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Abstract: This paper analyzes the use of generous treatment of complex treatment of urinary tract stones is reasonable and feasible, startin


Abstract: This paper analyzes the use of generous treatment of complex treatment of urinary tract stones is reasonable and feasible, starting from the "muddy" and "disease" has put forward new ideas and treatment prescription, according to the theory of drug treatment, achieved good clinical efficacy, and with the share exchange.

Key words: generous; turbidity; urinary system stones; Chinese Medicine

And have two meanings, one refers to the prescription ingredients of the "one hill three with nine big", according to the history and evolution of physician experience, now generally refers to more than 15 kinds of prescription drugs, and in about 20 flavour representative. Second, refers to the large amount of prescription, "far and parity, the system of its service also". [1]

General generous treatment mostly used in urgent, heavy, difficult complex disease. Cao Renbo said: "every time a disease because of their treatment of this motley, others can not do, who have fine research, or to change a party in profit or loss, or the number of Party A is a party and coherence." And mainly in the principle of law is both, Qiu peiran professor pointed out: "both method is not a hash method, which contains both prescription and ingenuity, compatibility and extremely precise, this is the prescription of Chinese Medicine Science an accomplished deep realm."

A disease of urinary calculi complicated, lingering, and re treatment is to improve the feasible method of urinary calculi

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standard, the intake of food is rich and the lack of control, all kinds of diseases, including urinary stones have gradually become a common disease. The patient had no obvious symptoms, some occasional waist discomfort, but with the progress of the disease, often accompanied by hydronephrosis, inflammation, or lead to renal colic, the pain is not strong, and Chu opera, bring great pain to patients. Clinical treatment of existing ESWL, surgical stone, medicine row stone, certain indications and side effects of [2] before both, although the latter side effect is less, but the longer course of treatment, the curative effect of various drugs generally are not satisfactory.

Urinary calculus is a Chinese "certificate" category, certificate is also called the shower drain and five shower, according to their clinical manifestations and divided into infection drench, drench, gas, blood stone cream, cream drench, stranguria and cold shower. However, the long duration, disease due to improper treatment of perplexing, complex and changeful conditions, characteristics of cold and heat, deficiency, and syndrome more often occur in the disease process, and mixed cold and heat syndrome, changeable, lingering.

Urinary stone syndrome is currently considered outside the actual situation of two categories, the excess accumulation of damp heat, blood stasis, virtual for kidney [3], are mixed by the actual situation. Each household with some medicine of eliminating dampness and heat, some with blood stasis, but the efficacy of various drugs and symptomatic often expected gap, the overall efficiency is very high, but the cure rate is too low, the improvement of symptoms rather than cut stones, and stones have not been eliminated in the future may again lead to new conditions.

Here is a key factor that urinary stone is a kind of tangible evil, compared to other diseases is more special, although by wet and heat, silt and other evil transformation contributed, but the stone production has been different from the inner evil common, the formation of stones to dissipate, very can do governance. So the author thinks that the disease might be from the perspective of modern medical research found that composition of urinary stones include calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, uric acid salt, including calcium oxalate stones accounted for up to 86.9%, mostly with mixed stone and stone [4], in stone forming process, stone crystal formation in urine salts a super saturated state, inhibition of crystal formation and nuclear matrix material shortage are 3 main factors in the formation of stones has the function of [5] is very important in the process of "source" and put gonorrhea: Shilin, pour out of stone. Kidney water, water knot into stone, the kidney off sand, "the" compendium of Materia: Shilin disease, the patient is unexpectedly, in the wet soil of the gas can not be shipped, and fire to the base, but in the water channel is like the ear. Therefore, urinary stone is not a simple heat evil fried urine, but there must be a premise -- "turbid urine urine", the first "muddy" evil, or the case or a case of qi stagnation, blood stasis, or in damp heat, or because of weakness, can be experienced by the stone. Thus, to the treatment of urinary system stones can not completely rely on more conventional symptomatic disease, also need treatment according to the etiology and disease state, by means of modern medicine "to improve the internal environment of the comprehensive use of multi angle, to achieve better curative effect.

