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In early March 2014, Dr. Angkoon from Thailand, Wang Cunchuan, Professor of gastrointestinal surgery in our hospital to study the general su


In early March 2014, Dr. Angkoon from Thailand, Wang Cunchuan, Professor of gastrointestinal surgery in our hospital to study the general surgery minimally invasive technology, has successfully completed the task of learning, after returning to send a letter of thanks:

It was my hornor and great pleasure to stay at Department of surgery, 1st Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, Guangzhou China., I saw and learnt many laparoscopic operations and techniques very much from Professor Cunchuan Wang and his colleagues. Everyone in this hospital is very kind and friendly especially Dr. Wah Yang. He helped and assisted me so much. I felt like I stayed home while I were staying in Guangzhou. I hope that our institutes will have some co-operations in near future. I would like to officially thank you for giving me an opportunity to visit your place.

Best Regards,

Angkoon Anuwong, M.D., FRCST

Department of Surgery

Police General Hospital,

Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr. Angkoon said in a letter of thanks: to be able to study in the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University is my honor, but also my greatest happiness. In Professor Wang Cunchuan and his team there, I saw a lot of minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopic surgery have also learned many skills. Every doctor in this hospital is very friendly, especially Dr. Yang Hua, who helped me a lot. During this time in Guangzhou, I feel as warm as in our country. I sincerely hope that in the near future, our two universities will be able to have some academic cooperation.

Angkoon, a surgeon at the General Hospital of Siam police, Thailand, Bangkok, has a keen interest in minimally invasive surgical techniques. Angkoon very early in some international conferences to Prof. Wang Cunchuan success in minimally invasive surgery field, especially in the surgical treatment of weight loss and metabolic disease, thyroid surgery, surgery of gastrointestinal tumors on the accumulated valuable experience. When Angkoon learned that Professor Wang Cunchuan and his team from the International Journal of surgery "Surgery" successfully launched the world's first oral vestibular endoscopic thyroid surgery, Professor Wang Cunchuan team decided to study endoscopic technique in our hospital. Through to overcome the difficulties, he finally in early March this year came to gastrointestinal surgery in our hospital for two weeks of learning.

In this two weeks, Dr. Angkoon to observe the oral vestibular endoscopic thyroidectomy, endoscopic thyroidectomy via breast areola approach, laparoscopic radical resection of sigmoid colon cancer, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery and other minimally invasive surgery. Doctor Angkoon in the observation of Professor Wang Cunchuan surgery, Professor Wang Cunchuan was full of praise for the operation process of the patient, careful, skilled operation and laparoscopic surgical techniques. He said: "this is the first time to China, later certainly will often come China, but this visit is certainly the most impressive one, because in the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, Professor Wang Cunchuan in here, let me see what is truly minimally invasive surgery. Such skilled movements and superb surgical skills, if not personally see, really can not believe."

Two weeks time fleeting, in Angkoon the doctor when leaving, Professor Wang Cunchuan personally to general surgery by the map editor "(Second Edition)", and a photo. Dr. Angkoon is deeply moved, to help his people to thank, especially to express my deep appreciation to Professor Wang Cunchuan, he said: "Professor Wang Cunchuan donated books and video operation he edited to me, people are very moved, I will make good study after returning home, where we develop endoscopic technique."

Professor Wang Cunchuan (right), Dr. Angkoon photo

Professor Wang Cunchuan (right) presented "Atlas of general surgery (Second Edition)" to Dr. Angkoon

In minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for weight loss and metabolic disease surgery, endoscopic thyroidectomy on Professor Wang Cunchuan's team has been in the leading domestic level and international advanced level, has accumulated rich experience and skill of operation. Professor Wang Cunchuan first team by oral vestibular endoscopic thyroid surgery has been completed more than 40 cases, no complications of minimally invasive surgery, has created a miracle.

With the development of medical treatment and the development of science and technology, minimally invasive surgery will be the trend of modern general surgery. Professor Wang Cunchuan and his team continue to forge ahead, innovation, team member Dr. Yang Jingge recently has been to the United States Harvard University for a year to study, believe that they will make more outstanding achievements in the near future. Foreign surgeons have been able to overcome the difficulties to follow professor Wang Cunchuan's further study, which fully demonstrates the influence of Professor Wang Cunchuan on international minimally invasive surgery.


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