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With the improvement of material life, people's table culture is more and more rich, with the enjoyment of food at the same time, the hidden


With the improvement of material life, people's table culture is more and more rich, with the enjoyment of food at the same time, the hidden danger will also follow the future, hypertension, diabetes, increasingly plagued people's physical and mental. Because of high blood pressure, diabetes complications caused by systemic diffuse cloth, it is terrible, I will give you a kidney complications Syria Syria, if unfortunately with hypertension and diabetes "hat", hope with friends must be careful with hypertension, diabetic nephropathy and "collusion", regular urine, urinary albumin detection is very important. Early treatment, control of urinary protein, prevent the continued progress of kidney disease, delay the development of disease to end-stage renal failure stage, is the key.

The kidney itself is an organ made up of capillaries. Used for filtering the toxin in the body, and to prevent leakage of substances such as protein, blood vessels. The blood pressure of hypertensive blood vessels increased, the leakage of protein, protein once the leakage will damage the filter system of the kidney, cause vicious spiral. The damage caused by prolonged time is hard to reverse, and the kidneys will increase until they fail. That's why it's not terrible to have hematuria.

Diabetic nephropathy is one of the microvascular complications of diabetes, is an important cause of death in patients with diabetes. With the continuous improvement in the treatment of diabetes, died of acute complications of diabetes have been greatly reduced, prolong the life of patients, however, diabetes chronic complications, including the incidence of diabetic nephropathy was significantly higher. Generalized diabetic nephropathy in diabetic nephropathy, including infectious and vascular lesions. Infectious diseases have pyelonephritis and renal papillary necrosis. Vascular lesions are characterized by microvascular and macrovascular complications, including large vascular lesions including renal arteriosclerosis (involving the trunk and branches) and renal arteriolar sclerosis (involving the human bulb and efferent arterioles). Microvascular disease is defined as glomerular sclerosis, nodular, exudative and diffuse three, the three can be combined with the existence of the above changes, the most typical is nodular glomerulosclerosis. We usually say that diabetic nephropathy is glomerular sclerosis.

The phenomenon of early diabetic nephropathy is the most important output of urinary albumin was slightly higher than that of normal people, called microalbuminuria, urinary albumin excretion was 20 - 200 g// - 30 minutes or 300mg//24h or urinary Alb/Cr30300mg/g. Once clinical proteinuria (urinary protein > 0.5g//24h) is present, the glomerular function is progressive and irreversible. The average duration of proteinuria was 17 years, and the average survival time of proteinuria was about years, about 25%% in the past 6 years, about 50%% in the next 10 years, and about 75%% of patients with end-stage renal failure occurred within about 15 years in Joslin.

Benign nephrosderosis primary hypertensive nephropathy caused by hypertension (also called hypertensive renal arteriolar sclerosis) and malignant nephrosclerosis with corresponding clinical manifestations of the disease, hypertension and renal failure.

There are many years history of hypertension, renal tubular damage early in the glomeruli, nocturia, urinary concentrating function, urine change is lighter, with mild proteinuria, with microscopic hematuria and tube type, other target organ complications often have hypertension.

Hypertensive nephropathy examination, said the general blood pressure increasing (more than /Kpa/mmHg); some of the eyelids and / or edema of lower limbs, etc. the heart boundary expanding; the majority of arteriosclerotic retinopathy, when soft exudative fundus stripes of flame shaped hemorrhage and cottony, support malignant nephrosclerosis, diagnosis of hypertensive encephalopathy can have neurological signs corresponding.

So I want to emphasize that, for hypertension, diabetes, must prevent diabetic renal damage of hypertension, may, if the clinical symptoms, must be timely detection of urine, urinary albumin, prevent a fish escaped through the Seine, too late for regrets.


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