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The front of the old village Shishu Tan Pu County village, more than and 10 years ago, a big swollen legs rather baffling lumps, let laotan


The front of the old village Shishu Tan Pu County village, more than and 10 years ago, a big swollen legs rather baffling lumps, let laotan embarrassed. Saying that this package does not itch does not hurt, but a little uncomfortable action, old Tan also did not go to it. With the passage of time, seeing the package is getting bigger and bigger, even wearing loose pants, you can also see the following drum. Laotan after a walk was pointing. Let tattle and prate the older he felt no dignity, then went to the local hospital, the doctor looked at the situation laotan, said some drug intestine flatulence, help digestion. Eat after one or two months is still not good, laotan went to the village of the barefoot doctor prescribed some herbs, barefoot doctor bag piece, but still more apply more serious. We mistakenly think that the old Tan long is a tumor, is dead. As time delay, packet block soaring to eventually grow to the size of a volleyball, football is so big.

Last month, Tan Tan called back to work in Guangzhou son, accompanied by his son went to Xupu People's Hospital to see a doctor. After careful examination, the diagnosis of a large inguinal hernia, it is recommended to go to the old provincial hospital surgery.

So, old Tan in his son led down to our hospital minimally invasive surgery. Zhang Wenxing, director of minimally invasive surgery with reference to all the image data, and for the old tan after careful examination, said that such a large inguinal hernia he is also the first time to see, it is recommended that the old Tan immediately hospitalized. In order to successfully complete the operation, director Zhang Wenxing made full preparations for this, and tan tan and his family to explain in detail the surgical process and prognosis.

In the course of the operation, Professor Zhang Wenxing observed a huge hernia sac: hernia ring 6 cm large, some small intestine and colon into the hernia sac and adhesion, which to some extent increased the difficulty of the operation. Professor Zhang Wenxing, with years of experience in operation, repair of tissue defect, carefully peel adhesion, anti adhesion bilayer patch with inguinal region will strengthen abdominal wall repair and placed a 15*15 cm in size, the successful completion of surgery.

One day after surgery, Tan Tan began to get out of bed. "After the surgery, the huge mass of my body disappeared and the weight of my body changed, and I suddenly found myself starting to learn to walk like a child." Laotan finally open up, once, he does not love to go out, do not love to talk with others, afraid of being laughed at, did not expect the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, just a week, you can help me solve with ten years of pain."


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