Two, from the "muddy" treatment, the use of generous treatment of urinary stones

According to the actual situation of daily urinary system in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with calculi, combined with clinical efficacy, and explore the reasons for the poor efficacy of the proposed cure from the "muddy", with generous treatment of urinary tract stone, and has achieved good effect in clinical treatment.

According to the above theoretical basis, dissipating turbid soup from fossil, dangshen, astragalus root and white atractylodes rhizome, Poria, moneywort, Sea Sands, raw chicken gold, Yin Chen, Polygonum cuspidatum, tuckahoe, Anemarrhena, phellodendron, Rhizoma Dioscoreae Hypoglaucae, Polygonum aviculare, Herba Dianthi, semen Vaccariae, Achyranthes root, Cortex Moutan, dandelion, Cyperus rotundus total twenty Chinese medicine composition. Among them, with dangshen, astragalus, Atractylodes Qi Qi, "after the issuing of thorn law". Besides, up by the evil, the gas will be empty, so as to help the first Fuzheng gas machine. Secondly, the main "gold" Jinqiancao niter, eliminating dampness and heat, stranguria, anti-inflammatory, smooth muscle relaxation effect, modern research shows that the crystallization of the polysaccharide on main composition of calcium oxalate urolithiasis has inhibitory effect on the [6]; the sea Jinsha diuresis, "materia Sutra": sweet and cold seep the medicine master Tongli small intestine, light can Tongzhiliqiao, modern research found that it can promote the ureteral peristalsis, with a row of stone [7], in addition to antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of chicken; Tonglin fossil, "medical sincerely participate in the West recorded": Gallus gallus, chicken spleen and stomach also. There are porcelain stone, copper and iron can be digested, the stasis of the good. Assisted with Fuling, Yin Chen, giant knotweed rhizome, tuckahoe, Anemarrhena, phellodendron, Polygonum aviculare kiyotoshi coke under the damp heat, the medicine emphasizes and different, Fuling light penetration dampness; Yin Chen to stagnation, Polygonum stasis; soil Fuling good dampness detoxification, "materia medica of justice": dampness heat, to heat and moisture into the network, search tick the meaning of toxic heat, dampness detoxification; Anemarrhena Phellodendron; diuretic treatment with five polygonumaviculare. Herba Dianthi, semen Vaccariae, Achyranthes root, cortex moutan and blood stasis; dandelion Qingrejiedu detumescence, diuresis; powder Bixiefenqing turbid; Cyperus rotundus coke gas, pass under the pain. Multiple drug use, complement each other, can have the effect of Tonifying Qi, promoting blood circulation, removing dampness, heat, detoxification, the chaos, evil and distinct focal points scattered stagnation.

Three, generous treatment of the case

Case 1:2013 in November 16th, first diagnosed, right kidney stones.

Shao You, Shanghai, fifties, the water gradually withered, hot flashes sweating. A year ago, nocturia, with yaoxisuanruan. Dreaminess, defecation for two days in a row, a red tongue, tooth edge, thin and yellow moss, pulse string two. Urine routine examination: red blood cell (3-5) /HP, white blood cell (0-2) /HP. B ultrasound: right kidney stones 3mm. No diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease. To be eliminating turbidity of fossil Tonga Erxian Decoction, the prescription is as follows:

10, 15, dangshen and Astragalus Atractylodes, Poria cocos 30 12,

In 30, l.japonicum (package), 12 chickens and 12 gold

15, 12, Polygonum capillaris tuckahoe 15, Anemarrhena 12

9, phellodendron and Rhizoma Dioscoreae Hypoglaucae 12, 12, 12 case of polygonumaviculare

For 15, 15, 9, Achyranthes 30 dandelion paeonol

12, Cyperus rotundus Xianlingpi 12, 12, 30 Xianmao glutinous rice root

30, sheshecao germinatus 15. 14 agent.

Two diagnosis: reduce backache, night sweats, insomnia, nocturia 2 times a day, stool two rows of teeth marks red tongue, thin and yellow moss, pulse string two. Urine routine examination: red blood cell (5-6) /HP, white blood cell (-) /HP. To the front with calcined Longmu (each) 30, 14 agent.

