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Hepatitis C is by hepatitis C virus (HCV) inflammatory liver disease caused by infection, is one of the infectious disease is a serious thre


Hepatitis C is by hepatitis C virus (HCV) inflammatory liver disease caused by infection, is one of the infectious disease is a serious threat to human health, there is no preventive vaccine, hepatitis C and the clearance rate is low, patients may have no clinical symptoms and obvious for a long time, often easy to ignore however, HCV can be sustained liver damage, the disease imperceptibly progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

According to the WHO statistics, the world's population is about 3% of the people infected with HCV, the average China infection rate was 3.2%, slightly higher than the average level of the world, Chinese hepatitis prevention and treatment foundation held a press conference said: in recent years, the number of reported incidence of hepatitis C in China is increased year by year, the 2008 annual report of 120 thousand cases. Six times in 2003. At present, all infectious diseases in China, hepatitis C report the number of deaths has risen to fifth. There are about 41 million 600 thousand people infected with hepatitis C virus, but the public awareness of the disease is very low. Therefore, the risk of hepatitis C can not be ignored.

Poly two ethanol (polyethylene glycol, PEG) interferon combined with Leigh Bhave Lin's treatment program is currently the standard treatment for chronic hepatitis C, but also the best treatment at this stage of the program [1]. However, Chinese medicine has a specific advantage against the treatment of hepatitis C virus failure, the treatment can not be treated with interferon or interferon treatment.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment

Hepatitis C and hepatitis B, the incidence of hepatitis C is relatively low, the understanding of late, therefore has not received widespread attention and Research on the treatment of hepatitis B is also thorough, effective Chinese medicine is relatively small.

1 Songzi pill is the first treatment of hepatitis C in China has completed the new Chinese traditional patent medicine, I, II and III clinical trials for new drug certificate in September 2007 (Chinese medicine Z20070012), to fill the gaps in the domestic Chinese medicine topical treatment of hepatitis C. The experience of Songzi pill from Hunan province Xiangxi Dong Montessori family therapy "anthrax", several generations of scientific prescription, carefully developed after, become the national traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of hepatitis C drug three. Has been the national "fifteen" major scientific and technological research program and the national "863 Plan" support. The state of clinical pharmacology base of the two or three phase of clinical trials of the drug on patients with hepatitis C virus HCV-RNA qualitative detection of negative rate was 36.55%, 6 months after drug withdrawal and 13.27% negative patients, HCV can inhibit viral replication and improve liver function, and can effectively improve the chronic hepatitis C patients with symptoms and signs. Leigh Bhave Lin compared to interferon and hepatitis C drug - widely used alpha Songzi pill has wide adaptability, strong features, safety and stability, small side effect, low price, convenient taking, no adverse reaction.

[composition] root chuanposhi sand Rendan ginseng and Radix Pseudostellariae

[pharmacology and toxicology] the drug has the function of enhancing immunity and humoral immunity of immunocompromised animals. Interferon induced test results show that this product can promote mice induced interferon; promoting rats in vivo induced interferon dynamics test results show that in the 8 hour after administration of serum interferon levels began to increase, reached the peak at 24 hours, down 32 hours of content; rats and mice induced after taking this product interferon activity was measured. The results showed that the induction of interferon type II interferon.

[indications] heat and dampness, detoxification and removing blood stasis, spleen qi, indications of chronic hepatitis C and spleen deficiency damp heat stasis, bitter taste and dry throat, loss of appetite, fatigue, hepatosplenomegaly, dark purple tongue, yellow and greasy fur.

[usage] oral, once 5g, 2 times a day, 3 months for a course of treatment, generally take a course of treatment, mixed infection or jaundice who need to take a course of treatment of 2.

2 Fuzheng Huayu tablets

The viral load and genotype of HCV were not related to the degree of liver fibrosis, and the degree of liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C. Therefore, the treatment of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C is still needed, but so far there is no FDA approved anti fibrosis drugs.

