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All treatment is not effective, ill life, death is not the headache, the ancient called "Toufeng disease". Historical records, Cao Cao three


All treatment is not effective, ill life, death is not the headache, the ancient called "Toufeng disease". Historical records, Cao Cao three as a result of disease, died. Daily or timing attacks, or illness or by day, before will commit, or triggered by emotional excesses, such as broken hair headache, dizziness and vomiting and salivation, clear swelling, darkened think sleep, diet is useless. All this must be "Fuxie". "Fuxie" because patients must be first Qi deficiency, and her six evil attacks, unable to drum evil thoroughly, and not to leave. The time is long, the fur, meridian gradually deep in the dirty, wet sputum dead blood built nests, deep out, has become a chronic illness. The rule of law, as a sort of "evil antecedents, evil way, namely" Fu righteousness, open the table in the light of its general trend, closed, cited Fuxie outside is recovered.

"I have a secret teacher Li Ke folk cures headache of pianzheng Toufeng powder", by clinical repeated use, drug screening, adjustment of main and auxiliary medicine to the proper proportion, pathology, pathogenesis, treatment with various chronic headache, achieve good effect. And after re ordering, has greatly exceeded the scope of the original prescription. Party as follows:

Excrementum pteropi, red ginseng, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Tribulus terrestris, fry Sichuan aconite, gypsum, Rhizoma Gastrodiae, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, angelica, licorice 12g, asarum, Schizonepeta, windproof, notopterygium, magnolia flower, Xanthium fruit, Rhizoma Atractylodis, scorpion, centipede, earthworm, silkworm, Arisaema, aconite, realgar (on the other. The frankincense and myrrh), 6g. Medicine grinds fine powder, 2 times a day, 3G each time, after meals and bedtime tea light transfer service.

The ginseng, Gastrodia elata, stablepill (Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Tribulus on medicine) up their strength, body fluid, liver and kidney, essence and blood, the treatment supporting in evil; Sichuan Aconitum okara hot passage twelve, the exterior to the interior, breaking the chronic diseases, expulsion of Fuxie outside; Xiong Zhi Jing,,, proof, notopterygium, magnolia flower, Xanthium sibiricum, Rhizoma Atractylodis, aromatic through orifices, symplectic spread table, dispelling wind and dampness, open the door by pirates; gastrodin, Arisaema, white monkshood wind phlegm; gypsum sweet cold heat, heat the product producer Xin Zaolie; realgar and Rhizoma Atractylodis detoxify monarch disease; Frankincense and myrrh Huayu Dingtong worm; deep blood, pick out deeply hidden evil; a plant known as angelica, musk, aromatic strong, good through the orifices, and the match for Chuanxiong headache, can cause the drug to head into the brain, breaking the nest. The medicine is consistent, to wind, cold, wet, phlegm, fire, blood stasis a variety of volts evil, all have the effect of hair. It seems not the same furnace temperature, rather complex prescription. Whenever the illness, will be cold and wet phlegm cementation, dead blood deep blood vessels, it can be Fanyingqudang. Because the party has to pass twelve by the exterior to the interior of the power, so the critical sense of her six evil or external wind evil wind, the various parts of the body, all the sudden neurological vertigo, numbness, severe pain, pain 1 hours. The taste of Zaolie, tend to attack, so the fever and headache caused by organs injuries is not appropriate.

The main indications:

1 long years of various types of chronic headache, sequelae of vascular, nerve, eye, nose source, source of traumatic cerebral concussion, brain tumor headache such as broken and modern all unknown mechanism of headache, 2 times / day, 3G each time, after meals and bedtime light tea with honey tone clothes, the pain. 1 Zhou Quanyu. Course of more than 10 years, can be cured on the 20 day, no one failed, no recurrence.

2 facial nerve paralysis, the onset of illness within 1 weeks of treatment, the daily service of the, each time 3G, morning, afternoon, after dinner for 40 minutes, light tea tune service, the recovery of 10 days. Persistent loss of governance for 5 years, with five Buyanghuanwu Decoction plus four kinds of kidney (medlar, dodder, wine bubble salty fried, Xianlingpi psoralen) 20g, angelica 10g, decoction taken powder, January can be more.

