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Chronic kidney disease (Chronic kidney, diseases, CKD) refers to the following two situations: (1) kidney damage (renal structural or functi


Chronic kidney disease (Chronic kidney, diseases, CKD) refers to the following two situations: (1) kidney damage (renal structural or functional abnormalities) more than 3 months, can be with or without glomerular filtration rate (GFR) decreased, can be any of the following: pathological abnormalities; kidney injury index (including blood and urine abnormal components or imaging abnormalities). (2) GFR < 60ml/min/1.73m2 more than 3 months, the chronic renal failure (Chronic renal failure, CRF), with or without evidence of renal injury.

Chronic kidney disease is a clinical syndrome that can be caused by various diseases in our country, mainly by chronic glomerulonephritis caused by, in recent years, chronic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy and hypertensive nephropathy caused by the upward trend. This is an important new epidemic disease that threatens the health and longevity of human beings. The cardiovascular diseases caused by it are the important reasons that threaten human health and cause death. Because of this, the international medical community has established the World Kidney Day on 2006, the second Thursday in March each year as World Kidney Day every day, kidney disease to establish a theme, an important position to publicize the kidney and related prevention and control knowledge, let the world and the medical profession caused enough attention to kidney disease, improve people's quality of life and prolong human life. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to explore and study the effective measures to prevent the disease.

To prevent the occurrence of chronic kidney disease, in addition to pay attention to daily regimen, the author through the retrieval of a large number of domestic and foreign literature, combined with clinical experience, we must pay attention to the following 12 aspects:

1 throat and tonsils and other sites in streptococcal infection, should be immediately radical.

To use antibiotics under the guidance of doctors, treatment should be sufficient, can not give up halfway. Otherwise, repeated streptococcal infection can lead to kidney disease [1] (especially children need to pay attention). It is generally believed that once the use of antibiotics, the course of treatment should not be less than 7~10 days, if it is determined that Streptococcus infection, the treatment should be more than 14 days. In addition, it is reasonable to select the penicillin streptococcal infection.

2 pain medication will damage the kidney, should avoid long-term use.

Analgesic drugs can immediately relieve symptoms and pain, but have renal toxicity, it can not be used for a long time. In daily life, when the body is not in a timely manner, as far as possible to see a specialist, to ensure that the disease is not cured! Without a prescription to avoid the use of ordinary commercial painkillers (including injection or oral medicine). If used for a long time, the probability of serious injury to the kidney is very high, and the damage of the kidney is irreversible.

3 binge eating harmful to kidney health.

Eating too much food every day (mainly for human protein), the derivative (waste) such as uric acid and creatinine and urea are required by the kidneys for elimination, so excessive food (drink, overeating) will increase the burden of kidney. This is particularly evident in patients with kidney disease or in patients with impaired renal function reserve, such as the elderly. The proverb "eat more vegetables and less meat, coarse rice meal of longevity", that is the truth.

4 without prescription medicine service to kidney function disorder.

There are a lot of ill often own patent medicines (such as antibiotics), however, excessive antibiotics will interfere with renal function. In addition, diuretics can not be taken privately. Some medicine such as Guanmutong has confirmed the renal toxicity of [2], should avoid taking.

5 women before pregnancy for renal function test, can avoid the occurrence or aggravation of certain kidney diseases.

Because the woman is gravid, kidney burden was aggravated, can lead to kidney dysfunction. So it is best for women to check for kidney disease before pregnancy. If there is a serious kidney disease (sometimes do not know), please contact a kidney specialist on the possibility of pregnancy, pregnant or blind, kidney disease may soon become worse and uremia, are not insurance! If you insist on pregnancy, it is possible to develop uremia, not only can not be normal delivery, but also due to deterioration of renal function and the need for dialysis, resulting in lifelong regret.

6 suffering from kidney disease, please go to regular specialist.

Suffering from kidney disease must go to the hospital to see a specialist, so as to ensure the appropriate treatment. Otherwise, eat herbal remedies will only worsen the illness, missed treatment time, lead to more complications, even in the short term to become uremia.

7 the amount of water, not water.

It is easy to multiply bacteria in the urine for too long. The daily amount of drinking enough water, not water, kidney stones are not easy to happen.

8 control of hypertension.

If you have high blood pressure, please immediately seek medical treatment, to determine whether the primary or secondary, the choice of high efficiency and low toxicity of the drug, the blood pressure control in the safe range. Not to control the long-term high blood pressure will not stop the destruction of renal arteries and microvessels in glomeruli, "three high" phenomenon, resulting in glomerulosclerosis and interstitial fibrosis in [3], and thus the loss of renal function!

9 control diabetes.

Because diabetes can lead to slow, but inevitable, hardening of the blood vessels in patients, especially in capillaries (kidneys, eyes). Because the kidney is composed of millions of tiny blood vessels, so the severity of diabetes and the course of a long time, the glomerular sclerosis, fibrosis, leading to a sharp decline in renal function, the incidence of diabetic nephropathy [4]. According to statistics, 1/4~1/5 of uremic dialysis patients is caused by the end of diabetes.

10 meet the health standards for drinking water, do not drink the water or water.

Water is the source of life, which is of great significance to maintain the stability and health of the body! Do not eat, do not drink substandard water, to ensure the health of the body and not very important disease!

11 remember regular physical examination, including renal function tests.

People over the age of 40, every six months must be a routine urine, blood pressure detection. Because the kidney renal damage in patients with almost most of the process is performed in imperceptibly, so when the body feel uncomfortable very well may have to end-stage kidney disease, need to rely on dialysis to survive.

12 do not over fatigue.

From patients with chronic nephritis clinical admissions, about 70% of patients with nephritis long-term overwork. People in the state of fatigue, tension, work spirit and, easily lead to decreased resistance to bacteria and virus infection, cause kidney damage, appear lumbago, lower limbs, eyelid edema, proteinuria, and elevated blood pressure, dizziness and other phenomena. The most worrying is that the performance is not easy to arouse people's attention, many people think that rest not to regard it as right, good, not to go to a doctor, do not measure blood pressure, often until severe edema, hematuria, blood pressure is high before going to the hospital. Missed the right treatment and conditioning of good timing, resulting in lifelong regret.

The prevention of chronic kidney disease, should also pay attention to the body's own repair function, through sports, happy, massage, acupuncture and so on to stimulate the body's resistance to disease, promote the body to recover at an early date!


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