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The experience of long hepatitis B road:1, from the 96 years diagnosed hepatitis B HBeAg, experienced fear, helplessness, eager for the nega


The experience of long hepatitis B road:

1, from the 96 years diagnosed hepatitis B HBeAg, experienced fear, helplessness, eager for the negative and normal liver function, eat Chinese medicine (specific ingredients do not remember), oral antiviral drugs (lamivudine). And then because of physical symptoms into the existence of ignoring the hepatitis B, and then to 2006 due to excessive weight loss, not into the staple food for a week, abnormal liver function.

This period of my spiritual experience: fear - anxious to negative (not under the guidance of a doctor, to oral antivirals).

No, do not worry on (from 1996 to 2006, never went to visit a Clinic Hospital (2006 -), abnormal liver function in hospital)

2, in 2006 after hospitalization, discharge for three months, re hospitalization. And then started to eat antiviral drugs

During this time I experienced the psychological fear (2006: the symptom is very heavy, three months after discharge and no symptoms of hospitalization), put the hope on antiviral drugs.

3, April 2007 -2011 year in October, several antiviral medicinal: Lamivudine, entecavir carvedilol, adefovir ester

During this period I hope (spiritual experience: Lamy spent 5 months later (negative) - disappointed with Lamy a year later, hope (resistant) - entecavir after 3 months, to reduce the amount of virus) - down (entecavir for 1 and a half years later, and then hope (resistance). Enfuvirtide) (+ A De after use, to reduce the amount of virus), then down (with 1 years and 1 months later, no longer hope (resistance), the doctor said all resistance, then stop drug)

This is the middle of the road is complex, on the one hand, hope to be HIV negative, then you can have a child, the repeated drug resistance. On the other hand, as long as 5 years of antiviral therapy, drugs paid about 100000, for ordinary families like me, but also a great burden. It can be said that the anti-virus in the 5 years, I lost the ideal age to have children, but also invested a lot of money, but the result is very bad.

As the patient had hepatitis B is very unfortunate. But when Dr. Fang is how fortunate. Fang suggested that the transformation of chronic hepatitis B "serious illness in the outpatient clinic, the end of the final intervention light prevention and progress of the disease blocking" unreasonable medical intervention. This reversal will benefit the number of patients with hepatitis B, so that they no longer have to fall into the liver cirrhosis, liver cancer abyss. "Six years of patients with liver cancer, liver cancer found in three years ago, he checked, or healthy carriers, three years after liver cancer is found. He said at that time, I was impressed by the words: if there is a regular professional guidance, if you know more about the health education of hepatitis B, it will not fall into the abyss, and then a little bit up." Yes, if, if can go to the early prevention and treatment, the patient does not fall so badly, now every day struggling in the struggle with the disease in hepatocellular carcinoma. See the examples around, I am sad at the same time, unfortunately, but also that he has not yet further deterioration, just a period of hepatitis encountered a doctor, this is how lucky I am. As patients, I hope that more patients can get lucky, and I like the prevention and treatment of hepatitis B and not like me (although there is no deterioration of illness, but years of repeated hepatitis, my liver is damaged) to pay health and money (with hepatitis B antiviral treatment, a few years has cost me about 100000. For I am a ordinary income families, the economic pressure is too large, and the economic pressure on the back of my disease is not a mental pressure) the heavy price. But not as patients six years of the liver in hepatocellular carcinoma found after six years, the economy has been consumed, in his own words: a house of money, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, he continues to fight in cancer on the road. For this one like him there are old, under a small middle-aged man of the year, and how much pressure, how bitter a word. Now the doctor doctor twist, can save many hepatitis B patients do not fall into the abyss, so that they will no longer be like me or worse than my love to the little patient suffering of patients with hepatitis B and their family. Great to the country, to the society, is a hundred benefits and no harm. Such a thing, in addition to support, or support. We believe that not only is the patients, the society will act, a person with breadth of vision, will be the power in the moment to do the rash and too much in haste to benefit society as a whole.

When the doctor said drug withdrawal, the kind of complex mood, not only feel that the future of the dark, because I heard that if the withdrawal of a large number of virus replication, will again lead to abnormal liver function, further aggravate the condition, even progression to cirrhosis or liver cancer. And feel that it is a relief, that no longer have to be a heavy burden on the disease every month, the pressure on the heavy economic burden. This is not a complicated mood experience in hepatitis B disease shadow struggling people cannot. Sometimes feel that they are living with hepatitis B in the disease, it is better to say to start to live in the fear and fear of hepatitis B. The latter is more harmful than the former. If you do not live in on antiviral again, if not to antiviral virus clearance, if the withdrawal will relapse. This kind of mental pressure and economic pressure, I can not breathe.

