Treatment strategies of taste changes after chemotherapy in cancer patients

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1, patients feel inconvenient"The taste is gone, no appetite""Taste changes, leading to only eat certain foods""Because of the slow taste, t


1, patients feel inconvenient

"The taste is gone, no appetite"

"Taste changes, leading to only eat certain foods"

"Because of the slow taste, the taste is getting heavier".

2 reasons

1) side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy

The mouth or tongue mucosa affected by treatment, produce stomatitis (mucosal lesions), the perception of taste buds cells decreased, changes in sensation, resulting in changes in taste.

2) oral health status changes

Decreased saliva, tongue, will lead to changes in taste.

It is also important to keep the mouth clean and dry.

3, life care

1, please make good use of fresh juice or seasoning.

Mouth feel, taste bitter or salty soy sauce flavor: control metal salt intake, try to use fresh juice. The use of sesame seeds or other spices or orange vinegar flavor, can make the food more delicious.

The allergy, what to eat food that is too sweet, flavored without sugar or sweeteners and sour sauce with wine, salt, soy sauce, miso soup, vinegar, orange, lemon etc.. Fresh juice can also be used for a lot of food.

Taste: try sour dish, salad, mustard and sesame salad vegetables, ginger salad, curry flavor basis, to increase or decrease. The best food temperature and body temperature, easy to eat.

2, according to the taste of the family to taste.

It's easy to get heavy when you think it's light, but sometimes it can make it taste salty or sweet. Please use the spoon to take seasoning to avoid too much salt or sugar.


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