Seven strokes to prevent cervical spondylosis

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Cervical disease usually occurs in people's bad habits, such as a long time to maintain an action and so on, spring and summer two season fo


Cervical disease usually occurs in people's bad habits, such as a long time to maintain an action and so on, spring and summer two season for treatment of cervical spondylosis of young people, urban white-collar, mostly due to the seasonal effect on the living habits.

So, in summer, which habits become the main cause of cervical spondylosis workers?

1, high temperature, sleep in turn number increase, resulting in a stiff neck. We should try to keep the indoor temperature is not too hot, in addition to adding a set of pillow mat is also very useful.

2, the weather is hot, irritable mood, cause cervical spondylosis. Research shows that, always melancholy and moody grumpy people susceptible to neurasthenia, neurasthenia affect joint and muscle rest, if things go on like this, neck and shoulder pain easily. In summer, we must pay attention to keep healthy, happy and peaceful mood.

3, the air temperature is too low or the blowing fan, neck cold, induced by cervical spondylosis. Have a great relationship between cervical spondylosis and cold. In the office of summer air temperature is generally very low, especially the seat on air conditioning, or wear suspenders of women, neck and back muscles are easy to catch cold, induced by cervical spondylosis.

4, hot weather, go out to reduce the Internet at home, watching TV time increased, leading to cervical spondylosis.

Experts suggested that it might arrange some local "movement", such as UPS, wipe the windows, overlooking, the full exercise of neck and back muscles, and keep the neck blood flow.

5, day short night, nightlife, sleep loss induced by cervical spondylosis.

6, the summer is easy to make a sleepy, bad posture cervical injury. We often see some commuters on the seat with his head down and fell asleep, not knowing this bed for cervical spine injury is very large.

Experts advise you to take a nap or sleep in the car:

First, do not advocate forward tummy to sleep, can take back lying position to take a rest;

Second, we must find the supporting point for the cervical spine, such as the neck pad a wrapping clothes or belt - neck comfortable pillow.

7, do not use cold water shower, induced by cervical spondylosis.

Tangdu Hospital, The Fourth Military Medical University, Professor Li Weixin remind everyone: hot summer weather, the human body to accelerate blood circulation, joint ligament muscles stretch, it is the best time to treat cervical spondylosis. All kinds of controllable external factors mentioned above to prevent, adhere to the development of scientific life, work habits, the prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis.


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