18 pounds of liver tumor loaded a garbage bag

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Correspondent Ningchun hersinIntern Duan LiqunJinling Evening News reporter Chen YanpingReport from our correspondent in the metastatic tumo


Correspondent Ningchun hersin

Intern Duan Liqun

Jinling Evening News reporter Chen Yanping

Report from our correspondent in the metastatic tumor of the liver resection of 2/3 and weighing 18 pounds, Zhang (a pseudonym) of the stomach was finally restored flat. The day before, the Department of hepatobiliary surgery Gulou Hospital of Nanjing successfully helped a patient with weighing 18 pounds of metastatic liver cancer. It is reported that such a large tumor is still relatively rare.

A pregnant woman

My big belly at the age of 50, has been 10 years, at first he thought it was a beer belly, did not care how.

The stomach becomes large, I feel more and more wrong. Night not supine, day obvious abdominal distension, more terrible is the last expansion like twin Zhang stomach full-term pregnant women.

Seeing this situation, I have to go on the road to seek medical advice. However, due to the poor family, the stomach is so great, many hospitals have refused to help him surgery.

So, until half a month ago deterioration, Zhang came to the Nanjing Gulou hospital.


The belly is bigger than the pregnant woman who is pregnant with twins." Department of hepatobiliary surgery, chief physician Jiang Chunping reception in Nanjing said. CT showed that the diameter of tumor Zhang's belly in nearly 40 cm, even more experts have been scared

A jump. "He's a malignant tumor that has been pressed into his stomach, kidneys, pancreas, filled with his entire abdominal cavity, and if not, the patient is at risk."

18 pounds of tumor loaded a garbage bag

In April 24th, Zhang was sent into the operation room.

"The biggest difficulty lies in surgical patients who had surgery, and then stomach tumor, easily bleeding." Jiang Chunping said that due to the huge tumor oppression, Zhang capillaries enlarged very badly, "7 hours of surgery, we spent 4 hours to help him to stop bleeding, resection of the tumor also only 1 hours."

On the other hand, because of the long-term existence of giant tumors of various organs, Zhang unborn has reached a "balance", "in the tumor resection, a sudden drop in reset is elevated diaphragm squeeze caused by thoracic pressure, and mediastinal swing, also can cause patients with heart failure." Jiang Chunping said.

So, although risky surgery, after a long 7 hours after surgery, Zhang was successfully removed 2/3 of the liver and the large tumors, "general liver is about 3 pounds, the huge metastatic tumor resection was weighed 18 pounds, up to 40 cm in diameter."

The doctors put this pile of tumor was cut off with a big black garbage bag, the garbage bag is full to the brim.

Jiang Chunping, the general tumor diameter of over 5 cm is even more serious, and Zhang tumor diameter reached 40 cm, is relatively rare.

The reporter learned that, after the operation of Zhang has returned to health, can be discharged tomorrow.


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