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First, the resistance is normal, not resistant to strangeHepatitis B virus host interaction with a series of different characteristics of th


First, the resistance is normal, not resistant to strange

Hepatitis B virus host interaction with a series of different characteristics of the disease spectrum, namely the carrier, acute and chronic hepatitis B, cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma, the different stages of infection and the same infection has different forms. The existence of hepatitis B virus on the earth is a necessity, as a species, it is necessary to survive, it is necessary to adapt to the host in a variety of environments, through the change of their own and adapt to the environment is their natural instinct. Therefore, any drugs that inhibit or kill it may induce the change of hepatitis B virus itself, which is mainly caused by the mutation of the gene. We all know the harm of crop pests can produce resistance to pesticides, bacteria can also produce resistance to penicillin and cephalosporins and other antibacterial drugs, the virus is the same, drug resistance is a normal phenomenon, so the resistance is not surprising, no resistance to blame. Even without the use of antiviral drugs, the virus and the human body in the course of the struggle will naturally mutate, or even drug resistance.

Two, antiviral treatment is necessary, drug resistance is not fundamentally avoided

Hepatitis B virus parasitic in the human liver cells, as an intruder, the human body to fight with it, will try to remove it from the body. However, the virus exists in the liver cells, the immune system by way of infected liver cell damage and non destruction of cellular pathways to clear the virus, if the liver cell is damaged too much, there will be symptoms of hepatitis, and the body will feedback to protect their liver cells. In addition, some of the proteins produced by the virus can induce immune tolerance to the hepatitis B virus and weaken the immune response to hepatitis B virus. Therefore, hepatitis B virus induced immune tolerance and liver cells and formed a symbiotic relationship a, caused the virus to completely cleared from the body, and the occurrence of chronic hepatitis B virus infection, liver function and abnormal, which is causing hepatitis, hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis and even hepatocellular carcinoma. Thus, the hepatitis B virus is caused arch-criminal hepatitis, viral hepatitis is the initiator of evil, antiviral therapy is the treatment of hepatitis B due to treatment, but also the fundamental treatment, antiviral treatment is necessary.

Ever since the discovery of the hepatitis B virus, researchers have been trying to develop effective drugs and therapies that help the body eliminate hepatitis B virus. But so far, has not yet been found to effectively eliminate hepatitis B virus. But have developed some drugs can inhibit hepatitis B virus activity, including nucleoside analogues, lamivudine, adefovir, entecavir, interferon, and cytokines, these drugs have obvious inhibitory effect on hepatitis B virus, but applied to the human body can obtain satisfactory curative effect but also individual responses with different people the relevant, therefore in hepatitis B patients curative effect is not the same. These drugs have their own characteristics, such as nucleoside analogues on the inhibition of hepatitis B virus, rapid onset, easy to take, but such drugs can only inhibit the replication of hepatitis B virus, but can not clear the virus. Due to hepatitis B virus genes with high mutation rate, but the variation is related to replication, in the same role in the process of antiviral drugs, will produce the resistance variation of the drugs, resulting in drug resistance of all. To have the virus mutation and interferon induced resistance in the possibility of immune pressure, the virus may cause variation before C, and affect the curative effect of interferon, in addition, the body may also produce interferon neutralizing antibody and weaken the curative effect of interferon. Thus, in the process of antiviral treatment, drug resistance is not fundamentally avoided.

Three, the key problem is how to avoid and deal with drug resistance, rather than because of concerns about drug resistance and give up antiviral therapy

Viral replication continues to be the root cause of recurrent hepatitis, so effective antiviral therapy is critical for controlling hepatitis. At the same time, due to the mutation of hepatitis B virus resistance incidence is related to the level of the same virus replication, and drug resistance can not fundamentally avoid, therefore in the development of antiviral therapy, selected drugs inhibit the replication of the strength to be as large as possible, the inhibitory effect of the drug resistance can be effective to minimize the incidence of. At the same time, we should try to choose a high level of drug resistance or multi drug combination therapy. In the treatment process to strengthen the monitoring of drug resistance, timely detection of drug resistance and adjust treatment, can effectively avoid the adverse consequences of drug resistance.

In short, antiviral treatment is only a means, not an end, through effective antiviral treatment in order to effectively prevent or delay disease progression, thereby improving the quality of life and prolong life. Different patients have different response to different antiviral drugs, emphasizing individualized treatment. Drug resistance is not terrible, it is important how to prevent drug resistance, drug resistance testing and drug resistance management, should not be given up because of concerns about resistance to antiviral therapy.


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