Three diagnosis: various symptoms such as before, check urine routine show: red blood cell (+) /HP, white blood cell (-) /HP. Change in front of Lysimachia 50, plus 15 ri. 28 agent.

Methods: the stool three times a day, more than in. 12 reduction of Polygonum cuspidatum. 28 agent.

Five diagnosis: check urine routine display: red blood cell (0-2) /HP, white blood cell (0-2) /HP. B ultrasound shows: normal, double kidney stone. To distinguish the rhizoma solution, pill Zuogui pill and rehabilitation.

According to the Department of urinary calculi: this disease in kidney, evil and dampness, blood stasis, involves many factors such as heat, deficiency and cold of the present time. When facing the case when both supplementation and attack, and removing dampness and invigorating spleen and kidney. The parties should consider all kinds of contradictions, only with generous treatment. At the same time, the principal contradiction of the dose to the foot, can reach a crucial tonic effect, at the same time, the disease lasts, free qi. To remove turbidity fossil Tonga menstruation

Case 2: first diagnosed in January 11, 2014, right kidney, ureter.

Du right, Shanghai, young. A week ago, suddenly found the right kidney pain, to the emergency of a hospital in Shanghai, CT showed the right kidney and ureter, no stone, to relieve spasm and pain remission after treatment, the traditional Chinese medicine. At the moment, I see the waist soreness, especially after. V. for a long time with premenstrual pain, dysmenorrhea, accompanied by water clot, normal, dark color (not after December 22, 2013). More than in junan. Pink tongue net, thready pulse. Intends to be a fossil Tiaojing Decoction and eliminating turbidity method, recipe as follows:

9, 9, dangshen and Astragalus Atractylodes, Poria cocos 15 10,

In 30, l.japonicum (package), 12 chickens and 12 gold

10, 10, Polygonum capillaris tuckahoe 10, Anemarrhena 9

6, phellodendron and Rhizoma Dioscoreae Hypoglaucae 10, 12, 12 case of polygonumaviculare

For 15, 15, 9, Achyranthes 15 dandelion paeonol

12, 12, Cyperus rotundus Adenophora 12, 12, Sanleng Ezhu 30 white peony

Raw bud 15. 7 agent.

Two diagnosis: medicine after menstruation 5 days in advance, the amount is more, with a lot of blood clots, dysmenorrhea, residual disease. To go ahead with Sanleng and Ezhu, Xianlingpi 12, 12 to 30 Xianmao, Fuling, Jinqiancao 50, 14 agent.

Three: after the administration of disease diagnosis, to go ahead, Xianlingpi Xianmao, plus 12 zedoary, angelica 12, 7 agent.

Methods: to go ahead in flat, 12 plus a zedoary powder 1, Sichuan (Branch Chong). 7 agent.

Five diagnosis: disease, with water as usual, with a small amount of blood clots. Above the 14 agent.

Six diagnosis: B ultrasound showed that the right kidney and ureter. Four to four gentleman Decoction and Taohong Decoction Jinqiancao rehabilitation.

According to: urinary system of water, there will be some reasons, there are stones, tumors, tuberculosis, inflammation, deformity, etc., the young people with more stones. Although the image of this disease has not been found in stone, after the exclusion of other diseases, the treatment of stones. Women suffering from, if the water is normal, you can indicate the cause of the disease. In the menstrual period accompanied by blood can benefit, be more than kidney nourishing, symptoms, and treatment although complex and fine, for final inspection.

Four, conclusion

Urinary calculi are complex and varied. Indeed, seize the main contradiction and dialectical Jingdang, less medicine and more is the most ideal. However, clinical practice is often not desirable, therefore, generous treatment can provide another treatment ideas for reference. Of course, generous and not out of order, but also when the diagnosis is accurate, rigorous compatibility, reasonable compatibility. And by how many doses of disease, principal contradiction, comprehensive treatment, improve clinical efficacy. The gains, and fellow exchange.


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