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After the end of World War II, WHO had to check the local war hungry newborn, found that if a girl was born with a low birth weight, her chi


After the end of World War II, WHO had to check the local war hungry newborn, found that if a girl was born with a low birth weight, her child was born when there will be a similar situation, her grandson (female) was born as the situation appears easily, is the grandmother effect".

"Grandma effect" generally speaking, when you are with your mother's grandmother, her womb nutrition determines your mother give birth to you, your body mass and disease, such as diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases; another point of view, is that you are not likely to get chronic disease in 40, at the age of 50, when there is a part in your granny gave birth to your mother's decision.

1990s, British David

Professor Barker has conducted a series of studies, results show that the lack of nutrition during pregnancy has important effect on offspring cardiovascular disease, hypertension, abnormal glucose metabolism, central obesity and dyslipidemia were a series of diseases, the research by the world's attention, so that the medical profession pay more attention to the research on nutrition and metabolism on fetal development and build a pregnant women nutrition during pregnancy and offspring health building. The nutritional status of pregnant women is not only nutrition intake during pregnancy, but also depends on the nutritional status of pre pregnancy nutritional status of pregnant women, reserve, to play a significant role in the eugenics. Fetal planning is a systematic project, both husband and wife to adjust the body and mind after a good pregnancy, in order to ensure the greatest possible future physical and mental health. Therefore, planning should begin to prepare for the pre pregnancy fetus.

Pregnant women must develop good eating habits to ensure that the fetus and themselves can get the best nutrition. Change is crucial in early pregnancy, embryo development is very rapid, nutritional status in pre pregnancy development depends, therefore must play a good nutritional foundation.

At the same time, should also be concerned about the future of his father's diet and other habits. Some evidence suggests that few edible fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C or in pregnancy weeks excessive drinking of genetic material may damage sperm, resulting in congenital defects of offspring.

Why is the nutritional status of the mother before pregnancy so important?

The main reason is that it determines the uterus in the first month of pregnancy to ensure the healthy development of the placenta. The only requirement for the fetus is the normal functioning of the placenta. If the placenta is not functioning properly, there is no alternative source of nutrition, the fetus can not live. The placenta is a cushion structure that is used for the material exchange between the mother and the fetus. Although the blood vessels of the two vessels will not mix, but the mother's blood in the nutrition and oxygen can be transported into the fetal blood, while the waste discharged from the fetal blood is eventually discharged from the mother. The placenta in material transportation is not a passive, he is a very active metabolic organ and has about 60 sets of enzymes. He is active in the collection of hormones, nutrients and protein molecules such as antibodies and other diseases into the fetal blood. It also produces hormones to maintain pregnancy and prepare for breastfeeding.

In the process of placental development, if the mother's nutritional reserves are not enough, can not produce normal placenta. The result is that no matter how good the pregnant women eat, the fetus can not get adequate nutrition supply. The output of the baby may be very light weight, easy to get sick, to have such a poor life starting point, even in the adult children have nutritional deficiencies not normal, if a girl might grow up from placenta unhealthy, unhealthy birth baby.

Of course, not all low birth weight is a sign of malnutrition. Other factors include genetic, disease status, smoking, and the effects of drugs (including alcohol) during pregnancy. Even though the nutritional and health status during pregnancy is good, some unknown causes may also contribute to the development of low birth weight infants. However, malnutrition is still the main cause of birth weight, but it is usually avoidable,.

Pay attention to pre pregnancy weight

Women should be pregnant women should strive to achieve the best weight before pregnancy. This is especially important for women who are underweight. It's dangerous to keep low birth weight babies because they can't keep up with weight during pregnancy. The baby's birth weight is one of the most important signs of a baby's future health. Babies weighing less than 2500 grams are known as low birth weight babies, who are nearly twice as likely to die within one year after birth than those with normal weight. Therefore advise women to hire weight as much as possible to achieve a proper weight before pregnancy or during pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies and with lower birth weight is the root cause of children under 5 years old in the world of death.

For obese women, be sure to achieve a healthy weight before pregnancy. Babies born to obese women are generally older than other normal or late born babies. If it is premature, the baby may not be treated as a premature infant without special care from the medical staff. Maternal obesity also doubles the risk of neurological deficits in infants. In addition, obese pregnant women are more likely than normal weight in pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus, hypertension and infection after childbirth, and drug midwifery delivery may be greater, sometimes also need surgery. For obese women pregnant, a low enough weight to achieve the best to reduce the medical risk in pregnancy.

