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Epidemiological studies have shown that digestive tract cancer is one of the most sensitive to improve diet.The mechanism of carcinogenic di


Epidemiological studies have shown that digestive tract cancer is one of the most sensitive to improve diet.

The mechanism of carcinogenic diet into several categories: direct DNA damage (such as nitrite), cytochrome activation or inhibition (such as alcohol), carcinogen activation (such as pickled foods), direct cytotoxicity (such as mycotoxins), oxidative damage (such as saturated fat) physiological changes (such as rice, dietary fiber) effect and hormones (such as plant estrogens).

The following is a study of the risk factors leading to digestive system tumors.

Risk factors: nitrosamines

A variety of nitrosamines can induce animal esophageal cancer, gastric cancer and other diseases.

When the intake of food (such as pickles, barbecue food) nitrosamine in acidic conditions in the stomach especially in inadequate intake of vitamin C, amine and nitrite to synthesis of nitrosamine.

At the same time, when the pH value is 1~4 and nitrite in gastric amines can easily form nitrosamides, does not require any metabolic activation can directly induce tumor in the stomach.

Risk factors: two mycotoxins

Some fungi and its metabolites in food, pickled vegetable and moldy food is an important risk factor of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer.

These fungi, such as aflatoxin, can not only reduce nitrate to nitrite, but also break down protein, increase the content of amines in food, and promote the synthesis of nitrosamines.

Risk factors three: high salt, high fat, high cholesterol diet

Eating lots of saturated fat, high salt (salted fish, bacon, etc.) can be corrosive gastric mucosa damage of the gastric mucosal barrier, increase the incidence of gastric cancer.

The carcinogenic effects of high cholesterol and fat may be mediated by bile acids, which can stimulate the secretion and excretion of bile acids and cholesterol, and promote the development of colorectal cancer.

Risk factors four: diet stimulation

Rough food, eating too hot, overeating, irregular diet and other habits, caused by esophageal mucosa in chronic disease, physical and chemical stimulation of mechanical injury of gastric mucosa, gastric secretion disorders increase digestive system tumor rate.

Risk factors five: malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies

Epidemiological investigation showed that the contents of molybdenum, copper, boron, zinc, magnesium and iron in food, drinking water and soil were lower than those in the soil.

Molybdenum is an important component of some enzymes and nitrate reductase.

Tianjin Medical College, Ren Dalin investigated the relationship between serum vitamin A and control the incidence of gastric cancer in 97 cases of gastric cancer group, found that the content of vitamin A was significantly lower than the control group, and the level of vitamin A and the risk of gastric cancer has obvious dose-dependent relationship.

To investigate the prevalence of vitamin C, vitamin -C and vitamin E levels in 600 patients with gastric intestinal metaplasia in the high incidence area of gastric cancer in China, 35-64.

Risk factor six: drinking

Many patients with esophageal cancer have a history of drinking.

Alcohol can be used as a carcinogen of the solvent, to promote carcinogens into the esophagus, causing food mucosal damage, the creation of conditions for the occurrence of esophageal cancer.

Seven risk factors: smoking

Chemical substances in tobacco not only related to esophageal cancer, but also increase the incidence of gastric cancer.

Animal experiments show that tobacco smoke contains a variety of pancreatic organ specific carcinogens. Secondly, the nicotine in tobacco can promote the release of catecholamine in the body, leading to a significant increase in cholesterol levels in the blood. In some way, hyperlipidemia can induce pancreatic cancer.

In short, the incidence of cancer often takes several years, and is caused by a variety of factors. Good living habits, a balanced diet is the best way to stay away from cancer.

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