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Which symptoms suggest Parkinson's disease (1)City Third People's Hospital neurology director Wang Shouyong, Xu JianyangThe onset of Parkins


Which symptoms suggest Parkinson's disease (1)

City Third People's Hospital neurology director Wang Shouyong, Xu Jianyang

The onset of Parkinson's disease is slow and the initial symptoms are often ignored. However, the following symptoms of the elderly, to a timely manner to the Department of Neurology, to determine whether or not Parkinson disease.

Tremor: tremor (Chan Dou) are often the earliest signs of Parkinson's disease, most patients will appear in the disease process, usually from the beginning of one side of the distal upper limb, with the thumb, forefinger and middle finger, the performance of the finger like balls or a few bills in the twist of kind of sports. Then gradually extended to the ipsilateral lower limb and contralateral limb, the late can spread to the jaw, lips, tongue and head. In the early stages of the disease, many patients do not care too much about tremor, often in the fingers or limbs in a particular position when the appearance of a change in posture disappear. After the development for the rest only in body, such as watching TV or talk with others when the body suddenly appeared involuntary trembling, shaking to reduce or stop transform position or movement, so called static tremor, which is the main feature of tremor in Parkinson's disease. Tremor in patients with emotional or mental tension, sleep can disappear completely. Another feature of tremor is its rhythm, vibration frequency is 4 ~ 7 times per second. This feature can also help people distinguish between other diseases, such as chorea, cerebellar disorders, as well as hyperthyroidism caused by tremors.

Muscle rigidity: Parkinson's disease patients often lose limbs and torso softness, become very stiff. The rigidity of this muscle development is very slow, the early onset of the disease from the side of the body began. The initial feeling of a limb movement is not flexible, there is a sense of stiffness, and gradually increased, slow motion, and even some of the daily life of the action are difficult. If you pick up with arms or legs, to help him active joint, you will obviously feel his body stiff, the joint is difficult, as in the back and forth a plumbing. If the limb and tremor, have intermittent stop feeling, like two engaged gears rotate feeling, called "cogwheeling rigidity". The patient is not aware of it, but it is easy to detect when a doctor is examining.

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