How to pre pregnancy nutrition

(1) increase protein intake

Protein is the basis of human life, is the brain, muscles, organs, the most basic nutrients, accounting for 10% of the total heat of 20%, for couples who have planned pregnancy, protein intake should be increased. Usually 1 kilograms per kilogram of body weight per day, and now have to add to 1.52.0 grams, it should be more meat, fish, eggs, milk, soy products, etc..

(2) eat more calcium rich foods

Calcium is an important component of bones and teeth, the amount of time required to be pregnant 2 times. Pregnancy without adequate intake of calcium, easy to make fetal calcium deficiency rickets, convulsions. Pregnant women due to calcium loss can be too much osteomalacia, convulsions. Before the start, is good for the pregnancy, and the calcium stored in the body a long time, so should eat more fish, milk, green vegetables and other calcium rich foods.

(3) eat more iron rich foods

Iron is an important component of hemoglobin. If iron deficiency anemia. Rapid fetal growth, every day about 5 milligrams of iron absorption, and blood volume of pregnant women than nonpregnant 30%, which is increased by an average of 1500 milliliters of blood, if iron deficiency anemia in late pregnant women prone. The iron in the body can be stored for 4 months, 3 months in the pre start iron is very good. The number of iron containing foods are milk, pork, egg, soy and seaweed, can also be used for cooking pot.

(4) vitamin supplements

Vitamin is not only essential for human growth and development, but also the normal reproductive function needs. The mouse experiments show that, if the lack of vitamin can result in infertility, stillbirth, deformity, slow growth and development. Human vitamin deficiency has the same situation, not pregnant, pregnant easily also has defects, such as skeletal dysplasia, weak resistance, anemia, edema, skin disease, neuritis, abortion, premature birth and stillbirth may also influence, or uterine contraction, cause dystocia. So before you consciously add vitamins, more meat, milk, eggs, liver, fruits and vegetables etc..

(5) folic acid supplementation

Folic acid deficiency can cause giant cell anemia, increased incidence of fetal malformations, and even hydatidiform mole, neurological defects, etc.. In the first half of pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor or direct supplementation of folic acid eat liver, green leafy vegetables, Cereals, flowers, beans, especially has born deformed children of women, pregnancy and early pregnancy folic acid, can effectively prevent the occurrence of fetal malformation.

(6) zinc supplement

Zinc is an essential component of the essential enzymes in human metabolism. Can affect the growth of zinc deficiency, the short stature, and affect the female reproductive system, not to menstruation, azoospermia and oligospermia. Pregnancy should eat more zinc containing foods, such as fish, millet, Chinese cabbage, mutton, chicken, oysters etc.. The role of the male in the process of the next generation is the sperm provider, will no longer take responsibility. So compared with pregnant women, male pre pregnancy nutrition is more important. Men in the first half of pregnancy should be added to some of the growth and development of sperm nutrition food, such as zinc, protein, vitamin A and other minerals such as copper, calcium and so on.

In general, in the first 3 months of pregnancy, both husband and wife should try to eat eat, ensure reasonable nutrition and balanced nutrition, specific indicators is good: the couple have a certain weight increase, but not too fat.

If you want to get pregnant, then according to the physical condition of individuals, pregnancy early diet, if you wait until after pregnancy and attention, that is too late. Different women, because of the differences between individuals, in the pre pregnancy nutritional supplement, diet, start time, nutrition content, plus the amount of the number of other issues, can It differs from man to man.

The physique nutritional status of women in general, during the 3 months to six months, will begin to pay attention to diet, sufficient intake of daily quality protein, vitamins and minerals, trace elements and the amount of fat, these nutrients are the material basis of fetal growth and development.

High quality protein is easy to digest and absorb the protein, such as chicken, duck, fish, lean meat, shrimp, eggs, tofu, soy products, etc.; vitamin A, D, C, B. Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, including calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, iodine is the most important. Calcium and phosphorus on the formation and development of fetal bone and teeth, iron on the hematopoietic function, zinc, iodine on the intellectual development of the fetus and prevention of deformity, have a direct relationship. Milk, egg, bone soup, animal liver, shrimp, aquatic products, nuts, contain such material. Moderate intake of fat can help the absorption and utilization of fat soluble vitamins.

Physically weak, poor nutritional status, pre pregnancy diet is more important, the best in the 1 years before pregnancy should pay attention to. In addition to the above content should be enough nutrition, should also pay attention to overall nutrition, not a partial eclipse, picky eaters, collocation should be reasonable, pay attention to cooking, but also pay more attention to change the taste, should be gradual, not anxious, pre pregnancy nutrition achieve better condition.

The body fat, good nutritional status of the people, in general, does not need to increase nutrition, but the quality of protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements intake is still not less, just should eat less fat and sugar foods containing high.


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