Fuzheng Huayu Recipe consists of 6 herbs of Salvia miltiorrhiza, Cordyceps sinensis, peach kernel, Shanghai University of traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute of liver diseases based on "Yin deficiency, blood stasis resistance" in pathogenesis of liver fibrosis, after nearly 20 years of exploration and development of antifibrotic medicine, after RCT clinical trials confirmed that it has a good effect on liver fibrosis of chronic hepatitis B and its capsules (tablets) preparation by the Shanghai modern Chinese Medicine Technology Development Co. Ltd. production, has become a new drug against liver fibrosis in China in 2002, Institute of liver diseases in Western Medicine guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of liver fibrosis in the top of the list for anti fibrosis medicine combined with the 2006 China traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, the treatment of chronic liver disease widely for in the country.

In January 2007, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the implementation of a randomized, double-blind, multicenter, phase I, phase II clinical trial of the anti fibrosis drug, Fuzheng Huayu tablets, for the treatment of liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C. The implementation and completion of the project will not only solve the chronic hepatitis C liver fibrosis in the United States, but also help complement the domestic market, the majority of chronic hepatitis C patients in China to bring the gospel [2].

[ingredients] salvia, Fermented Cordyceps powder, peach kernel, pine pollen, Gynostemma, Schisandra chinensis (system)

[properties] this product capsules, the contents for the brown granules, bitter and astringent taste.

[pharmacological action] pharmacological test showed that this product can inhibit the high fat feed and CCl4 induced liver fibrosis in rats, inhibition of carbon tetrachloride and D- galactosamine induced by elevated serum alanine aminotransferase in rats. Long term toxicity test showed that 2.30 and 0.37g/kg could reduce the number of reticulocytes and increase the number of white blood cells in rats after continuous intragastric administration for about 6 months.

[action] blood stasis, tonifying the liver. For liver fibrosis is blood stasis, deficiency of liver and kidney syndrome ", patients with breast lump, hypochondriac pain, dark complexion, or see the red ray of erythema, Yaoxisuanruan, dizziness, fatigue, dry eyes, tongue or petechiae, moss thin or slightly yellow, thin pulse string.

[usage] oral, 5 tablets a day, 3 times a week for a course of treatment for 24 weeks.

[adverse reaction] occasionally after taking the stomach discomfort.

[taboo] pregnant women do not take.

[note] heat Sheng with caution.

Two, treatment based on syndrome differentiation, comprehensive treatment

Compared with hepatitis B, the incidence rate of hepatitis C is low, so the treatment of hepatitis C is relatively poor, and the treatment of hepatitis B is not as good as. Type of treatment from the dialectical view, different cognition of different.

At present, our country has not yet formulated the standard of syndrome differentiation of hepatitis C, many scholars refer to the standard of TCM differentiation of viral hepatitis in December 1991, which was formulated by the Chinese Medical Association of Tianjin. But there are patients with hepatitis C is difficult to incorporate the above card type, the clinical result, some scholars through the study of hepatitis C clinical symptoms in clinic, found that hepatitis C clinical most common fatigue, anorexia, abdominal distension nausea and other symptoms of spleen and stomach, using statistical correlation analysis, summed up the hepatitis C syndrome type endoretention of damp heat, spleen deficiency liver and kidney deficiency syndrome, Qi deficiency and blood stasis, is a virtual leave certificate [3]. Because there is no TCM treatment of generalized norms, therefore, according to the experience of doctors to treat different prescriptions.

TCM treatment of hepatitis C has its specific advantages, the prescription is based on syndrome differentiation in the liver, It differs from man to man., thus reducing enzyme, adjust immunity, anti hepatic fibrosis and improve the clinical symptoms and achieved satisfactory results and shows certain advantages and potential. Anti HCV is not the advantage of traditional Chinese medicine, but can indirectly play antiviral effect through immune regulation in patients. Therefore, in the current application of interferon therapy for hepatitis C and Leigh Bhave Lin at the same time, many doctors combined with traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation and treatment, in order to enhance the efficacy and reduce the side effect.

Hepatitis C requires a formal system of treatment, patients should not blindly believe some unrealistic propaganda and delay the disease, it is recommended to the regular hospital system examination, specialist diagnosis and treatment.


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