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Male, 53. The patient has been diagnosed with hepatitis B, repeatedly hospitalized in the past. In the beginning of May 2006 taking entecavi


Male, 53. The patient has been diagnosed with hepatitis B, repeatedly hospitalized in the past. In the beginning of May 2006 taking entecavir 1 /d treatment, the alanine aminotransferase (ALT) 245IU/L 18.7 mol/L, total bilirubin and prothrombin time of 17.1 s and 37.2 g/L virus HBV albumin, 6.7 DNA * 105 copies/ml. The liver function after 2 months of treatment of normal HBV, DNA negative, improve the quality of life, to continue taking entecavir treatment in stable condition after 5 years of consciousness, self withdrawal. 2 months after discontinuation of the gradual emergence of ascites, jaundice gradually deepened, up to 283.6 mol/L total bilirubin, prothrombin time was prolonged up to 23.7 s, 23.7 g/L, albumin, HBV DNA viral load rebound to 3.9 * 108copies/ml. Hospital on August 2, 2011, after comprehensive treatment and continue taking entecavir treatment, the disease gradually stabilized, jaundice (bilirubin) drops to 90 mol/L, while the patient and doctor are relieved when, unexpectedly, because patients with improper diet, with severe pancreatitis, jaundice (bilirubin) and up to 197 mol/L, around the shadow of death tightly enveloped in patients but in the joint efforts of the family and medical staff, after 40 days of step carefully the rescue treatment, using the best medicine, the patient had survived, returned to normal.

Chronic hepatitis B (CHB) is a kind of epidemic caused by hepatitis B virus widespread infectious disease, antiviral therapy is an important method to treat hepatitis B, but the therapy medication for a long time, high cost, no fixed course. Antiviral therapy can not easily stop, easy to relapse after drug withdrawal, the light is delaying the disease leads to the failure of treatment, even lead to serious damage of liver function and even life-threatening. Many patients do not die of disease, but die of ignorance. Therefore, the patient's compliance with the efficacy of the virus is very important.

The quality and efficacy of antiviral therapy can schedule and quantity, adhere to is directly related to medication. Medication compliance has a significant impact on the treatment effect of the disease, in the daily work, we can often see the patient because of withdrawal, or not as a result of the doctor's orders, we call the poor compliance.

In practice, many patients with poor compliance. The outpatient service is often encountered in patients with hepatitis B their withdrawal, leading to exacerbations, the reasons are the following: Patients with insufficient understanding of the disease, the thought is not paid attention to; patients fully understand the doctor cannot, in fact in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine to the patients about the many considerations, not to 1/3 patients can really remember.

In the antiviral treatment process, we should pay attention to taking medicine on time, do not lose the importance of medication, to understand the side effects of drugs. Indeed, because of adverse drug reactions can not be tolerated, or resistance, should be closely observed and under the guidance of doctors to achieve scientific withdrawal or dressing change.


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