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In recent years, the intensification of the contradiction between doctors and patients has led to serious injuries, and even lead to the dea


In recent years, the intensification of the contradiction between doctors and patients has led to serious injuries, and even lead to the death of doctors. As we all know, the medical knowledge of the human body and disease is not enough, a lot of the state of the body is unable to predict the doctor. In this case, if the doctor-patient relationship is good, the patient fully trust the doctor, then the doctor will play the greatest potential, the most extreme medical behavior. Conversely, if the doctor-patient relationship is very poor, doctors afraid to assume responsibility, afraid to complain, it must be overcautious, the treatment is not complete, will affect the overall effect in the treatment of.

Today, a patient from the hands of death came back to hospital. The morning rounds, with her husband to me a deep bow, and said: Thank you, Doc, saved us.

This is the case.

Patient hole lady, although only 44 years old, but the history of diabetes in the past 20 years, diabetic nephropathy has renal failure, nearly a year of high blood pressure, the highest blood pressure in the hospital reached 180/100mmHg. 4 years ago, the patient was diagnosed with uterine fibroids, which grew to 10*10cm over a period of 3 years. 3 months ago, shiwumohu hospital, Department of endocrinology in our hospital diagnosed as type 2 diabetes mellitus, diabetic nephropathy, chronic renal failure, the uterine leiomyoma like 5 months of pregnancy, anemia, hemoglobin only 6 grams, multiple seeking to surgery, have been rejected. Have no choice but to go home. A month ago were again bleeding, when patients were sent to us and a ward, she has pale, shortness of breath, unable to stand up. At this time, only 2 grams of hemoglobin, doctors can not imagine that she is still alive. Blood tests were performed in addition to anemia, creatinine more than and 600, urea nitrogen, and severe edema of the lower extremities in more than and 20.

Immediately after the hospital to think of measures to quickly stop bleeding, not only have to stop bleeding, but also consider not hurt the kidney. Because of chronic renal failure and cardiac function in patients with water retention, this is not very good, only a day when the fourth day 400ml blood transfusion, blood transfusion, or heart failure, but then the hemoglobin is only 5 grams. Because of economic reasons after the patient has been no dialysis, blood transfusion, blood volume increases, renal drainage disorders, so the heart failure. Anti heart failure dialysis. Until the lost 2800ml blood hemoglobin to reach 8 grams, if not surgery, after a few days, menstruation, blood volume, but will again anemia; surgery, you know, heart, kidney, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood coagulation, can imagine the difficulties in the operation. As a doctor, such as basketball big fibroids, so poor physical condition, surgery in the end how much risk can be imagined. If the doctor does not have the ability to take risks, if the patient does not fully trust the doctor, if there is no good doctor-patient communication, I do not think I would like to do such an operation. Finally in the hospital consultation, multidisciplinary collaboration, lawyer witness, anesthesia group in director Qi Sihua personally led the women department director Han Shiyu doctor group completed the operation. One week after the operation, the patient was discharged today. Looking at patients with slightly ruddy cheeks, happy smile, walk freely, we also care the smile.

In clinical practice, the establishment of a good doctor-patient relationship is conducive to the protection of medical work, to create a harmonious and relaxed medical environment, can promote the development of medical services. In my opinion, in order to deal with the relationship between doctors and patients, we must first respect the rights of patients, improve the doctor's ability to communicate with language, explain the disease and risk clearly, and constantly improve their own quality and business ability.

To my doctor team, asked them: to have good medical ethics and compassion, such as to reduce pain, shorten the treatment time, achieve the best curative effect of patients; pay more attention to spiritual comfort and care; strictly regulate the operation and excellent skill; for patients and patients alike, become friends; resolutely put an end to all the delays, mistakes and accidents caused by the lack of sense of responsibility, get the patient's trust and respect. From the aspects of patients, medical personnel should respect, special, high professional, high risk understanding of their work, patients should be aware of the individual differences of different; should give doctors a correct understanding, actively communicate with doctors, understand the disease outcome, a correct view of the disease; patients do not respond to medical staff rude, and even disrupt the normal work the hospital order, make the law. Under the joint efforts of doctors and patients, harmonious doctor-patient relationship will bring benefits to human health.


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