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1: what is meniscus injury?Knee meniscus fibrocartilage tissue, a peripheral edge thick, thin wedge, look from the plane for the half moon,


1: what is meniscus injury?

Knee meniscus fibrocartilage tissue, a peripheral edge thick, thin wedge, look from the plane for the half moon, called meniscus; filled in between the femoral condyle and tibial condyle, enhance the stability of the knee joint function. It is one of the most easily damaged tissues in the knee that the structure and function of the meniscus. In those who engage in strenuous exercise and special occupations, the higher the probability of meniscus injury. The meniscus is present in fiber pad in knee joints, mainly from the buffer when the effect of walking, shock, injury to the long term will accelerate the degeneration of the knee, the knee accelerated aging, make early knee osteoarthritis, so the knee injury after 3 weeks of pain, swelling of the knee with suggestions joint MRI, bone and joint specialist to provide professional advice, should be timely to the regular professional department of orthopedics hospital for timely treatment, otherwise will lead to further aggravate the torn meniscus repair.

2: what are the symptoms of knee meniscus injury?

The common clinical manifestations of meniscus injury include localized pain, joint swelling, snapping and interlocking femoral head four, muscle atrophy, weak legs and knee joint meniscus position there is a clear gap or tenderness. History of trauma, localized pain, swelling of the joints, snapping and interlocking, medial head atrophy of the four femoral head.

3: meniscus play the role of meniscus injury treatment and the cost of how much?

There can be a minimally invasive surgery, the damage is very small, fast postoperative recovery, according to the degree of damage of walking for 1 days can be, how much on meniscus injury of meniscus injury degree of different treatment and patients with local conditions and other external conditions and.

4: meniscus injury treatment should pay attention to what matters?

Up and down the stairs, you must concentrate on, and the stability of the foot, and then move second steps to avoid injury.

5: I would like to ask my meniscus injury, surgery to do?

The postoperative knee bandaged, the next day began to make four head myostatic contraction exercises, 2 ~ 3 days after the start of straight leg raising exercise, to prevent the femoral head four muscle atrophy, in general surgery according to the injury situation, the fastest second to three days with a fixed walk, 2 ~ 3 months to restore normal function.

6: knee meniscus lesions can cure? How to treat?

If the non-surgical treatment is invalid, symptoms and signs are obvious, the diagnosis is clear, should be early surgical removal of the meniscus, in order to prevent the occurrence of traumatic arthritis. After surgery, the knee stretch dressing, four days after the start of the static contraction of the muscles of the first exercise, starting from 2 to 3 days after the straight leg raising exercise, in order to prevent the contraction of the femoral head of the four. Arthroscopy can be used for the treatment of meniscus injury, meniscal tear edge suture repair feasible, usually partial meniscectomy, preservation of the undamaged part. For patients with suspected meniscus injury in early stage, we can use emergency arthroscopy to treat meniscus injury, shorten the course of treatment, improve the therapeutic effect and reduce the occurrence of traumatic arthritis. Arthroscopic surgery trauma, fast recovery.


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