In antiviral resistance (after virus not always negative, antiviral during normal liver function), I stopped for 7 months, 7 months, I was back in the 1996-2006 years was the scene, no longer tube of hepatitis B of this disease, after 7 months again for more than a week the morning of 2 pm to sleep again, physical discomfort incidence of hospitalization. For the last 7 months, no liver function tests were performed.

I carefully reviewed my anti-virus and during the withdrawal of my life, during this period, I have always been out of the field, Zhou Che tired. In the evening, it's usually 12. 7 months after the withdrawal of the last 1 months, there is a continuous

2 minutes a week before going to bed. I am in the heart of the virus to fight with endless questions: antiviral drugs to ensure that the virus has been a normal liver function during the period, and that the DNA repeatedly turn Yang, and how to explain it. According to the doctor said DAN is a large number of copies of the guide to my liver function is not normal, antiviral drugs inhibit the replication of DNA, so normal liver function. So I am because of antiviral drugs so liver function has been normal, that I have not been down during the anti-virus DNA, and how to explain it?. Also, I am in the 7 months after the withdrawal, liver function is normal, because there is no regular inspection,

There is no way to know, all I know is that I have no symptoms. This kind of question, so I do not have a professional knowledge of hepatitis B patients, there is no way to answer..

Around the antiviral drugs, I was always around in the inside, medication, the liver function is normal, the condition is controlled. Do not use drugs, liver function is not normal, the condition will deteriorate further. Is it true that this reasoning is used in my case? In my personal life, I don't care a lot about this disease, often out of the field, tired, tired of the hepatitis B virus,

For both viral drugs and the psychological pressure is not always get relief, this kind of incentive is my liver function is not normal reason. This is not the answer, because I come into contact with information, is to eat antiviral drugs, if do not have the condition will deteriorate further, this let my mind fixed on the basic point (antiviral), and completely ignored me, as my own importance. I have put all my hopes on that little pill. I feel with the ups and downs of this drug, when I hear resistance, I think the future of a dark day have collapsed, feel hopeless, that very hurt feelings, and only they can appreciate the taste. When I heard that I would like to eat anti disease, said that although I did not reduce the virus, but to ensure that my liver function is normal, so this medicine is still very useful, and then once again into the anti-virus inside. Is it really going to be like this?.

I ask myself in my heart, if, if I do have a regular life, diet attention, do not stay up late, mood, will

What is it like?. What if I take a positive mental attitude towards Hepatitis B, and if I don't focus all my attention and all my hopes on antiviral drugs?.

I have no professional knowledge, but as a patient, I see those advanced cirrhosis liver cancer patients in the ward, finally what medicine did not use, because they already can not absorb these drugs. I think any out of the body of a ready-made panacea, oneself are useless. If the body does not produce strong immune, not through their own body to resist the virus, then any all-match is a ready-made panacea. Topic again back to the antiviral drugs, useful, useful, but this useful, is auxiliary, not the lord. The Lord should be ourselves. Our own body function plays a positive role. If we insist on upside down, put the medicine as the Almighty God, no medicine, no medicine will further deterioration, the future will be dark. Such psychological suggestion itself will bring down the positive function of our own body. Whether it is mentally or physically, or in the economy, will suffer a big beat us. Because we are no longer a normal life, and we have always lived in the great fear of hepatitis B and against the endless dependence on viral drugs. There is also a fear of drug resistance.

On the fifth hospital, I said to myself in my heart, I don't live like this, I don't want to live in the shadow of hepatitis B, and I don't want to go into endless, medicine is the Almighty God in the situation is certainly used (medicine, but medicine is not omnipotent God, medicine assist our own body to restore normal function, rather than put the medicine in the main position, the normal function of his body on the auxiliary position. If that is the case, I think that cirrhosis of the liver, patients with advanced liver cancer probably will not die, because there are drugs

I want to actively take the initiative to fight against hepatitis B, I want to live, optimistic upward, I want to use my experience to help cut deep tears who like me suffering from hepatitis B patients.

I constantly in the wake of their own at the same time, see the doctor mentioned in the article, antiviral drugs are heavy weapons, when to use, how to use, to be careful. It is a great experience to be a patient on a circle around it. The doctor cries will save many party patients no longer go to my this tragic detours. See the doctor in a party, let my heart shine into a little light, I in their consciousness at the same time, also saw the doctor's professional guidance. Let me more firmly believe that their ideological transformation is how important.

For hepatitis B, at this stage I mind is no longer fear, fear no longer write, I repeatedly asked myself, really do not fear, must listen to their inner voice, not opinionated, when I repeated their confirmation, I feel very happy, I really no longer fear, I no longer see always worse disease patients, their heart is fear, worried that they would like them. I think I have no longer afraid of the mood, it should be the key to my success into the road. Here, I would like to once again thank the doctor, he is at the crucial moment to help me, let me have firm confidence. Confidence is more important than gold, the earthquake in Wenchuan, in the face of countless disaster, inspired countless people, the majority of the patients with hepatitis B in our body, is more important


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