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What is hemophilia arthritis?Hemophilia is a sex linked hereditary coagulation factor deficiency disease. Inherited by a woman carrying a ge


What is hemophilia arthritis?

Hemophilia is a sex linked hereditary coagulation factor deficiency disease. Inherited by a woman carrying a genetic gene of hemophilia, occurring in up to half of the boys. Intra articular hemorrhage is the most common type of hemophilia, accounting for about 2/3 of the total number of cases. After repeated bleeding in the joints, leading to the change of joint type, called hemophilia arthritis.

The disease is mainly manifested in the childhood for recurrent bleeding in severe joint, when they start to walk to see a joint bleeding, generally after 8 years the incidence rate increased, the correct and timely treatment, joint lesions can be mild or no improper treatment will be aggravated. After 30 years of age, the incidence of intra-articular hemorrhage decreased. Intra articular hematoma can occur in the knee joint, but also can affect the ankle, elbow, shoulder, hip. People with the disease will be divided into three stages: Stage 1 for intra-articular hemorrhage, sudden acute hemorrhage accompanied by pain, joint swelling, warmth, tenderness, limitation of movement, a joint protective catatonic state, sometimes accompanied by fever, leukocytosis, easily misdiagnosed as suppurative arthritis, do not puncture or open, otherwise there is danger, the hematoma absorption is slow, 3-6 weeks. The 2 stage is the inflammatory phase, repeated bleeding in the joint, joint capsule and synovial thickening, secondary swelling of the joints, limited movement, movement with friction. The 3 stage is degenerative phase, the joint movement is severely damaged, muscle atrophy, knee flexion contracture deformity, and even serious disability. The disease onset when the diagnosis is difficult, minor trauma caused by joint hematoma or previous bleeding tendencies should be suspected of the disease, and laboratory examination, if the clotting time prolonged, combined with thrombin generation test can confirm the diagnosis of TCT. In addition to joint lesions, under the fascia, muscle, periosteum and bone can be caused by bleeding within the cyst. X-ray examination showed normal bone, osteoporosis, bone cyst and joint destruction in different periods.

Prevention and treatment of hemophilia arthritis?

The prevention of hemophilic arthritis. The most important thing is to be of children suffering from this disease to prevent bleeding, should be taken to avoid trauma or violent activities in daily life, and should be prohibited from taking aspirin, indomethacin, phenylbutazone and other drugs, because these drugs can inhibit the platelet, coagulation effect. In recent years the application of containing factor VIII and coagulation factor IX plasma, can not only control the bleeding, but also can prevent bone joint deformity.

The treatment is divided into two aspects: the treatment of acute bleeding and the treatment of joint diseases:

1 the treatment of acute bleeding in a small amount of intra-articular bleeding, the elastic bandage and simple braking, 3-6 weeks after the accumulation of blood can be absorbed, and then carefully began a small range of free movement, in order to prevent contracture deformity. A large number of knee joint bleeding, can be added in the control of the corresponding coagulation factor, the use of fine needle puncture, if you do not use coagulation factor control or control ineffective, the general should avoid puncture. In order to prevent joint ankylosis, intra-articular injection of hyaluronidase prevention. For those who do not see any relief from the joint, adrenal cortical hormone can be added for 5-6 days. In order to prevent infection, with the use of antibiotics. For joint pain, use of dolantin and codeine. No hot acute hemorrhage patients should rest in bed, raise the limb and the cold, pressure dressing and brake.

Treatment of 2 joint disease at a young age in order to prevent contracture of joint, can be passive extension, and pay attention to functional exercise, can use gesso splint at night. For patients with flexion contracture deformity, surgical treatment can also be performed under the control of anti hemophilia factor.


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