3 polyneuritis of limb numbness and pain syndrome are Qi deficiency and loss of movement, and clip dampness Phlegm Blood death. Take this prescription, the disease is the end, not the agent. After Yang also five kidney four taste (Tonga medlar, dodder, wine fried, Xianlingpi Buguzhi salt water) 10 ~ 30g, Herba Siegesbeckiae 30g, white mustard 10g, fried research, cure, to Du zaifa.

4 acute rheumatic fever and joint severe pain, the White Tiger Decoction (Atractylodes Atractylodes 15g, coix seed 45g, Phellodendron 30g, Herba Siegesbeckiae 50g, red bean, yam, Rhizoma Anemarrhenae, licorice root 30g, 250g of gypsum, red peony root of all 45g, 30g, lower extremity plus Radix cyathulae Decoction) take 3G powder, 3 time / day, honey water transfer service, 10 days can eliminate the swelling and pain. After taking Siegesbeckia 500g, Yellow Wine mix, nine nine steam drying, pulverizing 10g pill, 3 times a day, 1 pills each time, served by the radical, and can avoid the evolution of rheumatic heart disease.

5 acute and chronic cold and dampness, acute sciatica, acute lumbar disc herniation, mild oral powder 4G, 2 times / day, after dinner before going to bed light tea with honey 1 spoon transfer service, the 10 day of severe pain, recovery, with Shengqi; 120g, angelica, Radix aconite, aconite, Radix Saposhnikoviae, black bean geranium, Herba Siegesbeckiae, 30g, ephedra decocted skim 15g, asarum 20g, cassia twig, white peony root 45g, licorice 60g, honey 150g 45g, fresh ginger, jujube 20 pieces, add cold water to simmer for 2500ml, 600ml, 3 minutes, 3 hours 1 times, each time the transfer service powder 3 to 4G, kidney trapped waist such as folding plus kidney four flavor (medlar, dodder, wine fried, Xianlingpi Buguzhi salt water) 30g, about 20 agents can be radical.

The party and the Peiyuan (1, placenta powder 37, dragon's blood, a gun bead, amber, red ginseng, antler, 30g) together, plus nine for Herba Siegesbeckiae, becomes loose for the pill has good effect on rheumatoid arthritis.

The decoction of Aconite Decoction of Jiawei Zhongjing is improved, in addition wind, black bean, licorice two times the amount of a large dose of honey, fresh ginger, jujube, simmer for 2 hours or more water, can effectively destroy aconitine toxic, harmless and save lives. One student using this party in the million or more, from a case of poisoning. Zhong Jingfang can cure illness, acute pain, chronic illness is more, to conquer the elixir of major disease. Later because of incompatibility, decocting not compliance testimonies, occurrence of occasional poisoning accident, which was the traditional Chinese medicine of fear Ukraine snake, Yinyefeishi, abandoned, the Zhongjing vast danger came back nostrum.

6 cold coagulation type thromboangiitis obliterans of shock like pain, to improve the reuse of Shengqi Aconite Decoction to 240g, and Zhongjing Angelica four inverse plus ginger soup (must be the original Evodia binary measurement) Decoction taken powder 3 ~ 4G, Qi stasis, broken chronic diseases, open ice thawing, 12 hour to pain. 9 cases of the Yu Zhiyu type patients, one patient with a certain height, lower limbs blood obliterans, combined with myocardial infarction complicated with posterior wall, severe angina, above 3 1g plus musk, hot Yellow Wine delivery, 4 agents in both the back, following the service of powder injection Qingdong 15 half moon, gross box more, this still alive, nearly eighty elderly.

Joint 7 stroke sequela deformation, muscle atrophy, paralysis to the no, 1 3G, 3 times / day, tea water and honey 1 spoon transfer service. The preparation of 198g (and the powder equivalent) another package, a single service, in order to accurately control the dose. Each bed warm boiling water down 0.6g, 10 days after gradually increased to 0.8g, maximum 1G. After serving to feel strong bones and muscles tense for inspection, this volume taking. If there are signs of tetany, is excessive. Do not panic, take 1 cups of cold water solution, and then adjust to the right amount. Taking early medicine should be closely observed, to determine the effective dose. During the medication, diet and mung bean soup. Take medicine 10 days, stop drug 5 days, in order to prevent accumulation poison. It is helpful to the rehabilitation of the disease. This method is also effective for epilepsy.

