The clinical application of Huangqi Guizhi Decoction of five ingredients

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Attending this party can also treat fengbi blood arthralgia. Can the appropriate addition and subtraction treatment of periarthritis of shou


Attending this party can also treat fengbi blood arthralgia. Can the appropriate addition and subtraction treatment of periarthritis of shoulder, peripheral neuritis, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke sequelae of disease. There are reports to the party with Achyranthes, safflower, papaya and gastrodin treatment of peripheral neuritis; plus angelica, angelica, asarum, Chinese treatment of facial nerve paralysis; plus 250 grams of lamb Decoction and Caulis Spatholobi, angelica treatment of postpartum body pain; add Codonopsis, Atractylodes, radix paeoniae rubra, Rhizoma Chuanxiong and treating acroanesthesia with scorpion; earthworm, centipede, asarum, etc. treatment of radial nerve injury; with frankincense, myrrh, Achyranthes, safflower, angelica, leech treatment gangrene; plus angelica, Rhizoma Drynariae, teasel root, Eucommia treatment Tongbi Decoction Combined aconite; treatment of sciatica have proved a satisfactory result.

The Huangqi Guizhi Decoction of five ingredients of peony, jujube and ginger, Wen Jing and Wei Qi, blood arthralgia fengbi good protective effect.

The Huangqi Guizhi Decoction of five ingredients of peony, jujube and ginger; numbness of limbs without China, Wen Jing Tong Yang this good.


Jun Huangqi - with Qi, fill in the table of Wei qi.

.... Spread the cold and warm -- the viewpoint of "Guizhi by tongbi.

Chen people

.... Peony - nourishing and business and blood arthralgia.

With ginger, hot wind, evacuation.

The jujube - sweet and nourishing qi.

1: Zhang Bi, cold limbs, muscle pain, gradually swelling, labor walking, injuries Yang, guest evil invasion, camp guard and. Imitation "bureau" Bi "in the limbs, sweating Yang, and Astragalus five soup". Ginseng, tuckahoe, cassia twig, licorice root, angelica, roasted ginger and jujube.

2 strokes: really thick and long pulse diagnosis in his hands, but his left hand slightly and string like pulse, two inches thick, slightly tight, so the soil, gas, kind enough to carry a blessing, for the longevity of the syndrome. But the strings for the wind pulse, tight pulse tight in this pain, two inches, master body arthralgia with wrist and arm pain, allegedly, when more, read for five years, and suffering from finger numbness, especially in recent years, slightly reduced, to this disease, and in the joint Department of the wind to the pain, so pain, but blood and wind resistance with low phase, the whole point is not pain, pain, not difficult to screen Fuzheng evil, the book said middle finger numbness, three years before the stroke, that is it in the palm of the hand. This good place to numb the forefinger and thumb had Department of lung and large intestine Qi disharmony, no major damage, the natural wind benevolence variables must be treated early, however, if the fat wind medicine in the prevention of stroke, is suitable for wind, as by soldiers Qi Kou stealing food, should be out of the not to be a solemn, rash, should be treated with Astragalus Decoction of five drugs. Astragalus 2 money, Guizhi TGP 2 point 2 money, money, money 4 ginger, jujube 2 pieces, with shuijianbi.

3 cerebrovascular accident sequelae: an old woman, at the right side paralyzed, oblique mouth, numbness of limbs, numbness, right body sweat. Blood pressure: 150/100 mmhg. This is the camp Wei Qi deficiency, Yang blocking meridians, lost in nutrition certificate. Astragalus Guizhi Decoction of five ingredients to rule. Take 15 doses, blood pressure: 140/90 mm Hg, normal pulse tongue. In the usual Juan addition. After four years of follow-up, never again.

4 blood arthralgia: Liu, suffering from numbness of limbs of more than one year, especially in the night. Vitamin B12 and vitamin B1; intramuscular injection for more than 60 days, the effect is not obvious. After acupuncture treatment, the first needle has a small effect, following the invalid. By Qi lazy words, fatigue, limb numbness of limbs above quite cold buttocks. The pulse is double sink fine, the tongue is soft and tender, the fur is thin and white. Taking Astragalus Guizhi Decoction of five ingredients rule. Take 15 agent, all cards are juan.

5 patients with spontaneous, female, 31 years old. Worker。 See subsequent dysentery and sweating, has more than two years. Moving the sweating, suddenly cold heat up suddenly, all the evil wind, and the emergence of bowel, accidentally eating or diarrhea, dizziness, weakness, pale tongue, thin white, pulse weak inch floating. After a hospital diagnosed as "autonomic dysfunction", repeated treatment of no effect. Then use the Astragalus cassia twigs five Tonga Atractylodes rhizome, Schisandra, decoction of 4 agents, spontaneous sweating significantly improved after taking, the Guizhi reduction, increase the outside help Atractylodes, Astragalus in solid form, within the spleen to closing. After 6 agents, borborygmus disappeared. And then into the 3 agents, all kinds of disease except.

6 chest pain: patient, female, 51 years old, cadres. At the beginning of the disease after conscious shortness of breath, chest pain and a sense of time, left shoulder and back radiation, cold pain, has been more than 2 years. ECG diagnosis of coronary artery insufficiency". To compound Xiebai Guizhi five Astragalus decoction, licorice, serving a total of more than 30 agents, chest pain syndromes can be controlled, close to the normal electrocardiogram.

7: epigastric pain patients, female, 42 years old, workers. When the sense of epigastric pain, especially cold every work has been 5 years, Xu, barium meal diagnosed as "gastritis". Repeatedly service agent singery Qi of the goods, gradually caused by abdominal distension anorexia, loose stool, whole body fatigue, pale tongue moist, deep pulse delay. We used Astragalus cassia twigs five Tonga licorice, ginger, after medication, stomach meal solution. To drink ginger, plus abdominal skin and Fuling used alternately, to invigorate the spleen, Chen long illness, should be slowly good. Following the service of more than 20 agents, all cards convalesce.

8 low heat: Zhu Moumou, female.35 years old, teachers. Low heat for 2 years, the temperature is about 37.5 degrees Celsius, occasionally up to 38 degrees celsius. With a cold wind, sweat Jinjin, acoustic low short, poor appetite, thin stool, general fatigue syndrome. Thin white tongue, pale red tongue and fat, pulse fine slow weakness. Syndrome of deficiency of qi. To take antipyretic method, Astragalus Guizhi Tonga five Atractylodes, Zhigancao coke. After serving the 12 agent, the symptoms disappeared. Use of Buzhongyiqi pills served half tone to the aftermath, follow-up has not issued.


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