes and other symptoms.

3 alcoholic beverages: red wine, white wine, vodka, etc..

May affect the fetus's intelligence and heart development caused great harm, must begin to prepare before drinking.

4 foods containing caffeine, such as cola, coffee, tea, etc..

May have an impact on the quality of pregnancy and eggs, the possibility of threatened abortion after pregnancy may increase.

Note 1 adjust the schedule before life, to ensure adequate sleep

For women who are planning to get pregnant, it is important to have a scientific and healthy lifestyle. Only enough sleep every day, the operation of the body organs and hormone secretion will not be disrupted, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of pregnancy.

2 adhere to exercise

Will be likened to a pregnancy is not a physical activity, the stomach will grow up every day, this is a mother who is not a small challenge, insist on physical exercise is very necessary. Sports that can be tried include yoga, walking, jogging, etc.. In addition, the significance of the exercise is to improve physical fitness, relax, but also to a certain extent, increase the chance of conception.

3 give up unhealthy habits

Smoking, drinking, staying up all night, these decadent habits are absolutely not allowed, all may affect the health and the chances of pregnancy must be banned.

4 maintain a peaceful mood

Pregnancy is a very natural physiological phenomenon, women made people do not be too impatient, as long as the conditions are met, the baby is coming, but may be less effective psychological burden is too heavy.

5 calculate the best time to conceive

In general, the best time to get pregnant is the day of ovulation in each physiological period. But taking into account the survival time of sperm and eggs, in the first four days of ovulation and five days after the possibility of sexual relations after winning the lottery is relatively high, these ten days is often referred to as a dangerous period.

Basal body temperature measurement method is relatively feasible and scientific prediction of ovulation by measuring the temperature of magic, resting daily morning wake up and draw the graph, we can clearly see the general trend of temperature in each physiological period. Generally speaking, before and after the basal body temperature suddenly went up 24 hours is the day of ovulation.

6 not to take medicine

The side effects of each drug can not be learned in detail, but they are likely to affect the stability of the environment and the health of the reproductive cells, pregnant women are not allowed to take medicine.

Suffering from chronic disease and long-term medication taking drugs will please name accurately inform the gynecologist in the preparation of pregnancy, consult their recommendations. If you encounter a sudden illness, you also need to be prepared to take the initiative to inform the pregnant physician, and asked them to consider medication.

The pre inspection notice usually in the three months before pregnancy to six months to do physical examination is more appropriate, and the best two couples in check. After all, pregnancy is a matter of two people, male friends do not face the things caused by long-term regret.

Women's major projects

1: you can find all kinds of blood disease and blood disease as soon as possible.

2 urine routine: determine the health of the kidney.

3 reproductive system examination: investigation of the presence of various genital organs lesions.

4 off: the main abnormal inspection check may cause abortion or fetal distortion of Toxoplasma, rubella and cytomegalovirus.

5 liver function: as soon as possible to confirm whether the mother with hepatitis or hepatitis virus, ready to block the work of maternal and child.

6 endocrine examination: the main investigation of ovarian diseases.

7.ABO hemolysis: mainly for hemolytic disease of the newborn.

8 chromosome examination: the main examination of chromosome associated with genetic diseases.

9 oral examination: the exclusion of tooth gums of various diseases.

Women need to inject the vaccine

1 need to advance the injection of 9 months, including: rubella vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine

2 need to be injected in advance of 6 months, including: varicella vaccine

3 to 3 months in advance of injection include: influenza vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine

* major male inspection items

Including blood routine, urine routine, liver function, chromosome, urinary system examination, semen examination etc..

Before father note 1 diet

Sperm is mainly made up of proteins, so it is necessary for people who are working hard to produce more high-quality protein. Beef and mutton, lean meat, fish and other food to eat. In addition, seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables is also very important, they are rich in vitamins and minerals.

2 aspects of life

Like women, men made during in the course of preparation should also pay attention to the rest of life, to go to bed early, not smoking and drinking clubbing, eliminate all possible damage to the body and affect sperm motility things, to ensure that their body is good enough. Of course, to make and maintain a stable state of mind is very important, but the baby naturally, may give you unexpected surprise.

3 Dress

The models are tight pants, jeans are not suitable for children to male friends, this style of dress will bring great pressure to the reproductive organs, affecting the normal development of the testis, greatly reduce the activity of sperm, the odds of conception. In order to make plans, recommend men choose cotton clothes wearing loose tone, sport can also show the charm of its own


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