Mother Yang for decades now, early cirrhosis?

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Patient: A: mother: big Sanyang disease history for more than 10 years seven years ago suffering from hepatitis A, had already taken hyperth


Patient: A: mother: big Sanyang disease history for more than 10 years seven years ago suffering from hepatitis A, had already taken hyperthyroidism, iodine 131 treatment (early examination index of normal liver stone (prevalence) existing for more than two years, the recent bad digestive symptoms such as abdominal distension and hepatitis A), after the normal liver function. Recent results are as follows: 2009.1.10 for the first time because of liver discomfort to check. The results showed that the liver was damaged and CT was made. The results of Ct showed that the spleen was slightly larger, the size of the liver was slightly reduced, and the edge of the liver was obviously serrated. The lower segment of the right hepatic lobe had a low density area with a diameter of 8MM. Consideration for early cirrhosis? 2009.1.12 for further diagnosis, then make CT CT examination results in Sichuan North Sichuan Medical College in Nanchong: the liver size of arrhythmia, the right hepatic lobe narrowed, right hepatic lobe and caudate Ye Zengda, hepatic fissure widenness, liver surface was not smooth, the right hepatic lobe with low density lesions and clear edge. Enlargement of spleen. Diagnosis: liver cirrhosis, splenomegaly, right hepatic lobe small nodules into small cysts or other. In the meantime on the treatment of liver cirrhosis, eat hepatoprotectants, liver function indexes were in normal. Life is very careful diet, do not eat greasy food, soup and porridge to the main. Keep good sleep. In order to further observe the condition, 2009.4 to West China Hospital, Chengdu step check treatment. The results of 2009.4.11 examination of HBV-DNA ultrasonography showed that the liver morphology was normal, the liver capsule was not smooth, the parenchyma echo was not uniform, and there was no exact position. The spleen intercostals thickness 4.2CM, parenchyma echo uniform, no space occupying. Diagnosis results: liver parenchyma damage ultrasound, gall stones, spleen grew slightly. 2009.4.11 West China Hospital, Sichuan University, fetal results: AFP results 1.45 ng/ml reference value, existing gallstones) 3 my mother is currently able to do Gallstones Surgery? The recent digestion is not good, the appetite is not good before, but not hungry to eat. May I ask what is the reason for this? 4 my mother's disease is contagious? How to pay attention to life?

Department of infectious diseases, Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University, Jiang Ronglong: 1 in accordance with your description, your mother may have been hepatitis cirrhosis. 2 I can not see your mother on the internet. Please go to the local hospital to seek a specialist in the Department of internal medicine. Jiangronglong


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