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In talking about cancer today, a good news exciting is that some breast and gynecologic cancer does not mean death. If you can find early, i


In talking about cancer today, a good news exciting is that some breast and gynecologic cancer does not mean death. If you can find early, in the first time to get positive treatment, the possibility of cure is very large, and some can even reach 100% radical.

Disease usually has an early signal, if you pay attention to it in time, will avoid some irreversible loss:

A, hypothyroidism cold beauty, suddenly become wordless.

The thyroid gland is a small organ in the neck, but its function is not to be underestimated. It secretes a very important hormone, thyroxine. If thyroxine secretion is reduced, simply, the body can not convert food into sufficient energy, resulting in many symptoms. This is sometimes due to drugs or surgery, but it can also occur after a severe weight loss.

Early signal: cold, fatigue, loss of appetite, but no weight loss, memory decline. Some women will appear menstruation, or even amenorrhea. There will be serious apathy, wordless, skin and hair become dry. "Hyperthyroidism" not only thyroid angry, it can make your mood extremely low; temper has suddenly become elusive, you want to take a few days to gentle but involuntarily, anger has become a part of your life, 5 life problems caused by thyroid anger.

Two, breast cancer -- the most terrible bumps often feel no pain

If you often enjoy the mirror after the bath, while doing their own breast examination, it is a good habit! However, if one day, you found a lump in the breast, do not be nervous, because the vast majority of breast lumps are benign.

Early signs of breast cancer, the most terrible of the masses, often without the slightest pain, it is relatively hard texture, smooth surface, clear boundary, but not easy to promote. Breast cancer often appears on the right side, and half in the upper part of the breast.

If you feel the bumps smooth, easy to promote, it may not be breast cancer, but also go to the hospital to do a check.

Breast self-examination - women should learn to self-examination of the breast, so that the problem can be found in a timely manner to solve problems.

Three, cervical cancer - menstrual bleeding outside

The peak incidence of cervical cancer in 35 ~ 55 years old. The incidence of cancer in China accounted for second.

Cervical smear is a kind of early detection method in gynecological examination.

Early signal: vaginal bleeding after sexual or gynecological examination, called contact bleeding.

Four, hydatidiform mole - like pregnancy

The chromosome of the hydatidiform mole is abnormal, it can not develop into a fetus, but only in the uterus to form a pile of grape like tissue.

Early signal: there is nothing like the normal pregnancy, but then, the hydatidiform mole is broken and bleeding occurs in two cases. The period from menstruation to bleeding was 12 weeks on average, up to a maximum of up to 37 weeks.

Therefore, if you suspect that you are pregnant, in addition to self inspection, but also must be as soon as possible to early pregnancy clinic examination.

Five, diabetes - more sweating, more thirsty

If you do not get diabetes control, will bring a lot of harm: high blood glucose in the blood can cause systemic vascular damage, leading to the formation of a large number of thrombosis, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, foot ulcers, impotence, blindness and so on a series of serious problems.

Diabetes is a genetic disease, twins, if one person is sick, the possibility of another person is as high as 50% to 90%.

If you have one of the following circumstances, you should go to the hospital department of endocrinology to do regular checks:

(1) parents, brothers and sisters who have diabetes.

(2) there was an increase in blood glucose during pregnancy or during major surgery.

(3) it is easier to sweat and thirst than the people around you.

Six, acute cerebral thrombosis -- and suddenly fameng"

Early signal: in fact, acute cerebral thrombosis before the onset of some signs can be captured.

The most common is a transient exacerbation of cerebral ischemia, also called the TIA. attack, someone will suddenly Mongolia, what moment seems to not remember; some feel dizzy, but a sudden in the past; and the front of a black, unconscious, but quickly recovered; or suddenly speechless. These are the performance of transient brain ischemia, indicating that the cerebral vessels have been narrow, high risk of thrombosis. At this time, if timely medical treatment, it is possible to avoid tragedy.

Seven, coronary heart disease is heart disease, toothache

Early signal: some people will be the first to appear under the toothache, but in fact, this is due to cardiac ischemia, affect other parts of the pain caused by nerve; others left arm slight pain, leg pain, left shoulder back pain; some people because of stomach pains to the digestive department, the results found in coronary heart disease.

Eight, lung cancer - always cough

The root of all evils are cancer cells from normal cells. Every cell in the body has the potential to become cancerous, and the power to activate it comes in half from the genetic, half from our own infinite desire to expand.

Nicotine, alcohol, high fat diet, not the law of life, these are the culprit ignited cancer.

Lung is the body's vacuum cleaner, and never clean the garbage bag. Automobile exhaust, tobacco, sandstorm...... The lungs of modern people are much dirtier than those of centuries ago. The possibility of smokers suffering from lung cancer is 4 times higher than non-smokers, this is not what happens, but there are many people fought, and.

Early signal: cough, is the kind of a discontinuous cough, no sputum or only a small amount of dilute sputum.

In this case, we should go to the hospital as soon as possible according to the chest X light film, and 5 consecutive days to check the sputum cells in the early morning.


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