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Parkinson is that we often see the disease, the disease occurred after the body will give us a serious impact, so we need to pay more attent


Parkinson is that we often see the disease, the disease occurred after the body will give us a serious impact, so we need to pay more attention to the disease, so what the early symptoms of this disease have occurred? Here we take a look to know!

The onset of Parkinson's disease is slow, early symptoms are not very obvious, and there are individual differences, generally divided into the following four cases:

1 static tremor. Tremor is often the most early onset, usually unilateral finger rub pills like movement, followed by development of the ipsilateral lower extremity and contralateral limb in stationary involuntary rhythmic shaking, transform position or movement, can reduce the symptoms or stop. Tremors can be aggravated by mood changes.

2 muscle rigidity. Early from the beginning of a unilateral limb, patients feel joint stiffness and muscle tension. Affect the facial, will appear dull face mask face; affect the trunk and limbs and knee flexion posture "three".

3 slow action. The upper limb of the early stage of fine movements slow, such as the Department of shoelaces, buttons, and other actions than before a lot of slow, and even can not be successfully completed. Writing has gradually become difficult, handwriting bending, the smaller the write, known as "lowercase". The initial difficulties, once walking step, leaning forward, step and going faster and faster, can not stop, namely "festination". In March, the upper side of the upper limb of the coordination of the swing to reduce or even disappear; turn difficult, so that the use of a number of small.

4 other symptoms. Sometimes the patient will appear with language reduction and droning, dysphagia, salivation, sleep disorders, depression or other symptoms of dementia.

Years of clinical observation results show that, to take different treatment behavior, Parkinson disease patients with significant difference:

1 in the early onset of patients receiving reasonable treatment, the vast majority can delay the development of the disease, the condition is relatively stable, life can take care of themselves.

2 although the treatment, but often interrupted patients, most of them can not be a good control of the disease, the disease will be repeated and varying degrees of aggravation.

3 patients who developed to the late stage of treatment, the condition is often very serious, the existing treatment methods to improve the disease is also very limited, patients usually have obvious disability.

4 in the rapid progression of the disease in patients with solitary and eccentric life, so a large proportion of closed. And family care, cheerful, more social interaction, the higher the proportion of disease control stability, indicating that family care is essential.

What the early symptoms of Parkinson's disease have? I hope you can really understand, after the emergence of the disease and the best found timely treatment, so as to ensure our health, so we can continue to live a healthy life, I wish you a happy life!


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