The condition assessment period of seventy-fourth days: from "health education to" do "the mental health education to share

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Non drug intervention for seventy-fourth days, to share with you how from "say" health education "to do" mentality health educationThis feel


Non drug intervention for seventy-fourth days, to share with you how from "say" health education "to do" mentality health education

This feeling is almost a normal person, the body feels great, not the kind of heavy stuffy feeling, of course, pan, eat all flustered, panting anxious, these more early symptoms did not feel more. The body feeling is very relaxed, the feeling of not experienced symptoms of hepatitis B virus only patients, like you have a cold, then a good cold feeling. You should be able to understand how the body feels. I am now this just like normal people feel, taste is also very good, the taste is not only refers to the appetite, refers to the meal taste, with symptoms, or the symptoms are very light, but the mouth feel as cold as always uncomfortable. There are almost no symptoms today. Is really very happy, in the rest of this two months, no drug intervention, I feel in my body back to normal state, I don't think what makes me more happy.

Step by step to today, although only two months, but the self change is not small. First of all, from the state of mind, and then to behavior. Repeated several times. Now I specifically about this step is how to come over it.

If started in Dr. Fang a month learning website, like a sword before I will psychological adverse drug treatment, as the only faith, diet and rest if the sword cut off and so on, the next time is a little bit with a knife cut off at the removal of a reinforcement of the brand brand. For the sword on their own have the effect how, most patients I want to study in Dr. Fang on the site, especially the PMP should have experience. Here I will not say, here I focus on the next time the role of the knife. The sword is a pleasure, seems to be past all adverse psychological, the use of drugs as the only cure confidence, diet and cut off one by one, this is still in the psychological level, is not reflected in the actual action. I think the sword under the action of the party with the doctor communication speaks unashamedly: now I can do it well, at least 60 minutes to play, the result is party leader doctor poured cold water, not so early that you did not pass, oh. Ha ha, Fang said the doctor, after all the proof of his judgment at that time. In the sword after I entered a continuous learning and practice, and then almost go back, then forward again, repeated the process of continuous. Here is the knife that will say health education to do health education weapons, little by little from the details of the results of doing.

The details of how to do, start from the mind, 1, no study in the party website before the doctor, I treat my illness, is more pessimistic, not always to the benefit of the doubt, in addition to their own thinking to want to love all things good inertia, the objective environment is also let me not positive at all, in hospital from 5, to all the antiviral drug resistance, see ward was full of advanced cirrhosis, scirrhous carcinoma patients, such a situation, who I want to be here where I will have such a pessimistic attitude. 2, learning in the doctor on the site, then feel cut off b it will happen the worst idea, cut off the drug is the only faith idea. Establish a good psychological, regular diet for their own important. But it's just a matter of staying mentally. 3, the second points of the psychological level is converted into the actual, in this more than two months of rest period, which has experienced changes in various psychological details, physically better turn a small victory, which was the real "action today on the" to health education.

These changes reflect the details, I use a small example to share to everyone: I am not a person to eat fruit before eating fruit to know good immune, to strengthen their eating fruit, all the more than two months of rest period may I eat fruit than one year. Almost every day at least a few varieties of fruit, and now if the day did not eat fruit, like a little thing is not completed. Of course, this habit is not formed two days a day. I also experienced just yesterday in the supermarket, look at your old favorite snacks, in the fierce struggle, in the end is to buy their own love snacks, or buy fruit, inner struggles, knowing that snack lots of nutrients is limited, and like me not too good discharge capacity of liver generation of poor people, or should not eat like a normal person. Understand the nutritional benefits of fruits. But understand the return, to do it again. I stood in front of the snack for a few minutes, and finally mentally defeated the old ideas, to the place where the fruit. I use this style to describe the many tiny little things, is in fact a description from "say" health "doing" vivid display of health.

Psychological changes to the action execution, is a little bit like the Da Vinci code, interlocking ring, a small ring of a continuous decoding, to the old code to unlock, and then set the new code. "Say" and "health" health, one word, but it is not easy, very small, the vivid examples I gave, don't see me standing in the supermarket that struggle a few minutes, it is in fact strengthened from the "talking" and "doing", finally I do, the ideological struggle if it fails, I will return to the original, ha ha, the power of inertia is very strong, need more power to change. I did it, though it was such a small thing, but I saw the power of its deep, oh, for my own drum.

The mentality of the more mature, also reflected in the treatment of hepatitis B of this disease, to say a month on the site of the first study, psychological felt really out of the shadow of hepatitis B, just stay on the surface, actually not out, had to stand the test of time. Now I treat this disease is such a perception: with this disease, the occurrence of chronic disease accumulation (liver cirrhosis, liver cancer) than the normal people who do not have to be a big probability of the disease. But I can reduce or even more than a normal person through continuous improvement.

How to say it: 1, with this disease, I will pay more attention to health in the way of behavior, which is not the disease but do not pay attention to the health of normal people, I may have reached the same as normal health probability. 2, pay more attention to health than do not pay attention to health or even toss their normal people (such as irregular diet, stay up late), I may exceed his health probability. This is the feeling I'll treat this disease of hepatitis B. I don't think I had the disease, if it will happen, that is the probability, although this probability will be higher than the normal people, but I can through my own artificial circulation will shrink or even more than normal people. Maybe some patients may find this very day, oh, I really want to give an example, even if it is safe to stay at home do not go out (by accident probability such that there is no threat), but also security are not allowed to have an earthquake is not. There is no way to survive in this world if you have to worry about the possibility of such a bad thing. We are more dangerous than those who do not have hepatitis B, but that does not mean that we can only reach the dangerous. We can change our very bad probability by our own change. 3, how to deal with the hepatitis B virus as well as I, in my patients should do things (including a good attitude and a good diet and rest, other outside) professional stuff, including check, whether the medication, I will give the party a doctor, he has professional medical knowledge, I don't worry about. Now say this seems very light sentence, in fact this after repeatedly, may only doctors and I can understand the doctor-patient trust from oral practice, it is not easy, which appear repeatedly, only our party most clearly, we all pay a candid and continuous effort to reach today's effect.

Ha ha, wrote for more than an hour, only to write these, I express this text oh.

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