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Patient: description of the disease (time of onset, the main symptom, hospitals, etc): I am 24 years old this year a week before the abnorma


Patient: description of the disease (time of onset, the main symptom, hospitals, etc): I am 24 years old this year a week before the abnormal vaginal discharge produce purulent secretion, went to the hospital to check the bacteria of Longpan is vaginitis, pus cells + + +, - - mould, trichomonad, bacteria + +, colposcopy is vaginal swelling and congestion in do, the infusion of ceftriaxone sodium, flushing and Gyromagnetic, spent nearly one thousand, two days after treatment of abdominal discomfort, originally did not feel abdominal discomfort, so turn to Nanjing Military Area Hospital for examination and treatment, examination results were similar, and for two days, had left the Buddha of levofloxacin, infrared ozone atomization and microwave, now think really not quite right, I would like to ask the doctor, vaginitis need such treatment? How should I be treated? Should I go to a large hospital for treatment? I hope to get a doctor's Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical College Third Department of gynaecology Xu East District guidance:

District Dr. Xu Dong to your reply: according to your leucorrhoea inspection results are "bacteria that + + normal flora of your vagina caused by disorders". If you want to treat "bacteria", in accordance with the treatment of bacterial vaginosis "approach to treatment, treatment of bacterial vaginosis (BV) only need oral broad-spectrum antibiotics can cure 14 consecutive days. In the period of oral antibiotics do not need medication in the vagina or vulva lotion, otherwise it will make the oral antibiotic therapy. The drugs you mentioned are not effective in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis (bacterial vaginosis). Please refer to the content of the popular science articles published on this website about "bacterial vaginosis". Suggest that you go to the government office of the hospital, it is best to find a doctor of Obstetrics and gynecology hospital for treatment, so as not to be deceived. Patient: Thank you, doctor, on the weekend went to the maternal and child health hospital, the doctor examined said no problem, there is a slight inflammation, gave some lotion and suppositories, blame my ignorance, when those hospitals are said to be the regular hospital, which is not what military authority, who knows all a hospital, I would like to remind the public comment online users should be responsible for their evaluation, I see the evaluation of Hospital of some friends, not to say that many people on death row, that is to say doctors and nurses is poor, under the influence that I made the wrong choice, go to the child the doctors and nurses, the attitude is good, professional and respectable! I would like to say that although some of the top three hospitals in the presence of imperfect services, but always better than those who lie in the hospital, and finally thanks to such a professional doctor like the district doctor for patient service!


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