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With the increasing incidence of thyroid cancer, thyroid cancer after the operation of 131 iodine treatment has been more and more attention


With the increasing incidence of thyroid cancer, thyroid cancer after the operation of 131 iodine treatment has been more and more attention by doctors and patients. But because of the severity of some patients themselves for thyroid cancer also have not enough attention, or "talk about stereotypes nuclear discoloration", makes a lot of thyroid cancer patients missed the best time of 131 iodine treatment, also missed the opportunity to eradicate tumor cells. Clinical often encounter patients with thyroid cancer recurrence and metastasis in operation after a few years, some patients even when the general transfer only to accept 131 iodine treatment, it is sadly sigh.

In fact, although progress in most cases of thyroid cancer, than other tumor to slow, but it does not mean that resection of the primary tumor can solve all the problems, 131 iodine treatment follow-up is not only necessary, but should be treated as soon as possible.

Good at "latent" cancer cells

Thyroid cancer lesions have a characteristic that it is particularly good at "latent"". It has a long development cycle in the thyroid tissue, and is characterized by bilateral, small, multifocal, and prone to local organ invasion and local lymph node metastasis. Therefore, it is necessary to remove residual thyroid gland after 131 iodine. Such as surgery to find the distant metastasis of thyroid cancer (such as lung metastasis, bone metastasis) or surgery can not clear the lymph node metastasis, it is necessary to clear the metastatic lesions as soon as possible treatment. In addition, 131 iodine treatment is more conducive to the detection of thyroid cancer by whole body 131 iodine imaging and serum thyroglobulin levels.

Research shows that simple thyroid cancer recurrence after resection rate of resection and postoperative radioactive iodine 131 times a 3~5 recurrence rate, 131 iodine removal of thyroid cancer postoperative residual thyroid tissue can significantly reduce the probability of tumor recurrence and metastasis, and reduce the mortality rate.

131 iodine treatment is not as terrible as imagined

In order to eradicate lesions, many patients are willing to accept the 131 iodine treatment, but let them hang back is that whether the radiation "the legend of the atomic bomb" will destroy cancer cells and destroy healthy cells in vivo? Is it possible for your body to withstand this seemingly powerful treatment? 131 what is the side effect of iodine treatment? After treatment will harm the family? After the treatment of patients with fertility function will be affected?

131 iodine treatment is very safe and reliable, no side effects of treatment with that horrible legend, although the 131 drugs for the treatment of radioactive iodine, but compared with the side effects of this treatment than radiotherapy and chemotherapy, without causing serious side effects such as vomiting, alopecia, hematuria. Studies have shown that 131 iodine itself release a small amount of gamma ray, because of its small amount of radiation, the patient's future marriage, birth without adverse effects, and will not improve the probability of other parts of the tumor. In the course of treatment, some patients generally only mild gastrointestinal reactions, neck swelling and swelling of parotid gland and other symptoms, most of them will be relieved with symptomatic treatment, the individual reactions after severe also could ease.

To eat 131 iodine before treatment discontinuation

Because the life of many food and drugs will affect the iodine 131 treatment effect, so the hospital preparation stage before treatment should be 1) stop thyroid hormone replacement therapy; 2) to strictly eat iodine rich foods (such as kelp, seaweed, fish, sea cucumber and shark's fin, abalone, etc.); 3) conditions of patients they should be treated with non iodized salt; 4) CT in February for the anniversary of before treatment (by contrast enhancement will affect the iodine 131 treatment)

If the patient is confirmed to be thyroid cancer after surgery, it is necessary to go to a nuclear medicine clinic, assess the patient's condition by a professional physician, and determine whether the patient needs to be treated with 131 iodine. To avoid careless disease, delay the best time for treatment.


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