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In a twinkling of an eye, May 1 International Labor Day is coming, I believe that whether it is to stick to the line of work you are still p


In a twinkling of an eye, May 1 International Labor Day is coming, I believe that whether it is to stick to the line of work you are still preparing for the next step into a new job you are struggling for their dreams. Each stick to the dream, in the ordinary work in the creation of an extraordinary you have to labor day on the day for their own point of praise! For every day of their own to create extraordinary applause. But have you ever noticed that you are suffering from "modern disease" if you work in a busy day?

The so-called modern disease, is a typical lifestyle diseases. Refers to the long life, work and social, economic, spiritual, cultural and other adverse factors caused by physical or mental illness. So today, Tangdu Hospital, The Fourth Military Medical University, Department of Neurosurgery five ward Jia Dong director to introduce the following several people often suffer from the "modern disease" and prevention methods.

1, the typical symptoms of cervical spondylosis: neck pain, palpitation and chest tightness

Many white-collar workers long-term to maintain a posture at the screen, the relationship between work position and posture of the long bow, the long time of the cervical spine in flexion or some specific position, so it is easy to suffer from cervical spondylosis, followed by dizziness, dysphagia, palpitation and shortness of breath symptom of so many people in pain.


1) both supine posture, posture, to correct, not a long time to maintain the same posture, especially office workers, can use water time about the activities of the joint and midway bones.

2) to strengthen the exercise, especially the neck activity, life can strengthen the neck muscles,.

3) try to avoid the phone side of the head with the ear and shoulder to hold the phone, try to use the headset fairy tale. Avoid oppression to the blood vessels and nerves, leading to contraction of the muscles of the neck, easily lead to the occurrence of cervical inflammation.

2, the typical symptoms of lumbar disease: back pain, numbness of lower limbs

Due to the busy work of many workers, the pressure is huge, need to take office every day to deal with the work, so sedentary will lead to a series of lesions such as lumbar disc herniation. There are also some people at work to move, take a heavy object can also cause lumbar lesions.


1) often sit in front of the computer friends must pay attention to exercise the waist, often the waist, prevent lumbar always maintain physical ability, must strengthen the waist abdominal exercises, the purpose of doing so is to maintain the stability of the waist, lumbar protection ability, prevent the occurrence of degenerative changes.

2) should choose a hard bed, inside is full of spring Simmons considerable damage on the spine. Select the appropriate comfortable bedding, not only can sleep comfortably, but also can protect the body joints and ligaments do not hurt.

3. When squatting or bending, be sure to pay attention to the waist.

3 typical symptoms: finger numbness, pain and weakness

Long time or improper use of the mouse, the hand muscles in long-term fatigue, resulting in hand, wrist, elbow joint, shoulder joint and even caused a series of pathological changes and clinical symptoms, pathological changes of the clinical syndrome or commonly known as mouse hand.


1) use the shortcut key tips, left and right hand replaced with using the mouse, using a flexible light mouse, laptops and desktops for the use is a matter of expediency.

2) as far as possible the flat position of the wrist to operate the keyboard, do not bend and do not sag; typing to be opposite to the keyboard, or easy to cause excessive wrist tension.

4 screen face typical symptoms: skin rough, dull eyes

The computer for a long time, resulting in pale, dry skin, and severe acne, some people will be expressionless, muscle stiffness, confused eyes. These are the symptoms of the screen face.

Solution: use the computer immediately wash your face. Away from the screen is the most effective way to deal with the screen face. You can also adjust the indoor light, avoid direct light screen, every 60 minutes to watch the computer to be active for about 10 minutes. In the diet should pay attention to eat more vegetables, fruits, add a variety of vitamin supplements, drink plenty of water. Use the computer to promptly clean skin, use a mild skin care, give the skin moisturizing, try not to make-up.

5, restless heart symptoms: inexplicable anxiety, easy to get angry

Full of excessive, long-term, vague anxiety and worry, but without a clear reason, fast rhythm of life for modern people's heart has become more and more anxious.

Solution: read more books, listen to music, more exchanges, but also a good psychological adjustment methods, read more books, read good books, can enhance self-cultivation, guide the improvement of psychological quality. Listen to music, lively, happy music not only can give a person and enjoy the influence, but also the spirit of people to effectively relax.


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