More than 46 years engaged in clinical medicine, the use of the 42 years, the outbreak of severe pain in the treatment of all 5 thousand cases above, the 4G, 2 times / day, light tea with honey 1 spoon transfer service, within half an hour of sleep, 2 hours sleep, pain is restored to health, following the service the 2 ~ 3G. 3 times per day, most can cure half. The condition is complex, with symptomatic decoction. Do not forget the diagnosis can be ever-victorious.

60 year old woman had treated 1 cases, late osteolytic osteosarcoma, and pain, take 30 tablets of analgesia does not relieve the pain, has been lying in bed for January. Treatment of renal osteopathy from double to cure kidney, yin and yang. The main square with aconite, radix rehmanniae, Rhizoma Drynariae, Radix Aconiti, black bean, walnut meat, Cistanche, kidney four taste, turtle calcol 30g, Digupi 60g, salt meat, two winter, halberd Poria, Rhizoma cibotii, eucommia, windproof, asarum, dried ginger 15g, licorice root 60g, honey 150g, fresh ginger 30g big jujube 12 pieces, add cold water to simmer for 2500ml, 600ml, 3 times a day, each time with 3G powder, and powder, a bead of the 3G gun, the pain relief during the day, stop taking aspirin, 3 days after the pain get up to the house next door.

After the treatment of all 3 thousand cases of headache, the duration of more than 10 years, after the Chinese law is invalid, accounting for more than 90%, taking the square, 2 times a day, each time 3G, the effective 7 days of recovery, can be accounted for 98%, with no more than 20 days, with no failures, no cases of recurrence. In 1978 Zhang Moumou, female, 25 years old, recurrent brain tumor after surgery, such as headache and vomiting and salivation, cold limbs, eyes suddenly blurred vision, Kouyanwaixie, right limb failure. Resolution is postpartum loss solid barriers, drafts three yin collaterals, cold coagulation, air loss, phlegm turbid blood deep brain death. To the improvement of Evodia monkshood Tonga 30g, pinellia tuber 45g, Chuanxiong 30g, angelica 15g, musk 1g, lead the drug to disease nest. With 3G powder, 3 times / day, a dose of pain and vomiting. After the party, gun powder to a bead, gecko tape wild hives, fritillary, musk, Prunella 1500g to aogao, according to law and refining honey for the pills 15g, 2 times a day, 1 pills each time, with seaweed, licorice 30g, fried gravy served, stirring mill product, both opposite and complementary, to strengthen Ruanjiansanjie force, 75 days of medication to Beijing review, lesions disappeared, restoration work is still alive.

After 42 years of clinical application, no side effects were found. In the poisonous Aconitum, Aconitum, total agent 16.6%, and the solution of poison wind, licorice, Angelica dahurica and corrigent producer for Aconitum, Aconitum medicine plaster two times. In addition to taking time after dinner, before going to bed, with light tea (tea sent under the bitter, sweet, cool, most Xiehuo clear head tomorrow, in addition to thirst, diuresis, can make the Zaolie. Modern pharmacological experiments confirmed that the protein contains tannic acid in tea, can make the slow absorption, rapid excretion), so no danger of poisoning, it is this prescription clever beauty. Korekata in realgar arsenic compounds, fire forging or grinding process of friction high fever, a fire can kill red arsenic, mistakenly, it should only research on the other into the mortar.

In recent years, more than before to check his diagnosis, the original source in the Song Dynasty "and" agent Bureau, "the bureau" following the door "Zhuifeng San" is a party, and 18 drugs, with the same recipe, except asarum, and the main and auxiliary medicine of different doses. The Ming Dynasty Gong Tingxian "and" Shou Shi Bao Yuan quoted in the book the first door under the same taste, and with different dose administration. In 1950s the recipe, ingredients and doses is a variable. The party in 2 thousand years (the Bureau released in 1078, the collection is traced back to the Han and Tang dynasties before Song Dynasty spread in the folk prescription) the process of spreading, absorption of the ancient physicians treating headache and neuralgia of the outbreak of all successful experiences and crystallization of ancient and modern, is set in the treatment of pain the curative effect is outstanding, odd square.


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